Could Tito Ortiz’s Career With The UFC Be Over?

October 24, 2010
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Tito Ortiz is one of the longest tenured athletes to ever compete in the UFC starting all the way back in 1997, but after Saturday night have we seen the last of the “Huntington Beach Bad Boy” in the Octagon?

Losing a unanimous decision to former pupil Matt Hamill, Ortiz returned to action after another lengthy layoff due to surgery, and while he didn’t fight poorly, he also didn’t pull the trigger to win.

The loss makes Ortiz’s record 0-4-1 in his last five fights, with his last victory coming back in 2006 over Ken Shamrock. Ortiz’s spirits seemed high following the loss, and he promised he still had a lot of fight left in him.

“No way, not even close to the end of my career,” Ortiz said. “Decision wise that’s in Dana’s hands, but I’ve gone through some surgeries that people don’t come back. I feel great. Besides my face being a little bit sore, I feel fine. I have no more neck problems, no more back problems.”

In the past all of the instances where Ortiz’s UFC career was seemingly coming to a close it was because of the volatile relationship he maintained with UFC president Dana White. Now with fences mended, it appears it’s Ortiz’s fighting ability that may put him on the UFC chopping block.

“I don’t think Tito looked absolutely horrible tonight, but Tito’s lost what four in a row now? I think you can answer that question yourself,” White answered when asked if the promotion planned on keeping Ortiz around.

Later in the night, White appeared on ESPN’s MMA Live and made a similar comment, with overtones that lead many to believe Ortiz may have fought his last fight in the Octagon at least for now.

“Tito has lost four in a row now, and I think we all know what happens when you lose four in a row in the UFC,” White commented.

Ortiz still vowed to come back, and admits he really doesn’t like the taste a loss leaves in his mouth.

“It sucks to lose cause I let down a lot of my fans, and my fans are what means to me. I let down the UFC, I let down Dana,” Ortiz said. “I want to prevail.”

Once the dust settles from UFC 121 the decision about Ortiz will likely be made. With the California fighter also being one of the highest paid athletes on the roster combined with the losses, the UFC may have to make some tough choices regarding one of the legends that helped bring the promotion to where it is today.

  • UFCjunky

    No way. Tito can kick anyones ass right now. he must stay to get more money to jenna and kids

  • Bogle

    What really amazes me is that people are only just NOW starting to say he’s bad. First off…let’s ignore his THREE fights against Ken Shamrock during which Dana White stated that Ken is not UFC caliber. In fact, Ken never fought in the UFC again, HAD been losing fights, and CONTINUED to lose many fights afterward. Beating Ken at that point in his career is highly unimpressive and Tito got him 3 times. Other than Kimo, Ken’s last win in the UFC was against Dan Severn….in 1995 at UFC 6. So please…no accomplishment there.

    Tito also narrowly beat Patrick Cote by decision. That was the start of Patrick’s 4 fight losing streak. Patrick was just let go for being what…3-7 overall in the UFC? And Tito made it only to decision. Tito also “beat” Forrest by a controversial split decision…which Forrest would later avenge in much the same fashion. Tito did beat Vitor Belfort who was content to be a punching bag just like he is for a lot of people when the wrong Vitor shows up. But oh…Tito couldn’t finish him. In fact, it was another split decision!

    Guess what kids…that’s Tito’s only wins…in the last 9 years!!! Prior to that he beat Vladimir Matyushenko. You know…Vladimir. Oh but…yeah that one went to decision too.

    Tito was a dominant fighter in the UFC ten years ago sure…but the sport evolved. Tito didn’t. Tito isn’t a top 50 fighter in today’s mma and the one and only reason he can be seen in the UFC is because he had a name in the past and enough fans think he’s still good because they don’t understand what they’re looking at. Only hype. Tito isn’t the worst fighter out there. Not by any means. But man he’s certainly not good. Not where the sport is now.

    He shouldn’t have been given another chance in the UFC. Not with how terrible he’s been for the last NINE YEARS. But there he was…more proof. In a way I kinda hope he gets one more just to add an exclamation point to where Tito doesn’t belong. I really do hate the “what have you done for me lately” philosophy. Fedor’s dominant conquering of the HW world and one submission puts him as #4? Brock won 3 or 4 fights and certainly not against the best and he was #1? And of course his last couple fights show he doesn’t even understand fighting. He fights like a flipping football player. Bulldoze and pound. But he’s like a turtle on his back once you hit him once. Doesn’t know to close guard. Turns away from people. Like a kid who’s never been in a fight. Sure, it made sense to say he was best because of all the hype, right? Two or 3 fights are worth 50 if you have pizazz I guess. But with Tito…it’s been almost a decade since he’s done anything impressive at all. Hype is a strange thing. But even Tito can’t hang on to hype anymore. He’s a decent fighter. But his style is fun of the mill in this day age. And others do it much better. This is why Strikeforce wouldn’t pay him what he wanted. He’s not worth it. He just doesn’t seem to understand that what you did a decade ago doesn’t carry over. And if it does….all hail Sakuraba!