Conor McGregor Will Move to Lightweight After Featherweight Division Begs Forgiveness (Video)

March 24, 2015
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Conor McGregor told the press in Las Vegas on Monday that he might consider moving up to lightweight after his fight against Jose Aldo, but put stipulations on the rest of the featherweight division to make it happen.

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Check it out…

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  • Seth

    How can you hate this guy? Honestly, someone please explain to me why people hate him so much? He’s not afraid to speak up, he’s entertaining and he can fight. Refreshing attitude, comparing to black and white, boring fighters who can only say “I will fight whoever UFC puts in front of me” as an answer to ANY question they are asked.

    • shakejunt

      there is no “hate,” i’m just tired of his schtick because it’s old and recycled.

      other than that, people don’t like how he’s been allowed to skip by any and all wrestlers since getting subbed in under a minute twice.

      • Seth

        He got subbed 5 and 7 years ago…seriosuly? .-. He probably got waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better since then when it comes to ground game…I mean, 5 years is a loooooot of time… .-.

        • Guest

          i wanna see him face a wrestler now and see how much he’s improved. maybe he hasnt improved at all. we’ll never know for sure unless they throw one at him.

          • Seth

            Im pretty sure as a champion he will have to face one or two, plus then he will have to face them.

          • anmmafanfromday1

            He isn’t a champ yet and doubt he will be he got to where he is at without fighting a top 5 or a wrestler and a lot of people don’t like him because his big mouth crap is better suited for the WWE he is a good fighter but should have had to fight Edgar, Mendes, Lamas, or Swanson to prove he belongs in a title fight

          • Seth

            Like I said, I still would pick him over any other FW, because other guys are just boooooring. Ask them any question and they have only one respond “I will fight whoever UFC puts in front of me”. Unless you ask Edgar, then you will hear “I thought I did enough”. Connor at least has balls to step up and do something.

            As far as the champion part – if he really can’t handle wrestlers, why do you worry? Sooner he win the belt, sooner he may lose it to a wrestler. And you will have both of:
            A) Connor losing to a wrestler
            B) Connor losing the title in his first defense

            Or he will just smash whoever UFC decides to give him.

        • shakejunt

          you asked a question and i answered it, what more do you want?

          • Seth

            I just question your arguments. It’s kinda what discussion is, in case you didn’t know. You throw your point of view, I throw mine and we talk about. What’s wrong about that?

          • shakejunt

            yeah but you’re trying to bring speculation into a discussion of opinion. you asked why people dislike him and i gave you my breakdown. him getting better since then is irrelevant.

          • Seth

            Yeah, but your argument involves your opinion that he can’t handle any wrestler based on the fact he was subbed twice 5 and 7 years ago. It doesn’t mean he can’t handle them today, right?

          • shakejunt

            again, there is no “argument” in this scenario.

            why i’m not fond of conor: his gimmick is tired and i don’t like seeing guys get spoon fed to avoid the top 5.

            it’s cormier all over again.

          • Seth

            There is a little difference here, DC beat up guys like Barnett at HW, while being heavily undersized – its tru that in the UFC he didn’t have many chances to competewith top guys before JBJ fight, but we kinda knew he’s amazing.

            Here we have someone who came from Europe, not really sametrack record as DC and beat one top 5 guy…So I see where are you coming from, though Edgar already lost to Aldo. Im all for Edgar fighting for the belt, butit’s also tiring to keep watching Edgar one the events called “Edgar Vs XXX 2” or “Edgar Vs XXX 3”.

          • shakejunt

            you’re diverting from the point. the similarity in the situations is that neither guy had to fight an actual contender to get their shot.

          • Informed One

            And RDA got KTFO in one of the greatest highlight reel KOs ever by Little Heathen (what an uppercut !!), and now RDA is the champ who just lit up a guy who was talked about in the P4P rankings. Time changes things there buddy.

          • shakejunt

            for being so informed, you left out a wee detail: dos anjos has faced heavy hitters since then and proved he can hang.

  • Google

    Even if he does talk a lot of smack, I can respect a dude that has the drive to win multiple titles. If he beats Aldo though, Frankie better get his title shot.