Conor McGregor: ‘When I Am Finished, There Will Be Nobody Left’

July 20, 2014
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Conor McGregor Poster Winner-478x270Conor McGregor is three fights into his UFC career, but he’s already made enough noise to garner the attention of everyone.

The hype train rolled into Ireland on Saturday with UFC Fight Night Dublin, and McGregor delivered on what his pre-fight talk was based on: a thorough finish.

The Irishman put Diego Brandão away in just over four minutes. After the fight, he said he’ll take on all comers, one by one, en route to bringing his vision of being featherweight champion a reality.

“I personally have a vision of myself as the world champion by the end of the year. And I’ve heard Dana say ‘he won’t be world champion by the end of the year,’ but who knows?” McGregor said at the post-fight press conference. “I had a clear vision, like I had this vision that I was going to bring these [fight cards] back here when I first got the opportunity. Like I got the vision at UFC 93, I was going to be the guy to get in there and deal with. The same vision I had then, I have now. Who knows what can happen? Injuries happen in this game, and all I know is I stay ready. I’m looking to get as quick a turnaround as possible and climb that division, one by one.”

“I will eliminate the whole division,” he added. “When I am finished, there will be nobody left.”

McGregor’s rise in three fights rivals those of fighters who have seen similar popularity, only their climb most of the time took closer to double digits in terms of Octagon appearances. Sure, a lot of it is McGregor’s talk and ability to sell himself, but two finishes in three outings says a lot, especially when the decibel level got up to 111 due to screaming fans, as alleged by UFC president Dana White on Saturday.

But even if Ireland showed McGregor and the UFC copious amounts of love and appreciation, the fighter’s next bout won’t be in his home town. Instead, McGregor will likely land in Sin City, probably in a pay-per-view slot.

“Conor’s next fight definitely isn’t going to be in Ireland and it probably won’t be in Europe,” White said, following the fights. “He’ll probably fight in Vegas.”

Now comes the time when UFC brass shuffles through their 145-pound deck of fighters to determine whom they see fit to match with McGregor next. One name that was mentioned a lot during the UFC Fight Night stream and again at the post-fight presser was Dustin Poirier, who took to Twitter to announce he’s all in for a trip to Vegas.

“I’m ready when you are,” Poirier wrote. “UFC 178 sounds good to me.”

McGregor said he’ll welcome a fight with Poirier, but questioned why it didn’t already happen. When Cole Miller, McGregor’s original UFC Fight Night Dublin opponent, had to withdraw from the card, the fighter questioned why Poirier didn’t step up in Miller’s place.

Miller can pretend he wants the fight, McGregor said. If his visions serve him properly, the vocal visionary sees the Poirier fight as a step towards the top of the UFC featherweight mountain, and a decimation of the organization’s 145-pound roster.

“That’ll be perfect for me because I already know that guy doesn’t want to fight,” McGregor said of a potential pairing with Poirier. “His teammate, Cole Miller, pulled out of the fight. He was scheduled to be here to compete tonight. He pulled out, and you’re trying to tell me Dustin Poirier, a top-10 guy, Nik Lentz, a top-10 guy, both of whom had no fights scheduled, didn’t know about Cole’s injury? They would’ve known before the UFC would’ve known … And yet nothing.

“I know he doesn’t want that fight. He can pretend that he wants that fight and send out his little tweets about this and that, but let’s do it. One by one, I will take every single one of them out. If next in line is Dustin, that’s no problem.”

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  • FUMcgregor

    yeah, the UFC needs to pick a new guy that he can beat so they can keep on making money with him, once they can’t protect him anymore they’ll give him a real guy that will kick his ass

    • Ian Price

      I think Poirier will be a 2:1 favorite over Connor. But I also think Connor will finish Poirier

  • drkdisciple

    Dont think he has much of a chance of beating Poirier. The UFC might as well make a few extra bucks with him and re-schedule a fight with Cole Miller.

    • Joe

      I was looking forward to the Cole fight. Coles reach at this weight makes it hard to get in on with Connors crazy standup. And Cole is a submission guy.

      • hybe

        Poirier is a tougher test though.

    • Just-scrap-nation

      You guys do realize Dustin’s most impressive win was his TKO of Brandao right? Yeah the Koch fight was impressive too but Koch has proven to be overhyped. Quit being haters, be realistic and quit using the term “cans” unless you’ve been in the ufc and beat them yourself.

      • drkdisciple

        So you think only UFC fighters should post? Even those that are considered cans?

    • hybe

      of course he has a chance! It’s a competitive fight on paper

      • drkdisciple

        Time to get rid of that paper!

        • hybe

          umm okay…, whatever

  • This guy is a joke, he’s going to lose by submission in no time.

  • Tom Berto

    Cannor is going to get his lights put out by the first top 10 opponent he meets.

  • Django

    Conor is the real deal…He’ll have the belt sometime in 2015.

  • uncle

    Mcgregor vs Piorier and Swanson vs Edgar on the
    same card

  • put me in the sauna coach

    I like his brand of crazy…I don’t mind guys who talk in the long as it’s not after a loss. i.e Bisping and his excuses. I think McGregor is an exciting fighter to watch and hilarious in his interviews.

  • Mihael Hajdin

    Well im officially on the hype train, Diego is no joke and Connor beat him with ease, would like to see him against Swanson or Edgar next, the guy is definitely a legit contender..

    • Baller31

      Brandao is a complete joke, and I’m surprised he hasn’t been cut yet. He’s been ko’d several times, including back to back first round knockouts. Typical can

  • BobLemons

    All the people saying he be finished by his first top 10 opponent have nothing to base that on. He’s looked great so far, and Brandao is no slouch. You can be a little skeptical, but you won’t know until a fight happens. Poirier will be an appropriate test.

  • George Sperry

    Nice win for McGregor he dominated a submissions guy and a lot of people think that is his weakness. Let me say this though if he would have left his leg in on Palhares like he did yesterday he would have lost fast. He is reckless and that may be his downfall. I hope not but he had better be careful.
    Now to digress… Is anyone else just creeped out by the crowd chanting, especially during a fight? Are they watching the fight or having a bonding session. I always think of “Big Brother” on the overhead leading them on.
    And please tell me what Ole Ole Ole is supposed to mean? the GSP crowds always did and I thought it must be a “French” thing but it’s becoming common place.

    • TheCerealKiller

      It’s a culture thing. When I get together with my Polish friends, we sing traditional Polish birthdays songs and same at festivals. The closest thing we Americans do is chant The White Stripes Seven Nation Army at sporting events.

    • Julien

      Chanting crowd still better than what I hear from american crowds… i’m talking about those unbearable hyena-like screams.

      French fans don’t sing the ole ole thing in sporting events, rather the White Stripes thing.

      Now about that fight, I think it was a shame Brandao seemed to injure his leg. The start was pretty good on both sides.

  • George Sperry

    This was a response to the deleted comment.
    Your Aunty blows goats.

  • brad king

    conner beast and poirier beast, much too for diego

  • dandogood

    Maybe it’s just me but Conor doesn’t seem that good. The best Irishman isn’t equal to the worst Englishman.

  • otto

    not much for the trash talking myself, try to keep it real, but looking forward to see what Connor can do against the likes of Porier or Edgar and Swanson, these opponents are legit contenders, if he beats one of them in dramatic fashion, then I’m a believer, until then, just a mouth with some decent standup, the UFC has tons of these…..lets get something signed with one of those guys and I will be sure to rent that PPV

  • kirk

    Conor McGregor from the clan McGregor, “There can be only one”.