Cowboy Cerrone Video: ‘If They Got a Fight at 205, I’ll Take It’

January 9, 2016
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Donald Cerrone didn’t show up for his fight with UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos, and he’s not coy in admitting it. “I don’t even know if you call that a fight. It was more of a mauling.”

Within two weeks, he was over it and moving on, accepting a headlining welterweight fight with Tim Means in Pittsburgh.

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Whether it means a permanent move to 170 pounds or not doesn’t appear to cross Cowboy’s mind. He just wants to fight and doesn’t care what division it’s in.

“If they got a fight at 205, I’ll take it!”

(Video courtesy of UFC on FOX | Viewing may be limited due to broadcast rights restrictions)

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  • Pat Garret

    Cowboy is fearless, I like that!

  • Darin

    Am I the only one that sees the irony in a guy that is always pushing Budweiser having a weak liver?

    • cheflacsto

      Pretty Funny

  • Tom McElroy

    He was extremely vocal at the “Go Big Press Conference” about Connie McGregor going up 1 division and fighting bigger guys an now HE wants to jump up 2 weight divisions? Would love to hear Connie’s opinion on this……His stock has obviously gone down with his latest loss and he knows he must make a big splash somehow, to get some of it back.

    • cheflacsto

      205 would actually be 3 divisions up for him, so I don’t think he is actually serious. Picture him in the cage with Jones or Cormier.