Controversy Over Marijuana Usage Continues, but Nick Diaz Risks Career With Another Positive Test

March 14, 2013
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Nick Diaz UFC 158 PrePresserUFC 158 main eventer Nick Diaz doesn’t make any secret of his use of medical marijuana, and says that he has approval to legally do so in the state of California, where he resides.

Several states, Colorado and Washington among the most recent, have even legalized limited recreational use of marijuana.

Athletic commissions, however, prohibit the use of performance enhancing and recreational drugs, such as marijuana, so, whether you agree or disagree with it, Diaz has no license that grants him to have it in his system come fight time.

This is only an issue because Diaz has twice before tested positive for marijuana metabolites. In fact, he is coming off of a one-year suspension for just that substance as he enters Saturday’s fight for Georges St-Pierre’s UFC welterweight championship belt.

With two past strikes on his record, could Diaz’s UFC tenure survive another?

UFC president Dana White thinks not, believing that releasing Diaz from his contract would likely be inevitable if he tests positive following the St-Pierre fight.

“I would say we would probably have to,” White commented following the UFC 158 pre-fight press conference.

The promotion has already set a precedent with Matt Riddle, who was recently released from his contract after having a victory changed to a no contest for the second time following a positive drug test for marijuana metabolites.

That’s not to say that White is any different than a large, vocal segment of the fight fan population that disagrees with marijuana being a banned substance.

“To say that marijuana is a performance enhancing drug, I think it’s the exact opposite.  What the commission is saying is they think it’s a painkiller, still ridiculous,” said White.

“I don’t believe in it, but here’s the facts. It’s illegal. You can’t do it. It says it in the regulations you can’t, and if you get busted for doing it you’re going to be in big trouble.  You’re going to lose money.  You’re going to lose the ability to work for a year, so it is what it is.  I just hope it doesn’t happen on Saturday.”

Diaz has used marijuana for the majority of his career, which spans 35 professional fights, and tested positive just twice. He stops using before fights because he is not oblivious. He realizes that he isn’t allowed to have it in his system when the drug test is administered, but he has slipped up, at least on those two occasions.

He doesn’t think it will happen again, and doesn’t seem overly concerned that he’ll test positive following Saturday night’s fight.

“I think I tested for a metabolite or a nanogram or something (following my last fight), so it was hardly, so I just did a little more than I did last time,” said Diaz when asked about testing positive again.

“I’m sorry if I don’t pass the test, but it should work out.  I’ve passed plenty of them before, unless they just weren’t testing me.”

This is the biggest fight of Nick Diaz’s career. A positive test would be disastrous, at the very least, for his UFC tenure. But then again, Diaz was intending to retire after testing positive following his last fight.

As White has often said, he’s a “unique personality,” and whether or not he’s overly concerned about a drug test, Diaz isn’t showing it leading up to the fight.

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  • Lawdog1521

    So magical MJ isn’t a painkiller? Isn’t that why some MM users take it? You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Either it doesn’t have that effect or it does. And since it does, it could effect the outcome of the fight.

    • RonnieV

      Regardless, it’s not a pain killer that last two weeks. According to his camp, he typically quits smoking 9 days before a fight, and he’s used the same cleansing routine before every fight. If that is true, it should have no effect on his performance. Hopefully this time he quit at least 19 days before the fight.

      • Lawdog1521

        If he doesn’t test dirty. The problem becomes if he does. How is the commission to know when he last took it? I don’t give a **** what he does all the time but I think he’s an idiot to complain about their policies when he comes back dirty.

        • RonnieV

          So you believe the Metabolites of Marijuana that are found in his (Diaz) system actually would have an effect on the outcome of a fight? If you are saying that, you need to get back on that little short bus.

      • bajafox

        9 days is NOT enough time to clear out a system of marijuana, especially with someone as little body fat as Nick. Hopefully he took the proper 14 day cleansing before the fight.

        • machete

          You got that completely backwards. Less body fat the easier to clean your system. And the more active you are it improves your chances to perform a better cleanse.

          • bajafox

            You are 100% correct. Just reread what I put and realized I got it backwards. THC is stored in the fatty tissue, the less fat you have the less you can store in your system.

            Thanks for the correction

  • DrRJE

    “…Diaz was intending to retire after testing positive following his last fight.”

    enough with the ‘Diaz was going to retire’ s*** already…do you pay attention at all? He was frustrated with the scoring system…and you should be too…it had nothing to do with weed…not to mention that he said it way before the test results came back.

    painkiller or not, if the levels show that it had been several weeks since he last smoked, it should be a non-issue.

    He’s probably having a tough time sleeping without it too, so quitting a few weeks before a fight probably makes training a lot tougher — and helps explain why sleep was more important than an open workout.

    He’s also obviously frustrated with his image…I think he needs to get out of Stockton…but its probably not that easy.

