Costas Philippou Wants the Winner of Brian Stann vs. Wanderlei Silva Next

January 3, 2013
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The middleweight division welcomed a new threat to the top ten at UFC 155 when Costas Philippou finished Tim Boetsch to announce his presence to everyone at 185lbs.

A winner of five fights in a row, Philippou stepped in to replace his teammate Chris Weidman at UFC 155 and certainly made the most of it with an impressive TKO win over Boetsch last Saturday night.

While Philippou was already on the radar as a prospect on the rise in the middleweight division, he’s now firmly planted there after a big win to close out 2012 against a top ten fighter.

“It’s huge. Beating a top five UFC fighter with four straight victories and not very many people go four straight wins in a row. I have to say one of the few guys that I’m five in a row right now, and not many people can say that in the UFC in any weight class. I’m on top of the world right now,” Philippou told on Thursday about the victory.

Getting the fight at UFC 155 was big for Philippou beyond just the win because following Nick Ring’s sudden illness at UFC 154 that cancelled their fight, he wasn’t sure he’d even get the chance to fight again in 2012.

Never one to be deterred by a challenge however, Philippou essentially trained non-stop for the better part of 3 months to stay at the ready and the hard work paid off.

Now with a top ten win under his belt as he heads into 2013, Philippou will first take some much needed time off to allow his body time to heal, but he’s already got his eyes set on a potential next opponent.

“To be honest I don’t want to fight that soon, I still need some time to recover from my fight, and some time off to relax, but I’m definitely looking at the Brian Stann/Wanderlei Silva fight. I’d like to fight one of those guys if possible,” Philippou revealed.

“Brian Stann would be a great match-up for me, Wanderlei Silva if he decides not to retire, I think would be able to put on a great fight. We’re both great strikers and it would be nice to fight a striker for a change and show my striking skills and put up and exciting show.”

Stann and Silva headline the upcoming UFC on Fuel show landing in Japan on March 2, and Philippou says the timing would work out perfectly for when he’s hoping to return to action this year.

One thing Philippou wants to make clear however when asking for Stann or Silva is to know that this isn’t his attempt to disrespect either fighter. Philippou would consider it an honor to face either one of them in the cage, and he knows it would be no easy task to get the win.

But Costas Philippou is all about challenges and he thinks the winner of Stann vs. Silva fits that role quite well.

“It would be an honor to be in the cage with either of them,” said Philippou. “They’re both legends in my eyes, for different reasons, but even Brian Stann I consider the guy to be a legend. I have so much respect for Brian Stann, the guy’s a hero, and Wanderlei Silva is a legend. It would be a huge honor to fight either one of those guys.”

With Stann and Silva facing off in early March it would give Philippou some much needed time to recover from recent injuries and relax after a busy 2012.

Then a summertime showdown with the winner of the UFC on Fuel 8 main event would be the perfect fit for Philippou’s continued climb up the middleweight ladder.

“I’m looking for around June if they’re okay with that. I have a few injuries, I think my nose might be busted again so I’ve got to go check that out, and I went through two training camps in a row so my body and mind needs a break,” said Philippou.

“I think the timing and the opponent would be great if Joe Silva, Dana White and the UFC decides that they can give me Brian Stann or Wanderlei Silva, the winner of that fight, they’re both legends in my eyes so it would be the same thing for me. It would be an exciting fight.”

  • Costa has to keep this momentum up. He has talent and is a dangerous fighter.

    • Mark McDowall

      He must be mistaken…as a UFC middleweight aren’t you supposed to win 1 fight against a decent name and then expect a title shot?

      I think this was his welcome to the top 10 fight. Not sure if he could fight for the title anytime too soon, but if he keeps winning fights against good names then he deserves to be in the talk of contenders.

      • lol yea… Costa is on a five fight win streak though. I don’t know why he would call out for the winner of Silva/Stann though when he should be calling out Weidman. A lot of people feel Weidman should be next in line when he gets back. A fight with Costa would make sense. What do you think? Maybe the winner of that fighting Lombard in the meantime. Sonnen could have kept the division interesting but he has his own situation at LHW.

