Conor McGregor: Welcome To My Office, Welcome To My World

September 24, 2014
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He may have shown up for his media mash-up a little late, but make no bones about it, when Conor McGregor hits the room, court is in session.

“Welcome to my office,” he said… and you can only believe, wherever he is, that is McGregor’s office. Welcome to his world.

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  • dandogood

    Conor is very average and not a top 20 fighter in his weight class. Why all the fake hype over this loud mouth marginally talented average MMA fighter???

    • Just-scrap-nation

      Sounds like you should be in the UFC. Ill be looking forward to reading your excuse after he knocks out Dustin. “Marginally talented MMA fighters” are called amateurs. Not UFC fighters. Especially ones ranked in the top ten.

    • Andy Kelly

      Fake hype ?? Well nobody has shit him up yet conor will go all the way to the gold . . The irish aren’t here to compete we are here to take over and conor is leading the way … he will be champ by next summer at the latest

      • Rocco

        I like his style, I appreciate his skill…I’m a fan but I don’t think he’ll be a champ by next summer. If anything Dana White will continue to build his name and give him a couple of decent fights over the next year or so..give him time to grow. Maybe 2 years fight for a title if he stays injury free.

  • TrentSki

    Fighters dressing up like business men is embarrassing as shit

    • Ace

      Why is it embarrassing? I think it’s actually pretty cool. And if he feels good in a suit why not..

      • Rocco

        Yeah Pro Boxers do it, UFC Commentators do it, and I have seen many other pro athletes do this as well. What is the problem? Perhaps you prefer a bedazled Affliction shirt? Those are sooo coool.

      • TrentSki

        Well its definitely cringe worthy, just listening to Conor talk, you know he’d never make it in the business world
        He should dress the part

  • James Williams

    But enough about this Irish guy, who is the hottie behind him…

    • Andy kelly

      Thats his irish girlfriend

  • dandogood

    Listen there has never been any tough Irishmen, EVER. The Irish are a weak lot of drunken lazy loafers destined for meager living at low wages. Conor is away over hyped and very limited as an MMA fighter. The UFC is creating this fake hype around the average McGregor for publicity and to get more gullible Irish to buy PPV’s. Conor couldn’t beat Uriah Faber.

    • Rocco

      Dandogood – You’re funny.

      1. He is hyping things up a bit, a little high off his own news I can agree, but not that bad. He has the typical Irish wit and humor, don’t take it too seriously because he surely isn’t.

      2. There have been some very tough Irish fighters throughout history, however if you want to be specific most of the more successful fighters are from Northern Ireland and were Orangemen (Scots-Irish) (Barry McCuigan, Wayne McCullough for instance) If you’re talking about being born and bred over there. In the US even today Boxing is a poor man’s sport and when the Irish immigrants were the poor folks, there were many Irish fighters of fair to good success.They were known to be tough, if not “skilled” could at least take a beating.

      3. They are trying to boost the UFC popularity in Europe…what’s wrong with that? He is undefeated for a reason isn’t he? Tell me what the put Cheik Kongo on the cover of a UFC game and have him on PPV despite being a 50/50 fighter? It’s marketing that’s why.

      4. There are LOTS of people that cannot beat Faber. Faber IMO is still top 5 in his division.

      • Ireland Forever

        Rocco you really are an American dickhead. Barry mcGuigan and Wayne mcCullough are
        Irish catholic. You will find it hard to find an Orangeman with a Mc in his name.
        Have you ever heard of Dave “Boy” McAuley, Bernard Dunne, Tom Sharkey, The original Jack Dempsey, Steve Collins, Jimmy McLarnin. That’s a few other names for you and thats not counting the fighters around the world of Irish heritage.

  • JT

    Conor needs to know what it means to be fighting the top guys before rambling about other fighter’s getting comfortable.

  • dandogood

    The dumbest Englishman is smarter than any smart Irishman. Conor McGregor is a big mouthed marginally talented MMA fighter period destined for defeat as all Irish have never amounted to anything but drunken stupors and being over run by the British whoose British Soldiers sired most of Ireland’s youth today. Conor is a joke.