Conor McGregor Sparring Partner Gives Him No Chance Against Floyd Mayweather

June 16, 2017

So Conor McGregor really thinks he’s going to lay hands on Floyd Mayweather?

That might be true, but McGregor’s former sparring partner, professional boxer Chris van Heerden doesn’t seem to think so…

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  • taylor2008

    As I said many times….Conor doesnt have a chance of beating FLoyd. I would be shocked if he KO’d floyd. In an MMA fight floyd would have no chance. But in pure boxing FLoyd will pick him apart. Its like asking a kickboxer to wrestle an olympic wrestler. Conor would have to get some lucky shot in……yet I dont see floyd letting that happen.

    • Roscoe Gauldin

      conor knows he can’t win, but in all reality he does win $$$$$

      • taylor2008

        Exactly! Its always been about the money. I would like to see it go several rounds.

        • Roscoe Gauldin

          it better go several rounds for the price they are going to charge. i hope conor gets humiliated.

          • taylor2008

            Of course conor will. This is just boxing against one of the best ever. In MMA conor would beat floyd.

          • Roscoe Gauldin


  • Omar Luna

    Connor looks pathetic,very slow and lethargic. What a joke!

  • Murdock


  • Sir_Roy

    You all know who Chris is right? Don’t know when this was filmed, but he should have danced circles around Conor in a pure boxing match. Just like Floyd will without doubt.

    That said, Conor needs to lose his JKD stance and quick, at the very least, if he doesn’t want to totally humiliate himself. No need to adopt a stance designed to defend take downs in there.

  • Jim Birnie

    If Conor uses his strength and reach to push around Floyd, he may end up losing points but I feel he can get in close to connect something. With FM over 40, one good punch from the much more powerful CM will end it. If not, Floyd will toy with him every round.


      everyone talking about reach reach reach. theres only 3 inch reach difference.

  • Broken_bad

    Wait….Conor beat Nate Diaz in a UFC fight, and Diaz says he spars with pro boxers. This somehow led MacGregor, and apparently others, to believe he could hang with an all time great boxer. I hope hope Floyd knocks him out after humiliating him for a few rounds. Oh…but Conor gets the last laugh because it was about the money all along. Yeah….right.

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  • mmalivesz

    Mcnuggets will be SCHOOLED ala Mayweather STYLE. Mcchicken the un universal UFC Lightweight/Featherweight champ who HAS NOT defended either title win??? Come on let’s get REAL. The fight will be a circus with everyone involved making CASH MONEY!!!! Nothing more.

    Ooh, Connie will be a SHELLACKING via Mayweather STYLE !!!

  • Phineas Phogg

    Fighters’ reflexes get old overnight. McG better hope that Father Time has exacted a terrible toll on Floyd, or he is going to “pull a Rowdy” — spend a long forty seconds blocking punches with his face.

  • William Skrainski

    This whole thing is a fkn joke

  • Wayne Blaylock

    They both are elite in their respective sport. The problem for C. Mc as you can see in this video, is he doesn’t have the foot work of a boxer and that will be the difference.

  • Gizmo

    McGregor will be like a freight train that crushes anything in its path. A train going 10mph on a single track. Mayweather just needs to step out of the way.

    • Darrel Crayon

      lol…..come on …you dont even belive that

      • El Gvapo

        I think you missed his point.

  • John Johnson

    A world class boxer is almost unbeatable by any other martial art. Although interesting, Conner will stand little chance of doing any real damage. On the other hand, Floyd will have to dance and hide and keep Conner away with the jab – not enough power left to knock Conner out, but could shred him and will see if he is a bleeder. At the end of the day its all about the paycheck and Conner knows this is the only fight that will generate this much cash without risking anything.

    • Smart Lemon

      A world class boxer is almost uncatchable by any other martial art. Although interesting, Connor will spend most of the match chasing Floyd around because boxing is actually a game of tag now. On the other hand, Floyd will have to dance and run away and keep barely tapping Connor as lightly as he can to score points – not even attempting to fight or knock Connor out, but could earn enough points with the judges that the decision will be pretty one sided. At the end of the day it’s all about running away for an entire match and Connor knows that this is the only fight that will generate this much cash without actually being a fight.

