Conor McGregor Wants Diego Sanchez in Mexico, but May Get Title Shot Instead

October 3, 2014
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Despite recent tweets that he would fight Diego Sanchez at 155 pounds at UFC 180 in Mexico, Conor McGregor may instead get what he initially asked for after doing away with Dustin Poirier at UFC 178… a title shot.

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At least, it certainly sounds like that is the direction UFC president Dana White is leaning.

McGregor on Thursday tweeted, “I am fighting @DiegoSanchezUFC in Mexico, November 15th. He spoke a big game. Now he will pay with his career. VIVA LA EIRE!!!” and then continued with, “Looks like its fajita’s with the Fertitta’s in Mexico!!!”

White begs to differ.

In his weekly download on, White said that he and company CEO Lorenzo Fertitta had dinner with McGregor Wednesday night and told him that the fight with Sanchez was not happening.

“So Lorenzo (Fertitta) and I went to dinner with him last night, and he said he wants to fight Diego Sanchez in Mexico at 155. I said, ‘You’re nuts. No way, we’ll get you a fight. You’ll be fighting soon enough,’” said White.

“We basically told him no and he went out and put that on Twitter anyway.”

It sounds like White & Co. may be waiting for featherweight champion Jose Aldo’s next defense to determine McGregor’s next fight, although that was hinted at, not declared.

McGregor, especially if Aldo wins, could get the next crack at the belt.

“Here’s the thing: If you go down the list, every one of those guys has fought Jose Aldo already,” White said when referencing the top ranked featherweight fighters. Aldo has defeated every one of the top six contenders, save for McGregor.

“Conor hasn’t. So who do you line up next for the champ other than Conor? Everybody else has fought him.”

He didn’t say as much about Mendes if he unseats Aldo, but that wouldn’t be a stretch either, as White and Fertitta have been very public about how successful McGregor has been, both in the Octagon and as a marketing machine.

Love him or hate him, McGregor would be a ratings bonanza as champion.

The only question now is if the UFC can talk him into waiting three weeks before setting his next fight.

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  • UltimateFloorCuddling

    Ufc ranking is crap. Its a complete joke. This really shows that money talks.I mean seriously who has this cocky conor guy beat? Fighters that aren’t in top 10… and get a title shot?!!! Are you kidding me.. give him frankie edgar, Swanson or chad mendez… heck would be nice to see him fight korean zombie.. someone that was or is actually in top 10. Seeing this guy get a title shot is a joke i don’t even take there competition seriously.anymore. Now if coner beat diego sanchez he will get a title shot? lol if they are going that route.. him and pettis would be a great matchup. I want to see conor style vs a crazy striker like pettis.

    On a serious note. The only person that i see if there was a ranking (Instead a dam popularity contest of who makes more money for the ufc) that SHOULD FIGHT ALDO. That would be cub swanson.. he deserve it way more than conor.. and is a dam shame hes fighting edgar.. It should of been edgar vs conor.. if mcgregor beat him than maybe the title bout is acceptable.

    • Muttley76

      Dustin was a legit top 10 guy, and they’re correct, Aldo has pretty much clearer out the division. There’s worse fights for sure.

      • BobLemons

        Dustin is a legit top 5 I’d say.


      Aside from everything you just said the rankings is bs and the only thing that matters is being the champion. IMO its all about the best matchup stylistically. Conor brings a whole new level of problems to the table and would and will be the best contender to dethroning aldo. Im not buying the hype train following mendes after he gets beat the second time he should consider moving down to 135. As for cub he has nothing special to offer as a significant threat to aldo and frankie is gonna trash cub 100%,

      • Muttley76

        Don’t I remember Also hitting Cub with a flying double knee in WEC? Could be wrong but I thought he literally beat Cub n 10 seconds or so. While some could argue that deserves a rematch because it was so quick I would rather listen to CM talk crap than watch replays of the knee over and over. JMO

    • solo

      Calm down dude! Your emotions got you all confused.

    • Maddawgmar

      Edgar, Swanson, and Mendes are booked. Mendes is fighting Aldo, and unless something has changed and I missed it Swanson and Edgar are fighting. My issue is the jumping of the fighters, Edgar and Swanson was supposed to be for a title shot, but how combat sports works is the the number one contender doesn’t always get the fight. When was the last time Mayweather or Paquiao fought the mandatory opponent? They hand pick their opponents, at least here they don’t always get to pick who they fight. And plus it is a business, Imagine the PPV buys in Ireland and Brazil alone, and if they do it in a football stadium in either of those countries, that would be a huge gate. $$$ that is what it’s all about.

      • solo

        Exactly. Not only it would be a huuuge gate wherever it lands, but Conor proved that he’s the real deal. So imo they can do whatever they want with him. They’re not bringing him to Brazil for nothing, thay want to build something there.

