Conor McGregor Predicts Two-Minute Finish of Dennis Siver, Same for Jose Aldo

January 5, 2015
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Conor McGregor may be contemplating a change to his nickname. Perhaps “Nostradamus” would be more appropriate than “Notorious”; at least, if his predictions continue to come true.

The brash Irishman’s latest prediction? Finishing Dennis Siver inside of the first two minutes of their fight on Jan. 18 in Boston.

Conor McGregor“It’s exactly as I said it was going to be. I said football stadiums. I said world titles. This is what I said and this is what is happening. It’s a beautiful thing when you have the ability to predict the future, and that is what I feel I have,” McGregor said during Saturday’s UFC 182 pay-per-view.

“So Jan. 18, I feel I will stop Dennis Siver inside two minutes. I’ve ran through some scenarios, I cannot see him escaping the first two minutes. He is a seasoned veteran. He is a kickboxing expert, a taekwondo expert. He is my most experienced competitor that I will ever have faced. But I feel that under two minutes it will take me to dispatch him, and again it will make way for the football stadium in Ireland.”

Although UFC president Dana White has yet to fully commit to a McGregor victory translating to a football stadium in Ireland for his next fight, he has said that beating Siver would indeed put McGregor in a title fight with featherweight champion Jose Aldo.

“This fight in Boston, if he wins this fight, he’s going to fight for the title. I don’t know where yet,” White said last week, according to FOX Sports.

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Digging deeper into his prognosticating skills, McGregor also predicted that once he defeats Siver, he will do the same thing to Aldo, who hasn’t lost since 2005 and is in the midst of an 18-fight winning streak.

“I’m not looking past him, I’m looking through him,” McGregor said of Siver.

“It will be the same outcome when myself and Jose face off. He will not stand a chance.”

McGregor and Siver headline UFC Fight Night 59 on Jan. 18 at the TD Garden in Boston. The bout will be a five-round main event, airing live on FOX Sports 1.

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  • TheCerealKiller

    “It’s a beautiful thing when you have the ability to predict the future, and that is what I feel I have” – How do people dislike Jones but like this ass? He should have to go thru Chad, Frankie or Cub before he gets a title shot.

    • Seth

      Well…He comes out and knock ppl out cold in pretty devastating fashion, he moves a lot and his style is nice to watch. JBJ isn’t as nasty and he doesn’t finish fights like McGregor does. He’s calculated, calm and controls his fights with range so if you add to it being cocky, DUIs and being sometimes overconfident – it makes JBJ looks bad.

      Here you have dangerous and deadly fighter, whose style is more “visible” for casual fans, so they take his confidence as something good because he backs it up in the cage. So IMO when it comes to MMA a lot has to do with your style of fighting.

      And to be clear – by no means Im saying JBJ sucks. He’s P4P best today for a reason and he will stay at that spot for a long time.

      • RoBEERtoe

        Durrr…Jones has finished all but how many fights?? You dumb ass.

        • Seth

          14 out of 20. 6 decision. His last legit finish was against Machida, then he fought two TRT-Icons and handled them fairly easily, despite being in danger for a moment against Vitor. So basically as of late he is as far from finishing fights as he possibly can be. Connor is 15 out of 16, so he has better finishing ratio than Jones, plus the only decision on his record came when he fought with injured knee. Anything else you want to add to your dumb comment? Check your facts before you say something.

          • taylor2008

            Again Jones fought better top guys. He finished 14 out of 20 because of the top competition he fought. Connor hasnt fought any top guys so yes he will have a better finish record. Once he start fighting better fighters that finishing record will drop.
            The fighter who put the worst beating on Jones was Gustafson. Gustafson took the first 2 rounds and many say possibly the third and could have wont that fight. Jones wanted to go to the hospital right after. Jones is worried about fighting him again.

          • SlickRick

            First of all Jones is not worried about facing Gus. Gus, and his fans, have a false sense of security from the first fight. Jones took that fight lightly and underestimated Gus’ take down defense. A bug mistake that he will not do in their second meeting. Guarantee the next fight is decided on the ground. Jones transitions better, gets Gus to the ground and submits or elbows his head into the mat!!

          • taylor2008

            Gus is is as tall or taller than Jones and Gus is quicker on his feet than Jones. And his hands are better than jones. I am a fan of Jones but Gus will give him another good fight. Jones will remember things like this….
            And dont you think Gus isnt training his Jits and wrestling more?
            But now Gus has to get through Johnson who is really looking good!

          • Seth

            Of course he is. Why wouldn’t he be? Gus almost beat him and took the title from him. Why would he be eager to do it again and risk it again? But tbh, I think he’s rooting for Gus now. Between Gus and Rumble…I will give JBJ better chances in a rematch, than against Rumble. Anthony is just scary dude to face for ANYBODY…If you look back at his WW days and see how ridiculously strong he was and how hard he hit back then…now realize that he is bigger and stronger now. I doubt Jones wants to fight him.