      • Derrick Roberts

        Let me fix this for you all.

        A world class boxer is almost unbeatable by any other martial art in the art of boxing. Although interesting, Conor will spend most of the match getting popped by Floyd because Conor is a far inferior boxer. Floyd will spend most of the fight in the pocket, right in front of Conor, but Conor won’t be able to hit him because Floyd is a master of defense. Like all of Floyd’s opponents, Conor will spend the majority of the match backing up, as he constantly gets popped, while unable to land anything meaningful. Floyd will pursue and just bust him up, but probably not knock him out. Afterwards, fans will inexplicably say Floyd ran the whole time and Floyd is boring, while completely ignoring the fact that it was Conor shying away from all the exchanges. They will ignore the punch stats that show that Floyd completely dominated and landed far more shots, and a far higher percentage of shots. They will ignore the stats that shows Conor NOT throwing that many punches, because throwing punches against Floyd pretty much means that those punches will miss, while opening up Conor for counters. This will happen because it happens after EVERY Mayweather fight. Mayweather dominates, is the busier fighter, fights in the pocket and pursues when the opponent backs up, but is accused of running. Its weird. Its like fans watch a totally different fight everytime Floyd fights, but the tapes don’t lie.

        • Tarik Asim

          thank you!! great and objective analysis

          • Brutal Truth

            Objective analysis:
            The real fighter would easily beat the pretend fighter without the sissy rules.

          • Darrel Crayon

            What’s your veiled point??? That the fight be in an alley?

      • Brutal Truth

        “A world class boxer is almost uncatchable by any other martial art.” ???????????????????????????????????????
        Apparently you know very little of what you are talking about … in a match between any world class amateur Free Style or Greco Roman wrestler or a world class BJJ practitioner … vs … a world class boxer … the grapplers would consistently, perhaps even easily score takedowns at will, where boxers with only boxing skills would be as helpless as infants in diapers.

    • Andken62

      Might be risking his pride though…

  • Thales

    Even Nate Diaz landed punches on El Tapo McGregor left to right. It’s easy to imagine what would happen if Floyd boxes him. KO win for Floyd like eating a cake.

    • Zissou

      Nate Diaz is a great boxer. Floyd Mayweather is a phenomenal one.

      • Joe Davila

        At most Nate Diaz would be a gatekeeper barely hanging onto the top 30 spot of his weight class. Mayweather has been a dominant champion and beaten other top boxers all in their prime, McG just wants to collect his 20-30 mil and probably retire.

  • Bret Zajac

    as Bruce Lee stated “You want to beat a boxer, fight him, don’t box him”. McGreggor will walk through Floyd if he is smart. The bottom line is in a fight McGreggor would kill Floyd and he must FIGHT him and not box him.

    • Tarik Asim

      not in a boxing ring. You’re delusional in your hate for Floyd like most. McGregor isn’t in the same universe. I come from a long line of boxers with one of my great uncles coming out the same camp as the great Henry Armstrong and my other great uncle training several world champions from Ernie Terrell and Sonny Liston to Leon Spinks and Matthew Saad Muhammad. It’s obvious that McGregor simply doesn’t have the technique and skills to compete. Further, what power does he have? MMA uses 4 oz. gloves and boxing 10 oz. the power is null and void with the difference in padding and less fist being absorbed. Every boxing match is a fight some are just more technical boxers that don’t have to engage in rough tactics and dirty ploys

      • Brutal Truth

        If they simply went to the open fingered 4 oz gloves instead of the 10 oz pillows, McGregor would probably win even under restrictive boxing rules, as the fight would be a better test of character and Womanbeater probably wouldn’t be able to handle it, i.e. – he would
        crumble under to combination of pain and pressure.

        And by the way, if you knew as much about boxing as you profess, you would’ve known the correct strategies to employ against a more skilled boxer than oneself is to adopt either an aggressive brawler style or a counter puncher style.

        Mr. Bret Zajac was correct.

