Countdown to UFC 148: Kim vs. Maia (Video)

July 5, 2012
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One fight that has gotten short shrift at UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen II has been the welterweight showdown between Dong Hyun Kim and Demian Maia.

Kim was streaking up the welterweight ranks before he suffered the first loss of his career, to Carlos Condit at UFC 132. He’s back on track and looking to give Maia a rude welcome to the 170-pound division. Maia was a contender at middleweight, losing his bid to wrest the title from Anderson Silva, and steps right into the deep end of the welterweight pool against Kim.

As we get ready for UFC 148 on Saturday night, check out Countdown to UFC 148: Kim vs. Maia below…


  • adam1848

    I think this is a very interesting match up. Maia can do very well when people attack him and apply pressure, which is Stungun’s trademark. And Maia has always had trouble with larger, stronger opponents, so (assuming his cut goes well) 170 should be a much more manageable weight class for him. He is also extremely durable so I don’t see Kim (despite his excellent power) finishing this fight. But having said that, the Damian Maia that trapped Ed Herman in one of the sickest subs I’ve seen and tapped out Chael Sonnen seems to have disappeared and been replaced by a guy who feels the need to showcase his rather elementary striking skills for 15 minutes, rather than display his world class ground game. I have enormous respect for both of these fighters, but I see this fight going two ways…if Maia decides he wants to submit Kim, he will. If he tries to stand, he will lose a decision.

  • lowlb

    ^ good one.. I hope Maia does well at 170. As long as he learned his lesson from the Marquart fight I think he will dominate. He made it through a fight with Anderson so…
    He destroyed Sonnen. (Sonnen has nothing for Jiu jitsu, nothing.)
    As long as Maia avoids getting hit he will do well.
    If Maia wants to submit you, you’re screwed. I don’t think he will let it go to a decision.

  • Maia pretty sum up the fight, I am a more of technical power striker. How can his coach or pros around him not let him know that he should abandon all striking against knockout strikers.

  • ^^ Agree with everything said above. Damian definitely isn’t to shabby with his stand up but A)It’s inferior compared to his ground game and B)It’s probably inferior to Stun Gun at this point in time.
    Remember, even though it was against smaller Japanese fighters, this guy has 4 or 5 KOs in a row, I believe all with his left to the head/chin hence the nickname “Stun Gun”. You do not want to mess with that when you have a much safer and advantageous option available, no?

    Now, Stun Gun does have some awesome takedown defense and his balance is really good, but he has a tendency to let people take him down if he thinks he can keep it under control or reverse the situation. If he tries to do that with Maia….well, game over I guess. I know he’s not horrible with JJ but against Maia is probably not the best idea.

    Oh yeah, and Stun Gun has to NOT gas out after the first round lol.