Could Dana White Coax Fedor Out of Retirement to Fight Brock Lesnar in the UFC? (Video)

September 6, 2012
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Fedor Emelianenko at Affliction 1UFC president Dana White joined UFC Tonight on Fuel TV recently to discuss a myriad of topics.

One subject that just won’t go away is Fedor Emelianenko fighting in the UFC. Yes, Fedor is retired. Yes, Dana White was unsuccessful in drawing him to the Octagon when he was active. But no, fans haven’t given up hope of a Fedor vs. Brock Lesnar bout taking place in the UFC.

Rumors of a Brock Lesnar vs. Fedor Emelianenko fight picked up steam again recently due to some questions thrown White’s way in a forum, but could it actually happen? Could White ever get Fedor into the Octagon for a fight against Lesnar.

And that’s only IF he could get Lesnar back from the WWE, which is another matter altogether.

Check out what White had to say in his own words…

  • WhatTheCHUCK303

    Something tells me Dana White saw all those comments and tweets from people saying 151 would not have been canceled if they put on better cards. GSP vs. Anderson Silva, now bringing back Brock for Fedor. Dana is pulling out all the stops

  • michaelbrown

    Personally I have no interest in seeing Brock Lesnar fight another MMA match, ever. Freakish athlete and seems to work hard-he just isn’t any good. But if it’s been his name thrown in with Fedor’s that has sparked even the tiniest bit of hope of getting Fedor to actually sign a MULTI-fight deal with the UFC I say “yes uncle Dana, I’ll pay you for this one.” *sigh* Cursed hope, you have me again.

  • TKD

    I seriously didn’t realize that the world is on fire to see Fedor fight Lesnar. I am sure there are way better fights we could see with Fedor than Brock. Did I miss something?

    • I had the same reaction. I thought this was some kind of joke, but apparently there are actually people who are excited for this meaningless fight.

    • lol right, a guy with 8 fights vs one of the greatest legends of all time (pride era) There are way more HW’s and even LHW’s that make interesting match ups.

      • dathump

        Yea, thought Randy vs Fedor would be a better option

  • adam1848

    As long as they call it “The Clash of the Washed Up Has-Beens” and make it the co-main event of a UFC on FX card, I’ll consider not going to the bathroom during this fight and wait for the commercial. But really, it depends on how badly I need to piss.

  • Machterf5

    Dana has lept through time from July 2009 to September 2012. He’s super psyched about what the past holds for the UFC fans!

  • It all depends on whether or not Fedor is still being managed by the Russian mafia!

  • markronin

    This is pure trolling.

  • Spinattack

    when news breaks out that Dana is carrying Brock’s love child, I won’t be surprised.

    what is surprising is that Dana has time to put together canceled events with his addiction to Brock’s seed. That’s a pipe he can’t seem to put down.

    Fedor has beaten bigger men that were real fighters. What a joke Dana makes of himself trying to force Brock’s relevence and push this fight.

    I’ve heard lots of match ups the fans would like to see against Fedor. I’ve never heard jack about Brock until Dana brought it up.

    Or maybe Dana hates Brock. Knowing Fedor is a striker and Brock can’t take a hit. Setting him up for another guaranteed asc whipping on live TV.
    Unless this is some kind of special rules match where they start out on the ground, and Brock is on top of course

  • he couldnt even make jones fight. why would we think they would?

  • ryanbutler

    You all talk silly. You know tons of people would buy any pay per view with Brock or Fedor in it, and against each other shoot man they could sell the heck out of that. I personally wanted to see that fight years ago and would like to see it now even more. You’ll all see what I mean when they make this happen and you are all buying the pay per view. I wont even say I told ya so cause you will know. Peace.

  • MaritalArtist

    The PPV buys will speak for itself. 1M for any Brock fight, and 800k for Amy fedor fight. Due to some fan overlap, I predict a well-publicized Brock-Fedor fight will bring in 1.4M buys.

  • dathump

    If danas gonna do that, they own the rights to pride, maybe do it as a retro Pride ppv, put the back in the ring, and put all other pride fighters they have on the card, could be fun to watch.

  • KBEsq

    I would like to see the fight, but I would have liked to see it more 2-3 years ago. Just like the Couture/Nog fight, it’s a bit too late (although that fight was pretty awesome).