        • deepgrim

          i think it would be interest to see conor sit back and see if he is quick enough counter floyd. Every boxer seems determined to hit floyd, but maybe sitting back and trying to make him miss could be a strategy. I wonder if floyd has been taunted in the ring as well, could mcgregor’s mind games have an effect on floyd, or i could be just desperately trying to convince myself conor has a chance.

          • Tarik Asim

            you’re desperately trying to convince yourself that Connor has a chance!

        • Tarik Asim

          to show you how superior my boxing acumen is to yours, I will show you a list of “fighters” that Mayweather dismantled that would kill McGregor in a “fight” Diego Corralles, Ricky ‘Hitman’ Hatton, Manny Pacquiao, Oscar DeLahoya, Miguel Cotto, Canelo Alvarez, Carlos Baldomir, Arturo Gatti, Shane Mosley and lastly Roberto Guerrero!! This isn’t MMA so 4 oz. gloves won’t be used. Your disdain for Mayweather clouds your judgement and common sense. Counter Floyd, yeah right. bully Floyd yeah right! Floyd is going to bully your man into submission.

          • Old Grimey

            Mayweather dismantled DelaHoya? Wasn’t that a split decision? Don’t bring up others disdain if you’re gonna wear blinders.

          • Tarik Asim

            I’ll give it you that he didn’t punish and beat him up into submission. But he dismantled him by making him look ordinary. Look up the definition of dismantle. He took his WBC belt thereby “stripping” him of it so yes, he dismantled him genius. Semantics and etymology wasn’t in your education I see

          • Tarik Asim

            (dɪsˈmæn tl)

            v.t. -tled, -tling.
            1. to deprive or strip of apparatus, trappings, equipment, etc.
            2. to take apart.
            3. to divest of dress, covering, etc.

          • Old Grimey

            Let me guess, you’re one of them semi-educated black dudes that thinks he knows everything because he can read on a 6th grade level. Congrats on that! We both know what you were saying, you were wrong. It’s ok, you people aren’t right too often anyway.

    • Andken62

      Another stupid remark, go get a life dude, stop the hate, Floyd’s wealth is his ,not yours, get over it

  • lex

    Conner should come in kick Floyd in the face or take him down and
    submit, to hell with the dq, collect a check and move on, boxing is
    dead, shoudl be an mma fight not a boxing match, but floyd doesnt have
    the balls McG does so he wouldnt agree to that.

    • Joe Davila

      Not only wouldn’t he get paid, he’d be sued and charges would be pressed for assault. Are you that stupid?

    • Andken62

      lex that is the dumbest statement of the day,really dude?

    • John

      That would be awesome! I would pay money to see that. But Mayweather is too much of a p*ssy, and would probably would sue. That is why they aren’t fighting MMA rules.

    • Brent Swart

      As more of an MMA fan than boxing I still have to disagree about boxing being dead. There’s not even close to the amount of money in MMA to pay $100 million to each competitor like there is in boxing.

  • George

    Mayweather will make McGreggor look any way he wants him to. The fact is that McGreggor will find it very exhausting trying to go after Mayweather. Its a joke! The only question is whether Mayweather will reveal it as such or move slow enough on purpose so it looks like there is a chance.

  • Earl Garcia

    Don’t waste your money on this crap. With Floyd, it’s all about the money, always has been.

    • Blakc Foot

      What is your point? Your stupidity must be next level. The man has not lost a fight but what you’re choosing to concentrate on is his love for money.

    • CrashMe2

      Um, boxing was his profession, shouldn’t a person’s profession be about making money?

