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  • Brian Alegre

    There are millions of Ronda fans out here in the Philippines. Can we join the contest? under the rules’ page “(the “Contest”) is open only to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia ” :-(

  • Gary Fredericks

    PLEASE put the site back the way it was before! I cannot find results of events nearly as good as I used to on the old one. Also, what gives with all of these lousy non-MMA ads? Every article seems blasted with smutty Enquirer type Hollywood gossip ads…..Disney girls grown up, steroid alternatives, latest celebrity to hit rock bottom…WHO GIVES A FU….er…FIG! LOL

    The prettier box you guys made for this site is not as nice as it was. Not by a long stretch. Too cluttered with junk and fluff. I love your writers content, but man, the rest is making me come here less and less.

    • Gary Fredericks

      …forgot to ad…pages are slow to load and I often go to Sherdog as a result when it moves too slowly. I haven’t been to Sherdog so much in years, but since the change on MMA Weekly, I find myself there more and more. Other sites too.

  • Dontai Wilkins

    Dear MMAweekly, I know you probably spent a lot of money on the new site, but it sucks. It sucks really really bad. I have been a loyal mmaweekly reader for years. I was upset last time you changed your page but got used to it almost immediately. This webpage is sadly garbage compared to the last one. As somebody who personally goes to this page 5-6 time a day, I have found myself begrudgingly going to sherdog for my mma news. I have never been a sherdog guy, but now I am forced to. Sorry to say this, but my favorite web site has been destroyed. I don’t know if I can learn to love this one. Just terrible.

  • jim

    The new site format is terrible , i used to frequent this site daily , now because of the non usability of it . i maybe briefly look at it once a week, Your losing viewers , which will mean losing advertising dollars in the long run . put back the old format .

  • Concerned Viewer

    Please fix your website. I am no longer a fan of you guys. You drummed everything down with the absolute overload of ads. I understand its revenue for you but you severly miscalculated how to design your site around them. Your old format was one of the best online and hardly anyone could compete. Now I will only check back to see if you fixed the issue that is your new website. Why fix what isn’t broken? your old site was levels above this. Have fun losing viewers and fans.

  • Come On

    Did MSNBC buy you out? You new website is the same format as their new website, Both Are TERRIBLE!!! Sucks that you upgraded to something that is obviously horrible.

  • T

    wow do I dislike the new format – I will check back in a few months to see if it gets better. bummer

  • Gary Fredericks

    I guess nobody at MMA Weekly cares what we have to say???

  • alfredo

    algun empresario que quiera ser mi mentor ?

  • killeriguana

    Everyone else has said it, but I’ll pile on as the website is pretty much impossible to navigate. I will be switching sites to get my mma news.

  • millerrl25

    I really strongly recommend fixing the ads on this site. They are absolutely obnoxious. That’s no way to run a business and you are really starting to alienate your audience. I saw the same ad for Exodus come up 5 times today. It kept playing over top of the video highlights I was trying to check out. There was no way to turn it off and I had to pause the video I actually wanted to watch just to hear it. In fact, it just played again while I was typing this message. Not only will I not be going to see Exodus, I’m done with MMA Weekly for a while until you guys fix it.

  • Angie

    Can you please fix the uploader, so people in Canada can watch the videos you post to your website!!!!! Thanks