      • Brad Ames

        exactly so you are going to the guys who earned their top 5 ranking fight for their spot while Connor just sits and waits for Aldo or Mendes to be ready after their fight?

    • Anthony Lopez

      Poirier wasn’t a top 10 opponent?

  • Mark N Melissa Juarez

    What about if Bermudez beats lamas?

    • solo

      Aldo vs McGregor would sell instantly! So, no.

  • solo

    I agree with Dana here. Aldo beat everyone. Enough with the rematches!

    Conor “Notorious” McGregor with the belt around his waist could easily become the biggest star in the sport!!!

    • shakejunt

      well you were spot on with that last part!

      aldo hasn’t beaten bermudez yet. his current streak plus a win over lamas certainly merits more than conor’s resume shows.

      • solo

        yea i guess i was.

        it could be so, but what if he loses? not to mention that fight is happening i think at the end of november. i can tell you this, if Aldo beats Mendes again(i think he will), UFC would wanna sign Aldo vs McGregor as soon as possible. And i loooove that fight!

    • Brad Ames

      aldo hasn’t beat bermudez and Frankie has had so many controversial decision losses he doesn’t deserve being leap-frogged by Mcgregor. As far as earning it in the octagon: Edgar and Swanson should be fighting and Mcgregor and Bermudez should be fighting while we await Aldo/Mendes. After those fights are settled and dust clears then decide who gets title shot.

  • AldoDeservesBetterThanChad

    Dana, do what you did to Carlos Condit: Take away title shot (rematch) from Mendez and give it to Conor instead, since Mendez already lost to Aldo anyway. You did that to Condit who had not even lost to GSP so why not do it to Mendez who has no business getting ahead of new legit contenders.

  • Darin

    The UFC wants this guy fighting for the title and he’s calling out Diego Sanchez???? Clearly, McIrish wants to milk his fame and cash in on as many easy fights as he can. A fight with Diego in Mexico would be an easy payday. I think he’s scared to fight Aldo. He knows if he loses he immediately loses relevancy and will no longer be the “next big thing”.

    Rashad Evans did the same thing back in the day. He was undefeated and had beaten a string of top LHWs. People started talking about him fighting Chuck and he would downplay it. Rashad was smart, he knew that if you get a title shot and lose, suddenly no one is talking about you anymore.

    • Matte

      So now he’s milking?

      Before he got pushed to fast.

      Give the guy a break.

      I don’t see him backing off anything, he’s been pushin all along. He was just in a fight an also in one not long before that. Now he wanna face Diego one weight class up and Diege never is a easy pay day even if you win.

      • Brad Ames

        if he thinks he is the best why call out Diego who isn’t even ranked in the top 15 in his division? If he wants to jump to 155 let him fight Cerrone, Khabib, Dos Anjos, Benson, or maybe Josh Thompson? I for one would love to see Cowboy and Conner square off.

        IMO He wants to fight Diego in Mexico so he can follow Sonnen’s marketing blue print and trash talk mexico and become hated by all of mexico to drive ticket sales from mexican fans wanting to see his face smashed in. This will all be moot because i predict McGregor’s next fight will be in Ireland against Aldo.

  • BobLemons

    Give Mcgregor a high level wrestler first. If he wins then give him the next shot. Mcgregor proved he’s the real deal standing, but let’s see how he does against someone with the potential to keep him on his back the whole fight. Conor has what it takes to beat Aldo I think, but he could lose that strap against the first wrestler he faces, let’s get that test out of the way first.

    • solo

      Imo, he will probably win the belt first before he faces a wrestler.

      • BobLemons

        I’m sure he will, but that will be a marketing decision, not a sporting one.

        • shakejunt

          exactly, bermudez is being completely overlooked and will be far more deserving with a win over lamas.

    • Brad Ames

      dana isn’t about to put him in the octagon with a decorated wrestler like Mendes or Edgar. He is looking at a big pay perview captilizing on McGregor’s hype and the Ireland Market and doesn’t want to risk the being derailed by a wrestler that puts Mcgregor on his back for 3 rounds or ground and pounds him out via TKO.

      I don’t think he is ready for Aldo but i still predict based solely on marketing and $$$ Mcgregor’s next fight will be a title fight with Aldo set to take place in Ireland. Still would love to see Connor matched up with Korean Zombie or Lamas but both of those guys have excellent wrestling and grappling as well and think Dana won’t let either matchup happen.