  • Atato Paul

    only if connor is allowed to use mma rules can he defeat mayweather

  • Raising Ash

    MMA is not boxing. Boxing is not MMA. Just like Wrestling is not Jiu-Jitsu and vice versus. Yes every once in a while its fun to watch the mix. But in the end, when one crosses into the sport at elite-levels in 2017 — it never ends well. Jiu-Jitsu guys can’t wrestle with Olympic athletes under their rules and vice versus. It would be like an MMA fighter in Karate Point sparing. The point sparer will out point them because they understand the game better. It is like watching an elite chess player play against an elite checkers player. It is two different games! Conner Mcgregor is great in his sport! But against an elite boxer under boxing rules and regulations there is a point that common sense comes into play. Yes, this is a freak show fight for fans that know nothing about combat sports. It’s like an elite cricket player trying to bat against a pro baseball pitcher with a baseball bat under baseball rules. Because the cricket player has never done it, I say he strikes out. In professional boxing, Conner Mcgregor is really easy to hit. He is stiff and has no movement because he is not use to fighting against guys of that caliber. If Conner Mcgreggor wants to know what it will be like to fight an elite professional boxer, higher Lechencko as his sparing partner. He will quickly realize it is two different sports.

  • Tim N

    This is freaking ridiculous. Everyone should be talking about the Alvarez/Golovkin fight, not this money grabbing farce. Canelo and GGG will be extremely entertaining and worth your $, not this Mayweather/McGregor joke.

  • Sam DeAsis

    The fact that McGregor agreed it as a ‘boxing’ match, don’t waste your money on this crap! Mayweather will be backpedalling all night, throw occasional punches and that’s it… your hard-earned-money gone and Mayweather laughing all the way to the bank!

    • John

      I totally agree with your assessment. The only way this fight is interesting is if 1. They fight in a super small ring. 2. They fight using at least a portion of the MMA rules. I would pay serious money to see someone take Mayweather down, and see if he can hold his own once he is fighting by real fight rules.

  • Brutal Truth

    In order to make the Womenbeater vs McGregor bout interesting to the
    viewer, its rules need to be changed to ensure that at least some portion of
    both opponents’ skill sets are utilized.

    For instance:

    – 4 oz gloves out to be used with open fingers, instead of 10 oz pillows .

    – 1 minute of each 3 minute round ought to be devoted to MMA rules … or

    – or, the MMA practitioner ought be allowed to employ one of each type of
    MMA technique (including takedowns, bjj grappling, and foot, knee, hands and elbow strikes) per

    Otherwise, this bout is destined to be boring, i.e. – not even close to be
    being worth the price of a ticket or pay
    per view.

    PS – on the other hand, a Gennady Golovkin (a far better equipped and
    better all around skilled fighter than Womanbeater ever was) vs Canelo Alvarez (whom
    has improved immensely after every bout and would probably beat womanbeater now)
    contest will be worth every penny

    • Andken62

      Brutal truth, are you stupid?

      • Brutal Truth

        Obviously not. That you weren’t astute enough to assess that, raises the specter that you ought ask the same question of yourself instead.

        • ShtUp

          That’s possibly the worst use of ‘raising the specter’ I’ve ever witnessed. Stop using idioms you don’t understand.

          • Brutal Truth

            Apparently you’re own education is the one wanting. Permit me remove the cloud between your ears so you’ll be able to understand. It wasn’t used in the numerology sense, instead it was used to point out the impending disappointment of self discovery by Andken62

          • CrashMe2

            “Permit me remove the”???

          • Justsayin

            “Apparently you’re own”

            Haha is this guy for real? Also, yea this guy is stupid. He has a profile pic of fighting, yet proves he knows nothing about it. Oh dear..

      • Brent Swart

        So poetic Andken62. What was the point of what you just said? If you disagree with him explain why you disagree and why you think he’s wrong. Instead of “are you stupid?” think about what you’re typing, realize it’s pointless, and then think of something of substance to say before you end up an annoying troll again. And now I look at your post history and see that you literally don’t do anything except troll and I’m likely wasting my time even typing this. Either contribute to a conversation/debate or keep your mindless put downs to yourself.

    • combatsports

      Looks like you forgot who called out who….its a boxing match because mcnugget claimed he could beat floyd in a boxing match, whatever ur trying to say about 4oz gloves blah blah blah makes no sense since it a boxing match just connie asked for.