  • Mark McDowall

    I hope this idiot gets cut after he looses on Saturday. I mean what a moron for admitting not only in front of your boss…but in front of the media.

    • DrRJE

      i guess the Dr that prescribed it is a moron too…

      • Mark McDowall

        Most likely he is. The majority of people have medical marijuana cards got them from doctors who have no business prescribing them. They get asked by the doctor by pot heads and usually get paid to do so. You’d be amazed at the number of people who have no diagnosed issues but have MMC’s.

        As someone with a psychology degree and practiced for more than 10 years I will tell you that the only people who NEED an MMC are people going through chemo for the nausia. The majority of psychologists feel that MMC’s are BS. “oh I get nervous in crowds…or I get stressed easily etc etc” There are much better ways to deal with this with medications, stress releaving techniues etc. It’s a crutch plain and simple.

        So yes in my opinion the doctor is a moron and Diaz is a moron for even tempting fate by smoking close to fight time.

        • Finally, an intelligent response. Nick suffers from severe marijuana withdrawal syndrome that is very evident in his behavior. The fact is that marijuana causes the very social issues that you see Nick struggling with, the problem is that the withdrawals are so severe when one becomes a chronic/daily user that they relapse almost 75% of the time( that is an astronomical relapse rate for any substance). The truth here is that Nick is an addict and cannot quit for two weeks let alone six. I also find it hilarious that the marijuana addicts of our era are so defensive and proud of their addiction and at the same time it is very sad.

          • bajafox

            Severe marijuana withdrawal? LOLOLOL

          • GoNoles

            that is pretty funny

          • bajafox

            Yea, I get the jitters all day at work and sweating with severe convulsions thinking about my next bong hit, lol. These morons get a PHD and they think they know it all

          • MMAreality

            This moron is a “engineer” and thinks that he knows it all!!

          • MGMTNJN

            Yes, because you know Nick Diaz personally, and know exactly what disorder and problems he has. As trying to make another “intelligent response,” you shouldn’t assume Nick has “severe marijuana withdrawal syndrome”, since you’re trying to be an such intellectual person. You don’t know Nick, you only know from what the media chooses to show you. So to say that he has something, without knowing him is something a very ignorant person would assume, let alone say.

          • “trying to be an such intellectual person” Thank you for making my point clearer.

        • bajafox

          Yea, let’s give people white little pills with serious side effects and keep giving our hard earned money to big pharma, lol. You’re just another spokesman for Pfizer.

          • Poor angry little child, you couldn’t be more off base with your blind judgement of me, I’m a naturopathic doctor and when people tell me that they use marijuana medicinally I cringe at all of the emotions they are not processing naturally. passion flower, 5htp, b complex and kava are a much better prescription for someone suffering marijuana withdrawal than “little white pills” hahahaha, how childish of a retort you threw at me.

          • Mark McDowall

            Swift you are right on the money. Pot heads are some of the most uninformed “smart” people out there. When it come’s to arguing with someone who smokes alot of weed…its just a never ending circle of stupidity.

            As far as giving money to the big pharmacological companies, yes you are right…but if its give them money to get pills that give a person the right chemical balance in their brain, where alot of these chemicals are not able to be produced naturally anywhere on earth, or let them live a terrible life with sometime’s psychotic results…you are damn right I’ll give them that money!

            There is NOTHING that you can get from pot that your body NEEDS to survive. If you can’t relax unless you smoke a joint, your an addict plain and simple. There is no arguing that point it is a proven fact…

          • bajafox

            One can say that if you can’t stay away from the internet for 12 hours, that makes you an internet addict, which can be just as harmful as any other addiction. Go figure… At least I can quit smoking weed, you can’t quit the internet.

          • MMAreality

            Only engineers have this kind of will power!!!

          • bajafox

            Ok Mr. Big Shot. You do things your way, I’ll do things my way.

            There is nothing more natural than marijuana, no stupid pill you prescribe to anyone will ever have the same diverse effect you can get from thc, cbd and cbn.

          • Guest

            Diverse “affects” huh? You mean symptoms like laziness,hypoglycemia,paranoia and anxiety? Also in that case it would be “effects” but I am in no way obligated to tutor you in English and proper grammar usage.

          • bajafox

            Fail! Look up the difference between an indica and sativa, then come back an educated person instead of some moron.

            BTW, resorting to petty things like calling someone out on spelling and grammar only makes you look like the stupid one. Nobody gives a rats ass anymore, so you caught one misspelled word in the million words I’ve typed on here. You want a metal or trophy?

          • you

            Riiiight, your a doctor lol the lenghts humans go to prove a point lmao

          • “lenghts” Another stoner in need of help, hahaah, just too easy.

        • DrRJE

          doesn’t make the Doctors morons…the issue relies on science, and if Doctors are given the right to help keep people out of jail for realizing the therapeutic value of it, then maybe they’re being good citizens by doing so.

