Conor McGregor to Jose Aldo: ‘You Can’t Stand in Front of Me Like That’

October 26, 2014
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Featherweight contender Conor McGregor watched the UFC 179 main event between Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes sitting cageside. He found the back-and-forth title fight entertaining, but thinks there’s a difference between himself and what he saw at the Ginasio do Maracanazinho in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday.

“It was a phenomenal contest. I showed my respect for both competitors. They put it all on the line. They slugged it out, that Thai style; you hit me, I hit you, we stand and we trade. It was beautiful to watch the fight,” said the Irishman on the UFC 179 Post Show.

McGregor faces Dennis Siver on Jan. 18 and believes he’s next in line for a title shot if he emerges victorious. Assessing Aldo’s performance, McGregor saw things that he feels play right into his hands should he get past Siver in Boston.

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“I believe he can be hit, but he showed his heart. He showed his will. He showed his frustration as well at times. He was looking toward the ref and things of that nature. I believe he got frustrated, but it was a great contest,” said the 26-year-old. “I have nothing but respect for anyone that gets in there and lays it on the line. (But) I feel if I connect, it will end. That is the difference between myself and these people.”

“You can’t stand flat-footed. You can’t stand in front of me like he did there,” added McGregor. “You can’t stand there. One or two clean shots from me and it is all over. I don’t need to hit you clean. It just needs to be anywhere. I definitely saw holes in the game. My confidence is sky high looking at the contest.”

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  • battle ready

    Get past Siver and i would love to see this fight happen.

    • drkdisciple

      Siver is tailor made for him! Would be stunned if he didn’t win that fight.

      • Sirroy’s mom

        Is Connor the new Bisping?

  • Denny Swain

    Conor McGregor is the most versatile striker ufc has ever seen. I love that front kick to the chin that he throws as effortlessly as a jab

    • Jason Priest

      Lol at “The most versatile striker the UFC has ever seen…” Haha, you don’t actually believe that do you?

      • Sir_Roy

        While he may not be the best, watch how he moves. He’s a great MMA striker. Highly mobile and yes, very versatile. He works angles like few do in MMA and adapts. Plus, he has definite and irrefutable KO power. Definitely have not seen enough of him in the UFC to tout he’s “the greatest” but I wouldn’t outright ridicule (admittedly) overly rambunctious fans who want to believe he is among the best.

        • Jason Priest

          Who did I “ridicule” genius? I’m laughing at that ridiculous comment. “Watch how he moves”.. Moves how? I haven’t seen anything special from this dude. He clips Dustin Poirier in the back of the head, beats Brandao who just fell down and gave up (BTW, he looks worse and worse every fight), and decisions Max Holloway and you people think he’s the next coming of Jesus Christ haha. It’s god damn comical. Have you watched McGregor’s fights? He stands in front of people with his chin held high as hell. LMFAO at “watch how he moves”. Irrefutable KO power?!?!? All his finishes are TKO’s haha. He clips people and finishes it up with a flurry of punches. He’s NEVER knocked anyone clean out. Do you even understand what you’re watching homie? Good god man haha.

          • Sir_Roy

            You’re being a smug b@stard and you know it. One day, you might try being an arrogant pr!ck to someone while not hiding behind a keyboard “Priest”. That day comes, pretty sure “tucking your chin” ain’t gonna help you a lick. Best stick with fishing.

            Yeah … you’re one of “them”. Like to sit back and pretend you know what you’re watching in the grand ole world of “MMA” to the extent you can come on an MMA forum and sh!t all over these fighters like you and your reductionist version of events and their abilities somehow “one up” all the hype. The only one who sees “clearly”. Yeah. OK “genius”.

            Get outta here with your “he doesn’t tuck his chin crap” for starters, like you know what the “f” it is you’re doing, let alone talking about. Mixed martial arts “genius”. Look into a few striking styles before you analyze his behind your bag of potato chips, and come on here pretending you know what it is you’re talking about. “Ha” friggin “ha” … to coin a phrase.

            All that out of the way, damn straight the kid has a heck of a lot yet to prove before being worthy of the hype. Though he sure as sh!t isn’t worthy of the pure BS you lay down as though it’s the law there “genius”.

