Conor McGregor to Headline Special Sunday UFC Fight Night in Boston

October 24, 2014
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Conor McGregor could have sat on the sidelines awaiting a title shot, but he’s not. He’s once again shipping up to Boston to headline a special Sunday night edition of UFC Fight Night.

UFC officials on Friday revealed that McGregor would headline a Jan. 18 event at the TD Garden, risking his title shot in a five-round non-title bout against Dennis Siver.

Conor McGregor Poster Winner-478x270McGregor (16-2) has taken the mixed martial arts world by storm, both inside and outside of the Octagon.

He’s currently on a 12-fight winning streak, including his first four UFC bouts. He’s defeated several of the featherweight division’s top fighters: Marcus Brimage, Max Holloway, Diego Brandão, and Dustin Poirier. The brash Irishman has also gotten under the skin of nearly everyone else with his gift for gab.

In fact, even before this fight was announced, McGregor was already taking over the scene in Brazil, where Jose Aldo will put his featherweight championship on the line against Chad Mendes on Saturday.

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Siver (22-9, 1 NC), on the other hand, has a much more extensive tenure in the UFC. Siver has been competing at a high level in the Octagon since 2007, amassing a record of 11-6 with 1 no contest. He may not be as splashy as McGregor, but his experience advantage, coupled with his spinning back kick and powerful punches, could provide the most difficult test to date for McGregor.

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  • TheCerealKiller

    He couldn’t have sat out and waited for a title shot, he hasn’t earned one yet.

    • Drx1972

      This is interesting. Connor has won 4 straight yet in fairness (Poirier aside) beaten no-one that would realistically earn him a shot at the title. Yet that doesn’t necessarily mean watching him against Aldo wouldn’t be fun. Feel for Cub who has earned a shot (especially if he edges past Frankie). Yet we have to accept this is a PPV business. What seems to have been forgotten in the aftermath scrum is what a great fight Saturday was. Aldo’s standup is as good as any fighter in MMA. His combos were leonard/Hearns quality (showing my age now). McG will have his work cut out matching that. Personally, I think Swanson deserves his shot and I had Edgar edged his title fight with Jose (so deserves the rematch he will, in all probability, never get) yet McG is the hot ticket. At least we can say 145 is exciting at the minute.

      • TheCerealKiller

        Timing is the other really hard thing to schedule around. When Cub fights frankie, Connor will have already sat for 2 months after a quick fight he took no damage in. Connor has to fight because of his popularity and if he gets another quick win, the timing will be perfect for Aldo. If he gets busted up badly, Cub/Frankie winner will make more sense.

        • Hugh Shakeshaft

          Connor will likely get the next title shot, but if Cub wins, it would be fair to see Cub vs Aldo and Conner vs. Mendes in the spring. But what will Dana do if Mendes beats Connor? The downside of that matchup may prevent it from happening.

  • riverdawg

    At first glance I thought this fight didn’t make any sense. But all the top guys in the division are tied up, and McGregor needs to keep busy and pick up another check while the top of the Division sorts itself out. Plus putting McGregor on to headline the Boston card is a win for the UFC. I don’t think McGregor is above fighting a guy like Siver. Its #5 vs #10. Hardly a squash match imo as McGregor even with a win over Dustin Poirier still has much to prove. Even if he beats Siver he could very easily have to fight Bermudez, Lamas, Swanson, or Mendes before he gets a crack at the title. All depends on how the this weekends title fight and the Featherweight fights in November go.

    • shakejunt

      nah he won’t get anyone that has a chance until he’s champion or in a championship fight.

      • riverdawg

        Maybe. He better hope Aldo wins. Then he’d have leverage to politic for a shot coz Aldo has beaten everyone else in the division. If Chad wins that probably sets up an immediate rematch and i think McGregor would have to fight a real threat like Swanson, Edgar or Bermudez in the mean time.

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    Oh looky…..they’re spoon feeding McGregor another striker to keep the hype train rolling along. He must be making Dana a HUGE pile of cash for them to coddle him so much.

    • riverdawg

      I’d like to see McGregor fight a strong wrestler to. But outside of Nik Lentz, I don’t see anybody else available to fight him in January. The timing is all screwed. Can’t keep him on the shelf. Should at least be an entertaining scrap.

