Conor McGregor Sets Target Date for Floyd Mayweather Fight

It may have started as a public campaign to play off of each other’s fame to remain in the spotlight, but the once mythical boxing match between UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor and former world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather is edging closer and closer to reality. 

Perhaps a Frankenstein’s monster cobbled together by its own hype,  McGregor vs. Mayweather has grown some serious legs recently. 

In New York to support his friend and Olympic boxing medalist Michael Conlan, McGregor on Friday night raged at the ringside boxing media, declaring he was going to shock them all. Later, however, he had some calmer, although no less bold, words for L.A. Times reporter Lance Pugmire, going so far as to give him a target date for the fight.

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“(September) is what I’m thinking. That’s what the word is. That’s what we’re close to doing,” McGregor told Pugmire.

Conor McGregorMcGregor apparently has yet to personally talk to Mayweather about the fight, and UFC president Dana White, who now believes the fight will happen, has stated that it is still far from a done deal, but that hasn’t put a damper on McGregor’s confidence. 

When, and if, the fight happens, he believes there is reason for Mayweather to be concerned about him, even though the Irishman has never fought in a professional boxing match and Mayweather is considered one of the best boxers of all time.

“I’ve tried to talk to Floyd. I flew to Las Vegas to have talks with Floyd and then he retired. He just doesn’t want to see me. He’s petrified. Wouldn’t you be? No one knows what to expect with me, and they shouldn’t,” said McGregor.

“Because I don’t know what to expect either.”

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  1. No MMA in this story… Can we just ignore CMcG until he gets back to mma?

  2. Can we please strip him of the belt because he has zero interest in defending it already! He said he was taking time off to have a baby, but hasn’t taken one day off from working for a boxing match.

    • Sorry but this will be the story of the summer if it pans out

    • that was the plan all along… now you’re crying to death ears. stay mad.

      • its deaf ears…..stay dumb.

    • Never this guy right now is the milking cow for the UFC he brings in so much money… Dana White said it in an interview if you are not Mcgregor don’t bother asking for fights….

      • He’s already stripped of the 145 belt and it hasn’t been that long so nice he won the 155. But I agree about stripping him since he’s determined to box. He will lose to Floyd but will he really? If he gets the chance to box Floyd in my mind he’s won regardless of the fight outcome.

      • Yeah, Dana White also said ladies will never fight in the UFC nor GSP will ever come back to fight!

    • reschedule tony and khabib for the official title. just another division he’s going to hold up.

  3. 0-0 McGregor is calling out 49-0 Mayweather to a boxing match? Y’all talkin bout practice! Practice! Y’all talking bout practice!!!

    • Win lose or draw can you imagine the amount of money he will make, its all about this, he doesn’t have a chance in hell to beat Floyd and he knows it, but if this fight happens he can retire a multi millionaire and never fight again.

      • BAM! I don’t know why ppl don’t see that. Conor is a playboy that can fight. He’ll step into the ring with Mayweather. No matter how it turns out, the fact is Conor never has to put on gloves or step into the octagon after this.

        • If he knows how to manage money properly, he should live a very, very comfortable life yeah. However, it’s sadly amazing how quickly these kids blow through millions, even tens of millions. Ask dozens, if not hundreds of professional athletes turned used car salesmen. Heck, ask Tyson.

    • so, are they talking about practice?

      • Practice for Mayweather

    • Floyd doesn’t slap anyone around the ring. He runs a lot though.

    • Mayweather is an artist in the ring and should indeed dance all around Conor at will. However, he can’t put folks to sleep like Conor can with a touch. Conor’s striking style will be so awkward for Mayweather as well, just cuz it’ll be so damn different (Conor won’t be able to shed all his martial arts roots).

      I see this being a boring peck and dance contest like it was with Many, only far more in favor of Mayweather. In fact, unless Conor gets a lucky one off, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a ref stoppage due to Conor not being able to intelligently fend off Mayweather. Your synopsis was not far off though insofar as Conor’s predictable message after the fight.

      • Roy,
        Conor was able to knock out MMA TOP CONTENDERS because his opponents had no Boxing defense (I.e. Head movement, counter punching, etc.). Sitting ducks

        • True, and when he fought a half decent boxer in Diaz, he lost.

        • What did I say to contradict anything you wrote?

    • I’m getting every penny I can spare and putting it on McGregor.

  4. There is no way they will get anywhere the number of PPVs for this snoozefest to be paid anywhere near what they are expecting and demanding. A complete joke.

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  6. I’ll watch it. awesome!
    Bu its a fact after this conor is out of MMA/fighting active forgood.
    So entertain us conor!

    (Personally i cant stand mayweathers fighting style, especially after pacman fight)