            9 of his last 12 winswere KO/TKO’s. Lightweight Champion of Cage Fighters (downplay it all you want, it’s still a sanctioned and televised promotion). Fastest televised KO. And no, he doesn’t just stand “flat footed” in front of his opponents. Kids got talent. Don’t need to take a dump all over his
            accomplishments to highlight what we all already know … he’s two parts showman and still has some mileage to go before we all hail him as the King. But folks are enjoying the entertainment all the same and his potential and talent are undeniable. Y’know, for those who actually know what it is they’re watching.

          • Jason Priest

            Haha, are you mad? Next time try paraphrasing lolz.

          • Sir_Roy

            You don’t even know what paraphrasing is “genius” … “lolz”.

          • UFCISUltimateFloorCuddling

            i have to lol at the people believing mcgregor is that good.. i guess the ufc hype train is working. People think he is the best.. the fastest, the most “versatile striker” anyone can be that if the target NEVER MOVES AWAY. Everyone is fighting mcgregor with fear. Give him a fighter that will hit first.. or that will take him down before he strikes.. Mcgregor is “good” i admit that.. it takes nothing away from him BUT he is not fighting a legit striker… someone is willing to fight back and not run away.

          • Jason Walter

            He’s a great striker. But let’s see how he is off his back.

          • Jason Walter

            Yeah, Jason Priest is a douche that thinks he knows everything. He’s an idiot.

  • High Fidelity

    “That is the difference between myself and these people.” lol!

    I will give him that puncher’s chance 1/10 times. The remaining 9, Aldo takes the belt home!

  • TKDGuy

    “Its truly is “who makes the most money”” – Yes, it is. The UFC is a promotion business. It exists to make money. I don’t know why its so difficult for some to understand that. And, that’s not a bad thing.
    I don’t disagree with you about the over-hyped McGregor; just tired of seeing the “all about the money” criticism.

    • Bk

      lol. I agree but I think we are just tired of people trying to insult your intelligence all the time. if you want a bum to fight because he makes more money then a legit contender then go for it just stop trying to convince us otherwise. lol

    • Lurker

      Overhyped McGregor beat Top 5 guy in 1:46 1st Round taking virtually no damage!

  • benoit

    He has already fought good competition : Brandao (very very dangerous in the first round) and Poirier for instance…After that, he’s got a big mouth (Sonnen’s style) but at least he could walk the talk…Guida can be a good test with his non-stop wrestling…Faber will be a high favorite for sure…But the cockiness of the guy makes me laugh and after all, it is just about entertainment…And he proved he is a finisher…

    • UFCISUltimateFloorCuddling

      He proved he is a finisher because its against fighter HE CAN FINISH and who are they??!! the casual fans don’t know.. most of the hardcore fan knows. He isn’t fighting old known fighters he is fighting most of the newer generation of fighters like poirer and i’m a huge brandao fan but he is new also. I’m talking fighters that already made a stand in the ufc division. Next is dennis siver that great in all and he is known but if mcgregor is indeed fighting for the title against aldo… why not give him cub swanson right? Isn’t he the legit number 1 contender? Yet he doesn’t get a title fight and fighting a former champion in frankie edgar.

      • benoit

        I only wanted to say that he is a legit fighter. After can he beat Swanson or Edgar ? to be honest, I am not sure…In my opinion, he lacks some experience. But, at the same time, He made his 4 last fights look really really easy…so I don’t know. Time will bring he answer 🙂

  • Jeorge Perez

    Connor might wipe the feather weight division.. But I think he’s reaching to far is he think he’s going to go up in weight and get the 155 pound title … lol pettis is a different animal man.. I take pettis 1rd tko

  • dandogood

    Conor is a small pint sized Irish bigmouth with a gallon sized mouth. Conor is average and will be soon exposed. The Irish have never won in anything but drinking contests.

    • Jason Walter

      A small, pint sized big mouth with a gallon sized mouth? that’s retarded sounding.

    • Jason Walter

      You’re comment should be flagged for racism, you dirtbag.

  • Jason Walter

    You guys bashing Conor. You’re trying to pretend you’ve seen guys in the UFC with that level of versatility in their striking? Lol, no, you haven’t. No one in the game is like Conor. You people are sorry sacks of crap. If Conor was black or Brazilian you’d be all over his nuts.

    • c’mon my brotha. i like connor myself, but just like chael, he talks a little too much before the fight. he gives no respect where it is due, and that just leads to failure. i like the hommie and i dont want him to end up like chael’s played out ass.