  • Derrick Roberts

    If anyone says that Mayweather runs in his fights, they have CLEARLY not actually watched his fights. If you actually watched an older Floyd, you’d notice he does his best work and spends most of his time in the pocket. Right…in…his…opponent’s…face. They can’t hit him because he ducks, dodges, slips, parries, rolls and blocks like a defensive virtuoso, then pops them with counters. He doesn’t run. No one is chasing him. He is actually the busier fighter and spends much more time moving forward than moving backward. Check the punch stats of virtually every fight he’s had over the last decade (if not his entire career), and you’ll see he always outworks his opponent. Yet time and time again, trolls keep saying he’s running. I just don’t get it.

    • Wayne Alles

      I agree. Isn’t the art of boxing to hit your opponent without getting hit yourself. Mayweather is a master. And no Brutal Truth. McGregor is the cocky one and thinks he could beat Mayweather at Mayweather’s sport. Boxing rules only. I don’t think McGregor has much of a chance.

      • Totoy Tulog

        both of them r master of cocky n bully..but mayweather back up all da time in all fight n counter opponent with jab to get pts from judge.

      • Brent Swart

        They’re both cocky. McGregor doesnt think he can beat Mayweather at Mayweather’s sport. McGregor thinks he can get paid to lose to Mayweather in Mayweather’s sport. It’s such a lopsided fight than Mayweather is even hyping up McGregor to try and prevent it’s not by far his easiest fight in over a decade.

    • T Joel

      de la hoya beat mayweather. If you actually watched his fights, you’d know that. pus


        your stupid Floyd beat the breaks off de la hoya

        • Totoy Tulog

          u prob need to watch it again. De La Hoya win if u go Round by Round. instead of using the 3 judge via decision.. u can clearly see Round 2,3,4,6,7,8,12 were DeLaHoya had upperhand against mayweather. but judge score is bias..cuz they cant see anything clearly giving mayweather pts over jab punches that barely even hurt. go see the video again.

          • Patrick Smith

            Obviously you have no idea how a fight is scored. Punches are counted if they land. De La Hoya didnt hit him with anything, especially any punches that actually “hurt” him. You legitimately have to be blind, or not understand the sport, to think De La Hoya won.

      • Patrick Smith

        I’ve watched that fight a dozen times. Give me the rounds De La Hoya wins, no question. Floyd dominated that fight.



    • Joe Robertson

      Whaaa? He’s going to do what he always does. Dance around the ring, throwing intermittent punches. It’s going to be a decision after 12 rounds.

      • Patrick Smith

        He does that against professional boxers and legitimate contenders…McGregor is neither. He would be doing the fans a great service by stretching this one out to 12.

      • CrashMe2

        McGregor won’t last 10 rounds. takes years of boxing training to get that stamina

        • Brent Swart

          McGregor will have the stamina, but the thing that takes years of training is knowing when to use your energy and when you can ease off and preserve energy. Mcgregor will likely have as much endurance as Mayweather, he will just use it up throwing punches while Mayweather uses less energy dodging them.

          • CrashMe2

            you paraphrased what I said,

  • Totoy Tulog

    the only way for mcgregor to win dis. if he run the ring at full speed and swing at full power to blow away mayweather defense…

    • Brent Swart

      I’m thinking his only way is for Mayweather to break his hand on Mcgregor’s face and have to quit before the last round ends.

  • Grant Pstikyan

    This video is from 2016 when he was getting ready for the Nate Diaz Fight ..

    • CrashMe2

      doesn’t change a thing

  • Arch Angel

    What a nice edited video… Clearly all of these “no it alls” never heard of a punchers chance. Keep hating, it’s just fuel for the fire!

    • CrashMe2

      LOL, do you honestly think an amateur boxer can beat a vet with a 49-0 record?

      • Brent Swart

        We talk as though it “only takes one lucky punch”. Yet the last 30 boxers Mayweather has faced were better boxers than McGregor and none of them even got close to knocking Mayweather out.

  • Brutal Truth

    Objective fight analysis:
    The real fighter would easily beat the pretend fighter without the sissy rules.
    Objective boxing analysis:
    The real fighter is the odds underdog in a pitty patty rules only

    • raiz0rr2001

      you’re saying connor is the ‘real’ fighter and mayweather is the pretend one with sissy rules?

