Conor McGregor vs. Cole Miller Headlines UFC Fight Night in Dublin

April 30, 2014
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Conor McGregor FS1 Workout 2-478x270The Ultimate Fighting Championship today confirmed an explosive five-round main event between Conor “The Notorious” McGregor and Cole “Magrinho” Miller to take place at The O2 Arena in Dublin, Ireland, on Saturday July 19.

The two featherweights, and fans alike, have been requesting the match up since the athletes engaged in a heated exchange on social media – repeatedly calling each other out.

McGregor shot into the limelight after an impressive debut at UFC Stockholm: Latifi vs Mousasi in 2012. He since suffered an ACL tear, which has kept him sidelined for the past eight months. Today he officially received his medical clearance and is ready to make a comeback.

“I saw my doctor and received full clearance to return to fighting with no restrictions on training,” McGregor commented, “it has been a long road to recovery but I am back and I am more ready than ever to bring the UFC back to Dublin on July 19th.

“I want to thank Dr. ElAttrache, my surgeon, and Heather Milligan, my physical therapist, for all the time and effort they dedicated to my recovery. Also want to thank my coach John Kavanagh and strength coach John Connor for all the work they put in with me in Ireland.”

Unfazed by the hype surrounding the newcomer, Miller believes McGregor is yet to make an impact in the division: “My point of making the initial call out was to stir up some actual reasonable thought amongst people in the mixed martial arts community. After beating two guys in the UFC, Conor is not ready for Jose Aldo’s title. He could be the second coming for all I care; he’s got to earn his way up the ladder like everyone else. Especially when the people ranked in that top ten, which is where I should be, have worked hard for a long time.”

Miller, who has notable back to back wins against Andy Ogle and Sam Sicilia in his last two fights, certainly has experience on his side after signing with the UFC back in 2007 during season five of The Ultimate Fighter and thinks this will be more advantageous than a home town crowd: “I expect lots of boos from the Irish fans, but I will be mentally preparing myself for this type of environment. Ireland may be Conor’s home, however I’m the one with 16 fights in the Octagon, seems to me like I’ll feel a lot more at home in there than he will.”

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  • snapdad

    I would love to see conor get knocked out. for only having a couple of fights inside the ufc, he sure talks a lot of trash.

    • shakejunt

      especially after going the distance with holloway. no disrespect to max, he’s a crisp striker, but he’s nowhere near the top echelon of what fw has to offer.

      • fsunoles10

        he also fought that fight with the same torn acl he is recovering from now. kinda inconvenient fact you left out there bud.

        • shakejunt

          nobody is ever 100% going into a fight and a pre-existing injury shouldn’t be an excuse for a lackluster performance. “i would’ve fought better, but i’m hurt” seems like a knock on your opponent.

          • snapdad

            maybe conor and tito have been training together

          • fsunoles10

            he tore it during the fight bud and still went on to win a dominate decision. so you’re saying beating a fighter like holloway on one leg in dominate fashion isnt impressive? either way you’re gonna be disappointed, miller is getting smashed.

          • shakejunt

            not knocking him. the original post was referencing wanting to see him ko’d, had nothing to do with cole being the one to do so. cole is probably getting tko’d early here, but we’ll see. he might be able to make it to decision, but it’ll be ugly and lopsided in connor’s favor. he’s top 10 material, but has plenty of ground to cover before being regarded as one of the best in the division.

  • fsunoles10

    so miller ended up getting what he wanted, i think he will realize sooner or later he didnt want this fight as much as he thought he did.

    • Maddawgmar

      Agreed bro.

  • Informed One

    ROFL snap, gotta love the haters man. Conor is gonna wipe the floor with this scrub. Some people are just good at s–t, be it fighting or pingpong or f—-n. As Conor says, he has a PhD in unarmed combat and is a master of human movement.

    All the greats you see were great long before the masses knew it, it just took time to show it. The irishman is one of the best right now, we will be seeing it in the near future.

    • Bucket of Chicken

      Go get ’em, Conor!

    • shakejunt

      miller will be his first real bjj test in the ufc, but that’s only if he can get it to the ground. not likely.

    • snapdad

      you said it, he is good at beating scrubs. this guy has fought no one, but constantly talks smack. kinda reminds me of the brock hype, and just like brock, he will be gone as fast as he came