Countdown to UFC 129: St-Pierre vs. Shields (full episode)

April 29, 2011
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Georges St-Pierre is prepared to face the self-proclaimed most dangerous opponent of his career, multi-time champion Jake Shields. Go behind the scenes as Countdown to UFC 129 follows both men as they prepare for the biggest fight of their careers.

  • bdono554

    Please, please, please GSP use strikes on the ground! I know the Gracie’s can help you win a BJJ match but only Roger has adapted his style to MMA and he’s training shields! Glad shields wants’ to go out and fight the best. Unlike his teammates who were content beating chumps and undersized Japanese implants. Gut check time for team scrap pack! At least Shields will walk into the cage on Saturday Gil and Diaz might have to be dragged!

  • Y4J

    I love how Shields goes that all he hears is Freddy and GSP, but how long have they really been trainging together.. Yet RIGHT after that, he says a “You know i’ve been working on my stand up too, so he better watch out” type of comment..

    GSP’s standup in boxing greatly improved with Roach’s coaching.. And it SHOWS with Koscheck.. What have YOU shown Shields? NOTHING. So spare us that.