        • Mark McDowall

          I don’t think Lombard is going to make an impact in the MW division honestly. I think he will stumble again against the top tier of the division. I think Costa/Weidman might be a bit soon. I like the Costa vs Stann/Silva fight.

          I still think Weidman needs to string together more than 1 win against a top opponent. I think he should come back and have another solid fight against a bigger name in the division and then he will be #1.

          Did you see Bisping’s comments to Belcher after his loss? Pretty funny…and very indicative of the current “I want a title shot so I’m going to run my mouth” mentality that is running through the UFC right now.

          • Well just like Sonnen; Bisping is a character. It’s their job to sell fights and perform. Sonnen does a lot of talking but he also brings the fight every time whether it’s win or lose. All of these guys are going to want to sell themselves just like any other job in the world. But if they do nothing but talk and don’t perform then their not going to get big fights.

          • Mark McDowall

            After fighting Bones he is going to be 1-3 in his last 3 fights. Sonnen can’t last much longer just because he runs his mouth…

          • Yea he really needs a win right now. I admire him for still fighting and training everyday at this level but he’s put in his time, no shame in him calling it quits at this point.

          • Mark McDowall

            Agreed. But people running their mouth and getting bumped up the ranks is getting old already…and if it continues to happen it will make the UFC a joke.

            Diaz and Sonnen are prime examples. Really don’t care to see either of their upcoming fights eccept to see my friends who are on the respective band wagon get silenced.

          • It is always nice to see someone get their mouth shut for talking to much trash

          • Mark McDowall

            Yeah but how many times can it happen before it gets old. I think the 2 round beating Sonnen took was more than enough…

          • lol yea. Well let’s not forget we have a whole season of TUF to get through. I’m curious to see how Sonnen acts. I’m sure he’s not a bad guy, but entertainment wise I’m sure he’ll run his mouth.

  • marcus miles

    Im still not sold on this guy. I know he is a great boxer and hasa lot of talent, but i feel boetsch wasnt at his best. didnt boetsch mess up his hand in the first round, get a head butt in the first with a cut that gushed and an eye poke as well in the second. after the second round i hear boetsch tell his trainer he couldnt see. im not taking anything from costa, i just think boetsch wasnt at his best after the first round.

  • Tommy Blingshyne

    dont think costa or boetsch are legit top 10 threats at MW…not sold on either guy…i knew it was only a short natter of time b4 boetsch would be exposed and costa already dropped one to catone…and these r the guys that may challenge anderson silva? hell no

    • Anthony Lopez

      And who exposed Boetsch? He owned the first round, messed up his hand, caught a nasty headbutt, got eye poked, and essentially fought blind the rest of the fight, and still almost made it to decision. I hardly think “exposed” is describing it correctly

  • Nick “the tooth”

    Sorry to tell you that, but Wand and Stann are fighting in the LHW, just saying…

    • Joey

      Only reason its being fought at 205 is because Silva doesnt want to make the cut and Stann couldn’t find a suitable fight at 185. Its not a permanent move for Stann although it may be for Silva since his fight with Franklin was at a 190 catchweight.

      • Pablo

        Plus Philippou is basically saying he wants to fight Stann.

        • Nick “the tooth”

          Haha, good point man, Stann will probably destroy Wand, and then go down to 185, and then destroy Costa..

  • laleggenda27

    I was rooting for Costas against Boetsch, but there definitely needs to be an asterisk next to that win. And it’s kind of funny when a guy calls out fighters that are stylistically favorable for themselves. I like Costas and hope he keeps improving and makes a nice run — but he’s a striker with no ground game calling out other strikers who happen to be less technical than himself. C’mon son.

  • trupert

    Costa needs to come along a little slower. I’d fight him against Carmont first, then that winner gets Tim Kennedy/Trevor Smith winner

  • Darin

    Why doesn’t he just call out Stann?

  • i have a feeling wanderlai will lose and retire after this fight…so costa vs stann is not a bad fight

  • Snatch0r

    cool. he can headbutt / eye poke his way to a title shot one day maybe!