Countdown to UFC 168: Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva (Full Episode)

December 28, 2013
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UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman puts his belt on the line against the man he won it from, Anderson Silva, in the UFC 168 main event on Saturday, Dec. 28, in Las Vegas.

Check out the behind the scenes lead-up to Saturday’s UFC 168 fight between Weidman and Silva, as well as Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate and Josh Barnett vs. Travis Browne.

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  • Everytime i watch the silva vs weidman, i get flash backs of the 1st gsp vs serra fight. Cant wait for december 28 to see if it will be the same.

    • Kris-tyahn

      Big difference, Weidman is simply a very bad match up for Silva. BIG & STRONG like Silva, but he’s got wordl class wrestling, sick BJJ & good stand up with KO power. Serra got “lucky” b/c GSP thought that he could train for 10 days & win, but he was DEAD wrong. But a win is a win is a win, but the rematch & a focused GSP showed what would really happen.
      The thing between Silva & Weidman, is Weidman is a bigger better Sonnen, with KO power. Don’t forget, Weidman had a newly surgicaly repaired shoulder, which he was testing for the 1st time, vs. Silva (ouch), he had ring rust, hadent fought in a year, lost his house, was broke, couldnt train 100% b/c he had to do 4 months of rehab for his shoulder etc. If Silva was to beat Weidman, his best chance was to do it in their 1st fight.
      I’m not saying Silva can’t or won’t win, but it’s not going to be anything like the Serra vs. GSP 2 fight. I could also see a 3rd fight is Silva wins the rematch & it’s a good fight or goes 3 or more rounds. I think Weidman will have the mental edge, which will be interesting to see how Silva comes out in the 1st round.

      • natpaukar7

        “Weidman will have the mental edge.” I think this is an interesting thought…I don’t know if it’s true though…Silva has one of two thought processes IMO…I clowned and messed up I need to show what I can really do OR This dude knocked me out I can’t let it happen again…the former he wins easily the latter …Weidman has a chance..I vote the former…Weidman is confident but I can’t imagine that fight when watching the replay would provide anyone much confidence…joke or not…it looked like one.. this fight will be determined 100% by mental game IMO

  • Hansa

    I really fed up with the overselling by Weidman and his managers. Anderson beat Anderson. Weidman looked like a scared kid after Anderson escaped his submission attempt. You can see from the replay that Weidman got a lucky punch…but all credit to Weidman for keeping his cool. I hope Anderson KO’s Weidman and fights Belfort…for me Belfort is the best MW at the moment…and he will KO Silva if they meet again. Then the winner can fight Machida..

    PS: I really hope that Joe Rogan don’t over-sell the fight as the greatest ever…the last 3 PPV has all been hyped as the best ever by Joe Rogan and Dana..there are only two fights that have been worth the claim, Alex vs Jones and Melendes vs Alvares…

    • Ryan thompson

      Holly s***! You are delusional.

  • Rence

    Not really sure how this will go. I like Weidman, and i can’t say he got lucky because when youre trying to do something and it works, not sure if that counts as luck. I do however think that Anderson lost as much as Weidman won though (if that makes any sense to anyone but me) So i think this time we see a different Anderson. Last fight i think he really had bought into his own hype and simply didnt believe that Chris even deserved to be in the cage with him so he went in and just screwed around. That was a mistake. Weidman is good enough that if you dont take him seriously youre in for a bad night. Anderson knows that now. So this time i think we get the fight we should have gotten the first time out and while i think Anderson can/should/will win the fight, i simply cant count Weidman out of it. He’s got every chance in the world to beat Silva again, i’m just not so sure he will.

    All i do KNOW for sure is that i cant wait to see the fight. I think its going to end in spectacular fashion one way or t’other.

  • Jfitz8391

    Weidmans gunna hurt Silva!! watching it on cagewatcher dot eu, amazing quality!