Conor McGregor Says He’ll Definitely Knock Out Jose Aldo (Video)

January 19, 2015
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UFC featherweight contender Conor McGregor comments on his UFC Fight Night 59 win over Dennis Siver and predicts that he’ll knock out champion Jose Aldo when they fight.

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  • Joe Dog

    We’ll see.

  • Jeorge Perez

    What he said |

  • Redha Souli

    silver a fighter ranked 10th aged 36 loses to conor who’s 5th ranked and 26years old…im not impressed!!!

  • Informed One

    Conor could smash Aldo for 5 rounds and you goons would still make excuses. So I will be looking forward to reading those in about 4mo, just don’t try jumping the fence and saying you knew Aldo was gonna lose.

  • sidcley s.lemes


  • Adena

    When Aldo destroys this mouthy prick then what will these bandwagon morons say? He s NOT Ali and never will be in that posion..look at the track record for mouthy morons that get in the octagon…they all get humbled! wait for it ….wait for it!!
    One way to shut his mouth is break his jaw in 5 places so its wired shut LOL…Go Jose!

  • Thomas McDowell

    Should be a good fight. Hard to imagine anyone being as fast as Aldo. I sure have a hard time respecting any fighter who sucks his own d*** so much of the time, and who is insecure enough to need to make so much noise and attract so much attention as McGregor (see also Nick Diaz). It’s a shame because he really is talented.