Could Frankie Edgar Be the First Ever Three-Weight Class Champion?

December 26, 2012
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Frankie Edgar at UFC 125It’s a pretty amazing feat what Frankie Edgar has been able to do fighting well out of his perceived weight class for his entire UFC career.

At five-foot-six and typically walking around at just over 155 pounds, Edgar’s run as UFC lightweight champion should be looked at as nothing but a huge accomplishment when gauging the success of smaller fighters in MMA.

Edgar’s career at 155 pounds was defined by him almost always being the undersized underdog and finding a way to win no matter what, but after his last fight against Benson Henderson, the decision was made to move to the featherweight division.

According to Edgar’s lead trainer and coach Mark Henry, he’s actually been urging the New Jersey native to make the drop for several fights going all the way back to his bouts against Gray Maynard in 2011.

“My input was when he was fighting Gray Maynard,” Henry revealed when speaking to MMAWeekly Radio. “The thing people don’t realize is Frankie’s going down to 145 and he’ll still probably be 12 pounds less than Jose Aldo. That goes to show you the amazing things that he’s been doing, he’s going down a weight class and he’ll still probably weight 12 pounds less. Jose weighs around 170, I think he’s said that himself. Frankie walks around at 157.”

Edgar lost his lightweight title to Henderson in early 2012, but because the fight was viewed as a controversial decision, the UFC opted to give him another crack at the belt and opponent. This time around the fight was even closer, but still Henderson came out on top.

Days later Edgar announced he was moving to 145 pounds. Most assumed it was because he had lost to Henderson twice and another title shot would probably be very tough to land. In reality however, Edgar was planning on moving down to featherweight all along, he just really wanted another shot at Benson Henderson.

“When we fought Ben, I don’t think anybody knows, but we were going to go down to 145 anyways,” Henry stated.

“It was 100-percent, you can even ask Nate (Diaz) and we saw Nate before the fight and we discussed how Frankie (was moving down). Kill whoever you’re fighting because we’re beating Ben, whoever you’re going to end up fighting we wish you luck and we’re going down.”

Now Edgar will start his new life at featherweight, but as his coach pointed out earlier, he’s still going to be giving up size to many of the fighters competing in that weight class.

It’s one of the reasons why Edgar is so revered because he’s able to compete against bigger, stronger fighters and still win. That doesn’t mean at some point in his career, Edgar wouldn’t enjoy being the bigger guy in the fight.

So it’s possible at some point in the future that Edgar could test the waters at 135 pounds if the right opportunity came along.

“We definitely have to worry about Jose now, that’s the only thing we’re thinking about. But I think he could be the first guy to win three belts,” Henry said.

“I think if it’s for history. I think if Frankie beats Jose, it’s hard to deny he’s one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world. If he won three (titles), you can’t deny it. Anderson Silva is so close to Jon Jones’ weight, what are they 10 pounds different? Frankie’s fighting guys that are way heavier than him. If Frankie was to go for two belts or three belts, I don’t know how you would deny it.”

Right now the only focus for Edgar and his team is to capture the gold at 145 pounds and they know that won’t be an easy test. Featherweight champion Jose Aldo has been a very dominant titleholder that has dispatched of every contender he’s faced.

For argument’s sake, however, it’s fun to think about Edgar conquering featherweight and then at some point taking a shot at the bantamweight belt as well.

“Nobody’s ever done it. Weight-wise, it could be done, so it’s going to be in the conversation. You’re going to talk about it,” Henry said. “Especially greatness, you can do something nobody’s done and make history; it’s something you’re definitely going to talk about.”

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  • He has only been the UFC lightweight champ whea r yall gettin anotha weight class belt frm

    • Scotty_O

      145 and 135, says it right there in the article ya’ll.

  • yes frankie could make 145 and 135 but dont go counting on frankie beating aldo cause i dont see it happening

  • KingRon

    If he struggled with Bendos leg kicks, I can only imagine what a fighter Aldos leg kicks are going to do to Frankie especially since I think he will be losing some of the main advantage he had over the lightweights which is speed.

    • stevemcz11

      He struggled with Bendos kicks for round 1 of fight 2 and then won the next 4 rounds IMHO. Round 5 of fight 2 was one of the most one sided rounds ive ever seen so Bendos kicks had little overall effect. Didnt hurt him or slow him down. Although Aldos kicks are very different story

  • drkdisciple

    Has not won a fight at 145 and they are talking about him being a three weight class champion? what a joke! Perhaps his manager should ask kenny Florian how easy it was going down a weight class and taking the belt!