      • BarrysHypocrisy

        They could keep him on the shelf, but he obviously makes them a ton of money, so they won’t. They’ll keep giving him relatively easy fights as long as they can to keep the hype up.

  • shakejunt

    “Conor McGregor could have sat on the sidelines awaiting a title shot, but he’s not. Instead he’ll take another free payday against someone hand picked to have nothing for him.”

  • Patricia

    he hasn’t earned one yet.

  • jorge anguiano

    i don’t like this macbooger guy

  • DamianCross


  • greaterworks

    Who knows… Siver might pull off the upset.

  • Seth

    He’s risking nothing against Siver…come on, lets be serious here – that’s gonna be just another win for Connor, this time over someone who is more well-known…

    • riverdawg

      Dennis Siver is no easy fight. Lot of experience, heavy hands, decent ground game. But I think McGregor still takes it. He has more weapons will probably have no problem getting in Siver’s head. I mean Siver could totally clip em and end the fight but not likely. I honestly hope McGregor wins and sets up big fight with Aldo. Alot depends on what happens with Edgar/Swanson.

      • Seth

        Edgar wins = no title shot. How many times he can fight for the belt when its clear he cant win those anymore? He beat BJ…but that was…well, that wasn’t primed BJ, no matter how you look at it. Then He got lucky twice against Gray and finally ran out of his luck against Bendo. Then same thing against Aldo. How many times you want to see Frankie getting beat up for no reason at all? I hope Cub will beat him quickly, so Frankie won’t suffer a lot… :/

        • riverdawg

          Agreed. Frankie is a long way from a title shot imo. Wins over Olivera and Penn really mean nothing. A win over Cub keeps him relevant but he’s almost in the same situation Faber is in, highly ranked but far from a title shot. I’d like to see Cub beat Edgar into retirement honestly then get another crack at Aldo, he deserves it. But unfortunately for Cub, McGregor vs Aldo is the MONEY fight so if McGregor beats Siver best believe Uncle Dana is gonna book it!

          • Seth

            I dont have a problem with McGregor taking title shots. I got over he fact that skills dont win you a title shot a long time ago, so I won’t bitch about it – and still Connor/Aldo would fun fight.

          • Hugh Shakeshaft

            True. It’s won’t bother me if Connor gets to leap frog Cub and Edgar. He’ll fight them all eventually.

    • Kris-tyahn

      Agreed, I think this will be an easier fight for McGregor simply based on his legnth and strength. Siver will need to risk severe damage/getting KTFO just so he can land some punches. 4-5 inch reach advantage is pretty significant, especially for the size McGregor has for a FW!
      Though, I wouldn’t count Siver out, but he’s got to pick his punches, and be patient, which I’m not sure can win him this fight.
      As for Edgar, how anyone can say with a straight face that he lost both fights to Ben Henderson must be on crack. He barely lost to Aldo, while some think he beat Aldo (I don’t), but he gave Aldo all he could handle. I’d like to see Edgar vs. Aldo again, is Edgar had a little more power, I think he could KO a lot of FW’s. He could “easily” fight at BW!
      I’d like to see Cub fight Aldo gain as nce thier 1st fight was 19 years ago. Like Mendes, Cub has significantly gotten much better since his 1st fight vs. Aldo! But I honestly think McGregor can beat Aldo, b/c he has the size & power to hurt & even finish Aldo!

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Dana serves Connor a cream puff. He’s good at protecting guys for marketing purposes. Rory vs Saffedine gets Rory a title shot. Why is Rory ranked above Lawler when he was beat by Lawler? Cormier vs Pat Cummins or Hendo. Don’t get me wrong, Cormier’s resume is a lot better than Rory’s or Connor’s. Meanwhile guys like Cub and Mendes climb their way to title shots in earnest. Hendricks had to fight every tough dude in 170 to get to the title. Who ever thought he’d beat Fitch?

    • Allan

      Rory isn’t ranked above Lawler. Lawler is ranked #1 and Rory is ranked #2 in the welterweight division

      • Hugh Shakeshaft

        I was checking mmafightmatrix.


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  • Tomas

    I feel sorry for Irish people. If Conor McGregor is the only sports hero they have then they are pathetic. When he faces a top five opponent he will get his head handed to him.