  • Aldo going to kill you

    Aldo would beat coner with in two rounds aldo is the best p4p in the world IMO def best of the lil guys coner the most entertaining but don’t have skill set to match Aldo. But he does have a slim punchers chance

    • Just-scrap-nation

      I beg to differ. I think McGregor is a horrible style match up for Aldo. Aldo has never fought anyone that will show him no respect and put non-stop pressure on him. I think McGregor makes it look pretty easy and finishes Aldo within 3 rounds. Aldo will get overwhelmed for the first time and I don’t see him as a fighter that will persevere rather than want out if he’s getting beat up.

      • Brad Ames

        McGregor won’t be nearly as aggressive with Aldo especially when he eats some of those vicious leg kicks. McGregor has never fought anyone near Aldo’s level. Lamas, Mendes, Swanson, and Hominick all bring it and are aggressive as well.

        Stylistically Lamas is probably the closest comparison and he has much better wrestling and is every bit as (more IMO) aggressive than McGregor.

  • shakejunt

    not that conor isn’t one of the elites of the division, but cub (with a win over frankie) and bermudez (with a win over lamas) are more deserving at this point. conor needs to take a fight that isn’t so blatantly favorable before deserving a title shot.

  • Brad Ames

    Dana is going to try to keep McGregor away from any guys with serious wrestling credentials as long as he can. Mendes and Edgar will put McGregor on his back quick and shouldn’t have much trouble exercising control once there. I like McGregor but he isn’t ready for Aldo and probably needs some serious wrestling work before he is put in with Mendes, Edgar, or Lamas. I would love to see McGregor’s next fight either be Korean Zombie or Swanson.

    If he wants to jump to 155 he should fight Cerrone, Dos Anjos, Henderson, or Khabib. Stylistically Cerrone would be an exciting fight. I think Benson and Khabib would put him on his back and keep him there.

    • solo

      You sound pretty sure there, ha..
      You could be right. Mendes and Edgar would probably take Conor down, but does that mean they would win a fight against him? No. You cant know anything for sure until it happens, right? Or do you know Conor’s wrestling game that much which i highly doubt it.

      • Brad Ames

        go on youtube and watch his fight with Joseph Duffy. Taken down….controlled…..mounted….choked….tapped.

        • BJRJ235

          You can also tell that Connors style is different from then…His foot work and striking as a whole is a lot better…He has a decent ground game as we saw in the Max Holloway fight and he had a blown out knee in that fight…Im not saying that Frankie or Chad could or couldn’t get him down and hold him there, but going by the Joseph Duffy fight is ridiculous…He is way better and his style has changed a lot since then…

          • Brad Ames

            he may be better than he was at that point but that also doesn’t mean he is ready for the pressure and wrestling that Mendes or Edgar would bring at him. If Connor felt he was he would call one of them out. Likewise if he felt he was ready for wrestlers of that caliber and was considering fighting at 155…..he would call out Henderson, Dos Anjos, or Khabib rather than Diego Sanchez.

            If Dana felt he was ready for wrestlers of that caliber he wouldn’t let him jump over Frankie.

            I don’t care if he gets Aldo or Sanchez just calling out what it looks like. Please explain the logic in calling out Diego Sanchez if as connor states he truly feels that he is the top pound for pound fighter in the world and cant be beat.

          • Brad Ames

            Bermudez gets no respect. Would love to see Bermudez get more vocal and start trash talking Connor to the point it can’t be ignored.

        • drkdisciple

          Correct me if I’m wrong but I do do believe that fight was at 155 (lightweight)

          • Brad Ames

            i believe it was at 155 and while duffy is no slouch his wrestling is nowhere near the level or Edgar or Mendes. We haven’t seen any evidence that Mcgregors wrestling has improved because he has yet to face a top level wrestler in the UFC. Dana definitely doesn’t want Mcgregor’s hype derailed by a loss to a wrestler in a “boring” grappling/wrestling match.

    • drkdisciple

      First you say that McGregor needs “some serious wrestling work” and should stay away from Mendes and Edgar . You then go on to contradict yourself by saying he should fight Dos Anjos, Henderson and Khabib that are all much bigger then him and beasts on the ground!

      • Brad Ames

        Not contradicting. He would be smart to stay away from Henderson, Khabib, and Dos Anjos as well but if he is going to proclaim that in his mind he is the top pound for pound fighter in the world and then call out a lightweight he shouldn’t call out a guy that isn’t even ranked in top 15. Personally if he was going to fight at 155 the fight i would pick for him would be Cerrone.

  • Alex Price

    I personally think McGregor is a stylistic nightmare for anyone. Granted, his wrestling hasn’t been tested in the UFC, but his fluidity, movement, and accuracy are so unorthodox (very karate-oriented) that when you combine those with his boxing and power, there simply aren’t many guys like out there like him. He’s a phenomenal athlete with great length at FW, and I think he’s just scratching the surface of what he can be. Aldo might actually be the best matchup for him; I could see Edgar, Mendes, or Bermudez controlling him on the ground.