    • WhiteyWhiteman

      Kenny Florian cut over 30 pounds to make 145 you idiot!! Not to mention this is his manager promoting the fight. Also all they are saying is Frankie could easily cut down to Bantamweight and based OFF his fights at 155 he could easily win the belts at 145 and 135!!

      • Scotty_O

        Haha why did drkdisciples comment anger you so much? Throwing down the double exclamation points and calling him an idiot.

        In terms of dumb posts you read on this site, that one wasn’t even disrespectful, or off point at all.

        Before you can be a 3 weight class champ, you need to be a 2 weight class champ. And before you can be a 2 weight class champ, you need to
        at least fight in a 2nd weight class. Until Franky does this, why are we even talking about him holding the belt in 3 different weight classes?

        • WhiteyWhiteman

          Well first off trying to compare the Florian move to 145 is stupid. Florian Cut over 30 pounds to make 145 Frankie will cut 15 at the most.

          All i was saying was that Edgar’s manager stated that looking at Frankie’s fights and performances at 155 (were he dominated B.J. Penn) he could easily make a decent run at the belts in both divisions.

          I wasn’t angry, i just get annoyed when people who don’t appear to have a clue what the talking about make stupid comments!

          • drkdisciple

            Since you seem to know so much about mma why did Florian drop down to 145? Same reason frankie did, wanted to fight for a title shot and Dana made it clear it would not happen at 155. Regardless about how much weight he had to lose Florian still managed to make weight twice and Aldo made him look bad. Just like he will with Edgar look bad. Now when your own manager is already thinking about you cutting to 135 before he even fought at 145 doesnt say much for how much faith he has in Edgar. So call me an idiot as much as you want I dont give a ratz ass.

          • WhiteyWhiteman

            All his manager said was that Frankie has a realistic chance of becoming the first person to hold 3 titles in 3 weight classes.

            The amount of weight a fighter usually cuts is 20 pounds give or take. Frankies manager was implying that making weight would not be an issue for him. Based on his perfomances at 155 it would be a fair assumption that Frankie could in fact beat aldo. I think he is Aldo’s biggest test at 145 to date. Frankie could also beat Cruz in my opinion.

            As far as Florian, he dropped down to have one last crack at a UFC Title. He would have fought Edgar if he beat Maynard, which he didn’t. He never earn’t a third shot at the 155 title. Frankie was already dropping after he lost to Henderson the first time. He got a rematch and took it like every fighter would have.

            Anything else you want an education on?

          • drkdisciple

            All valid points. I just dont like his chances of beating Aldo as I dont like a manager talking about a third weight class before a fighter even fights at 145!!

          • WhiteyWhiteman

            Very true, but you must admit that Frankie Edgar really is one of the best pound-for-pound guys around.

            You don’t think he can beat Aldo?

          • drkdisciple

            For the record I like Frankie (I even think he won the 2nd fight against Henderson). I just think Aldo is a very bad match-up for him.

          • WhiteyWhiteman

            Well it isn’t an ideal match up but i think Frankie really will take it to him. I reckon it will be a great fight. But if Edgar looses what should he do? Work his way back to a shot at the 145 belt or drop straight down to 135?

          • drkdisciple

            If he loses against Aldo it will be a 3 fight losing streak. Doubt he would be given a title shot at any weight class.

          • WhiteyWhiteman

            Yeah it’s a difficult situation for him.

          • nunyadamnbusiness

            His manager smokes crack!!

      • nunyadamnbusiness

        Lol still makes kenny a bigger fighter…wtf is wrong with your head ! You and frankie both are retards if you think hes even coming close.
        Aldo 2nd rd ko…only cuz Yankee Frankie will squeak outta the 1st!!

  • obvious

    Start talking about this when he has two belts

  • No Regrets

    Really MMAweekly? He was barely a one division champion long. Stfu Damon Martin.

  • Let the guy go down in weight and fight Aldo and defend that title before even talking going down a second weight class and winning the title and honor of being the first ever guy in UFC history to be a three weight class champion. And good luck getting that shot, Anderson Silva and GSP haven’t even been given title shots in other weight classes and those guys have been around forever and successfully defending their titles for years.

  • candelario

    fighting 145 pound opponents isn’t easy,,, their pace is a lot quicker than 155 pounds …. Frankie’s speed advantage he had at 155 will not help him at 145 pounds

  • He definitely wont have the speed advantage at the lower weight classes

  • Alexandra Grey

    I admire how these fighters fight on the octagon ring. I admire their strategy in the ring. I haven’t seen Frankie Edgar fight, well I hope that he truly deserves the award. Good luck to all MMA fighters.