          I see it kind of like Jury Nullification…

          that said, I don’t appreciate the irresponsible ones ruining it for the people who really need it. But I don’t think people who use it to relax and get some sleep after an intense day are irresponsible.

        • wakeup

          psychology – yea, you’re not qualified to opine. I think we’ll stick with MDs and Phds who actually study science.

    • bajafox

      Do yourself a favor and don’t watch so much television. It seems to be rotting whatever brain you have left.

      • Mark McDowall

        Spoken like a true pot head…

        • bajafox

          Was that supposed to be offensive? I actually embrace the term

          • Mark McDowall

            And that is sad that you are proud of that my friend.

          • bajafox

            Why? Only the general public, you and every other uneducated person, label people who smoke weed as a pot head. It’s just a term that means absolutely nothing to us in real life.

      • MMAreality

        Hey you stole my line to you!!

        • bajafox

          Maybe cause you’re too slow and stupid to think of it first?

          • MMAreality

            What are you talking about Mr. engineer I said that to you in another forum. You claimed that you spend more time in your garden. If stole something that means someone else said it first or had it first. How does it feel to be smart than everyone else. In every discussion you post at least one post that states how stupid you think someone is and how intelligent you think that you are!!

          • bajafox

            LOL, since when is something you post in one thread, relevant in another? Get off your high horse, I don’t read everything you post

  • Orville

    I think Diaz is just out to prove he can beat st pierre. Having the belt and being champion really doesn’t matter to him.

    • Me

      yeah …that’s b*llsh*t

    • Milosc


      A man can risk his life however he wants. Diaz has earned this opportunity (for whatever stake) with his own abilities and hard work. I respect him

  • james j

    Diaz is so confusing. I like the guy, but I wish he would lay off the hippie lettuce a good 6 weeks before showtime.

  • 509s finest

    when will they come to their senses and overturn weed in the rule book. its complete waiste of time to suspend a great fighter who MEDICALLY can f****** use the stuff. Old guys who proably know nothing about whats going on in the world today (2012) made the rules of what they are now. go in and change it and let my homie diaz fight. they let go of riddle for the same s*** , i feel for the guy hope dana lets him back. Im from washington and this s*** is legal and we like it and thats that. one day!!!

  • Cereal Killer

    U R Sofa King We Tall Did!!!!! If my life blood depended on not eating pickles, I wouldn’t eat pickles! If it’s illegal, it’s illegal! There is nothing to talk about. It’s the same as throwing paint on someone wearing a fur coat because you don’t agree with it. We have a system, one of the best in the world, and you can’t expect to beat he system without playing by its rules. I have social anxiety also, but I use it as an excuse to get high.

    • Cereal Killer

      *but I don’t use it as an excuse*
      got ahead of myself there.

    • Mark McDowall

      This is what its all about. The guy smoke pot…no one is going to stop him. But if you would rather smoke weed than have a job then so be it…he’s an idiot. Blowing a huge opportunity all because of his addiction to weed…

      • bajafox

        You’re the idiot who thinks weed is addictive.

        • A pot calling the kettle black

          Your the idiot that thinks Weed isnt.
          Cannabis dependence exists, although it is rare.

  • Sal

    He beats GSP than what. You ban the best welterweight, someone alot of fans relate too, In a growing sport? It would hurt more than Nick D.

    • Cereal Killer

      “Then what?” is what I think you meant. “A lot” is two words. “too” is also used incorrectly, it’s just a simple “to”. You don’t capitalize “in” after an apostrophe. If you’re a fan of drugs, you represented them well!

      • Sal Lamie

        Sal got owned 420 times over there!!!!!!

      • car

        Stop it grammar nazi. Whats wrong? Wife or girlfriend not giving you attention, so you have the need spit your self righteous poison

        • Cereal Killer

          Grammar = non-drug head. Evident by the above post. He iz jus reprezentin his lov fo hiz peepz!

      • MGMTNJN

        Why are you trying to correct someone’s words when you yourself do not know as well? “You don’t capitalize “in” after an apostrophe.” It’s not an apostrophe, it’s called a comma. There was no need to correct anything, he was just stating his opinion.

  • What he does is his own business but if the commission doesn’t allow it then hopefully he’ll clean himself up way before a fight. I believe he say she stops two or three weeks prior to the fight and sweats out the best he can. If this guy gets let go b/c he test positive I wonder what promotion would take the chance to pick him up. Yes he’s a talented fighter but he’s no use if he’s getting suspended.

    • Cereal Killer

      I hope we are done with him. He is only good for stand up fights. He doesn’t have a place in the big league.

      • He hates the rules of mma and the wrestlers so after this fight with Georges, win or lose maybe at some point he’ll think about just doing grappling tournaments and pro boxing.

  • Calistrong

    Too much hate on nick diaz here, he is speaking the truth and keeping it real. He will slap any of you p****** and you won’t do s*** so stfu

  • MMAreality

    Diaz needs to be cut from the UFC.

    • Guest

      butthurt phageet