      If so I have to tell you, they both fall under the sissy rules category. no mma fighter (these days) has lost because they took an elbow behind their head or a finger jab to their throat.

      That said, each one fights under their discipline and should be respected. Both are at such a high level. Maybe you should change your name to ‘alternative truth’.

      • Brent Swart

        I agree, it’s fair to say they are competing against each other rather than fighting each other. Boxing isn’t a fight it’s a sport.

        • raiz0rr2001

          they are two different disciplines. mma still has rules that favor grappling (no hitting behind the head/neck. No open hand strikes.). You can argue this all day. respect both sports. You never hear Connor belittle boxing.

          • Brent Swart

            I agree. I respect both sports very much. I respect boxing and MMA both as disciplines used for fighting, just like wrestling. And I respect that organized boxing, wrestling and MMA matches are competitive sporting events, not fights. I don’t watch them with the intent of watching them “fight”, I watch to see them compete and try to win, just as I do any other sport like football, tennis, wrestling, basketball, etc.

  • John

    I would love to see Mayweather get his head handed to him, but it’s not going to happen if the two are fighting with boxing rules. Within the rules of boxing, A-hole Mayweather is one of the best even though I hate his style of fighting, his big mouth, his personality, the fact that he likes to hit women, and basically every other thing about him. Now what I would like to see is Mayweather go fight by McGregor’s rules in the MMA. It’s only fair right? One fight boxing rules, and one fight MMA rules. Mayweather will never go for it though. The running in the ring he does wouldn’t work against some one who is allowed to grab him and take him down.

  • *

    if mc gregor can’t stop Floyd in 3 rounds he’ll peter out like he always done and Floyd will have a KO in the 2nd half of the fight for the 1st time in centuries or mc gregor will collapse from fatigue like foreman against ali

  • El Gvapo

    Floyd by rear naked choke.

  • Mark Todd

    of course he is no match. this whole thing is such a farce its embarrassing. floyd can trash mcgregor while he is brushing his teeth at the same time. to floyd this is a big joke and a super easy way to pick up millions people are throwing at him. it is not mcgregor is some great fighter. he has gotten lucky a few times but that is it.

    • context

      – idiot

    • Chris Kos

      stupid lucky a few times? go play with your dog todd…..

  • Jeremy Scheetz

    Doesn’t matter if he wins, and he knows that. Still gets probably close to 100m for the fight. He’s probably going to retire shortly after.

  • John Brown

    Conner’s dead! Mayweather will annihilate him. But he’ll also be dead rich either way, so what does he have to lose? The real contest would have been if Maywaether would have fought him by UFC rules, I hope that happens for the rematch. That would have shown if all the other techniques and stratagem in MMA would have overcome the world’s best boxer– a truly professional grade fighter. And if so, boxing would immediately start to be seen as a “relic of history,” form of fighting. I don’t really see that this proves anything! Mayweather has already proven himself as the world’s best boxer, of course he can prevail over “not the world’s best boxer, who can’t even outspar his boxing coach!” The whole point of MMA is that being supersonic grade in one skill can still leave you very open in a fight so it’s better to have a mix. All this will do is make MMA look like somthing that sure wouldn’t work in a boxing match, and because in bar fight, a lot of times, throwing a punch is all you have time for, I hardly see how this bolsters MMA’s case.

    • william gregg

      Connor would destroy him in a MMA bout.

  • BambiB

    Boxing Rules? Mayweather.
    MMA Rules? McGreagor
    Old West Gunfight Rules? I could beat them both.

  • slippery johnson

    Mayweather will win this. Conor is not a boxer. I have watched both sports for years. Boxers go much longer in the ring. MMA fights are over in minutes and the guys are winded like they ran 20 miles. Even with grappling it would be tough. A lot of you probably never been in a real fight. I am white and grew up in the ghetto, I know a lot about fighting. ALL fights go to the ground. If you think Mayweather has never been on the ground you’re crazy. Doesn’t matter though, this is boxing and Conor has ZERO chance. I think Mayweather is a douche, but he’ll win.

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