Conor McGregor Thinks UFC 145-Pound Division is Full of ‘Rookies and Has-Beens’

September 28, 2014
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Following UFC 178, a victorious Conor McGregor said he admits to being cocky, but added that he shows his humble side after victory.

Regardless, McGregor was in full form following his first-round win over Dustin Poirier, breaking down the UFC featherweight division in a way that’s become his calling card.

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Everyone at 145 pounds, including champion Jose Also and No. 1 contender Chad Mendes, is either over the hill or unseasoned for the Octagon, according to McGregor.

“The division seems to be full of rookies and has-beens, so I’m just sitting her enjoying myself, collecting these checks, on my way [to] eliminating each one,” the brash Irishman said at the UFC 178 post-fight press conference.

McGregor took out a top-five featherweight in Poirier, and he added that it’s part of his plan for taking out the featherweight division, one by one.

And as for the two fighters in the upcoming UFC 179 main event, McGregor said Aldo and Mendes are easy pickings.

“I believe I’ll dismantle both of them,” he said. “Chad’s a 5-foot-6, overblown — he should be a 125er, but he’s gone past that limit now. Now he’s a little, small bodybuilder that’s stuck in the 145 division … I have an eight-inch reach advantage on him. I’ll tower over him. I would maul Chad. And Jose, again, I feel he’s in that pattern of deterioration. Another easy win.”

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For all the talking he’s done since coming to the UFC in 2013, McGregor has backed it up with four consecutive wins, three of which have come in the first round. Many have criticized him, saying that he’s on a hype train that’s bound to derail. Others, however, have backed him, and those are the people the Irishman loves.

At the end of the day, McGregor said, he loves proving his supporters right.

“For me, I love this. I love proving people wrong. I’m proving my support right,” he said. “I whoop people for truckloads of cash. How can I hate this life? I love it so much. I’m grateful every single day.”

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  • Boomboom1234

    Conner will be the new face of mma in the UK. Taking over bisping.

    Every bit as brash as bisping but Conner is more likeable.

    Definitely has made me a fan after his last 2 performances

    • GaryM

      Conor isn’t from the UK. He’s from Ireland.

      • rally

        Yes, we all know that. That entire area is lumped together, and you should know that, so stop trying to act smart.

  • drkdisciple

    Must admit I was wrong. Thought McGregor was all hype and that Poirier was the one to teach him a lesson.

    • antoMMA

      Great to see someone actually saying what the rest of the naysayers are thnking.

  • dandogood

    McGregor is fighting in America now and with that big Irish mouth isn’t going very far. Good fighter not great.

  • battle ready

    I thought Poirier would do a lot better against Conor. Conor is starting to back up his arrogance now that he demolished a serious contender. I find the trash talk to be a little annoying yet entertaining. As long as he can back it up i will look forward to his fights.

  • DamianCross

    The funny thing is that McGregor is actually a lot smarter than people give him credit for, and not in a “haha I’m saying a bunch of trash so I’ll make a bunch of heel money” Ortiz/Sonnen sort of way. He talks about taking people’s heads off, and he does, but when it came time to go into Diego Brandao’s guard, he skipped the flashy stuff and took a simple advantage by stacking him. He RESPECTED Diego’s ground game! I agree he’s bound for the top, but the irony is that it is his humility, not his mouth, that will get him there.

  • Drock420

    Give a fight with The Korian Zombie, if hes not still injured or whatever, or just give a title shot.

  • David Huenecke

    Does he not realize he’s still a rookie in the ufc. Not trying to take anything away but you can’t call ppl who have been there longer than you rookies when you only have 4 fights in the octagon.

  • dandogood

    okay the Irish loud mouth won a fight and looked great. But is Conor any good? I still pee on the Blarney stone.