          • sam

            the people Conor has fought are nothing compared to the caliber of people Jones has fought so your “finishing ratio” isn’t a fair evaluation at all

          • mmafanguy

            Exactly my point! tks to find better words than me to explain it!

      • taylor2008

        The difference is that Jones has fought and beat the best guys in his division. Colin hasnt beat anyone that I thought was a top guy.

        • Seth

          I was talking only about how I think fans are looking at them and why they dislike Jon, but like Connor 🙂 I doubt level of competition has anything to do with that exact thing 😉

        • deepgrim

          Yes Jones has beaten the best but before he was champion and in the same boat as Connor the level of competition they faced was much the same. Jones only got his title shot cause of injury. The real reason Connor is popular is because of the way he talks, chael dispite having a boring enough style was popular cause of his mouth. Connor also has a unique fight style and doesn’t be fake like jones

      • Pablo Vasquez Jr.

        that crazy irish been gettting tko’s not knocking them out cold don’t be delusional man

        • Seth

          JDS also didn’t knock Cain out, though people are saying that.

      • mmafanguy

        I’m a fan of both fighter but you can’t compare them Jones fought better fighter than Connor. Look at GSP Before he became WW Champion for the second time he had finish 13 of 16 of his win and than after that all win by dicision and Jon Jones was 11 out of 13 win. To me there is only 2 thing that I hate about Jones, his eye’s poking and when he use the cage. But anyways he is doing what he have to do to win.

        • Seth

          Once again, I doubt the level of competition has anything to do with it. And its simple to prove – as we all know JBJ fought better guys…yet Connor is still loved more. So the level of competition has nothing to do with it. All I compared is their fighting style and here – Connor is way more explosive and dynamic fighter for sure.

          • mmafanguy

            Please… Fighter change their style when they fight better competition just look at GSP, Hendrix, Aldo etc. I can bet you anything that Conor will not be that explosive and agressive against the best of his division. But still Conor will stay a good and powerfull striker but if he fight Aldo it will not be as easy as his other fight. And Jones was explosive in some fight, he was pretty agressive and explosive when he took the belt from Shogun. So yes I think that the level of competition have a lot to do with how you fight.

          • Seth

            Did GSP really change THAT much…? Aldo fights the same way he used to, he pace himself more because he FINALLY knows that weight cut is hard for his cardio (now we need to wait for him to understand he doesn’t belong at 145 anymore and he should move up). Hendriks…well, here I can agree. But it’s not like every fighter changed his style when he went up the ladder

    • taylor2008

      I like Jones. One of my favorite fighters. I dont get it either how people Dislike Jones and like this guy. Colin is nothing but a bigmouth that will soon face a great fighter. In my opinion he hasnt fought a real top 10 guy yet with good grappling skills.
      And yes I totally agree with you regarding him having to fight someone like Frankie, Chad or Cub. What I dont get is that Dana will give this idiot a title shot when he didnt beat a top guy, but Rory who has beaten top guys doesnt get a shot. Thats messed up!

  • taylor2008

    I truly hope this idiot gets KO’d Cant stand him!

    • Donuting

      Conor will be the greatest champion ever. You will see, well, if you have time to stop watching gay por.

      • taylor2008

        Come to Chicago and I will show you how much gay por I watch. I got a cage that will be open just for bigmouths like you.

      • Tom McElroy

        You are acussing taylor2208 of watching gay porn and you are the one who cannot seem to disengage from McGregor’s nuts…..The guy has beatin 1 notable guy and the biggest thing about him currently is his mouth. He has NEVER faced a champion yet and here his declaring that he will handle the current champ with ease….Laughable!…..Hmmm!…There is another guy who had a mouth as big as his and actually claimed himself to be “The Best Eva!”…All because of 1 notable knock-out…..Hmmmm, now what is his name? Phil Baloney?

  • Batman

    People are all getting flustered about who really deserves the next title shot, etc etc. It all really doesn’t matter. They will all lose to Aldo eventually, anyway.

  • Hahaha people are really comparing Conor to Jon Jones here? Wow, can’t get any dumber than that. I dislike Jones and I love me some Conor but come on…. It’s not even the same ballpark, not even same state. Jones is becoming a true legend that took all comers and Conor is a new and exciting contender, what are we talking about here?!

    As for Conor: Brandao is somewhat legit, Poirier is legit and the way he put them away was spectacular. His most spectacular fight imo was Holloway, that guy has A LOT of potential and he dominated him, really impressive. Yeah no elite wrestlers and blablabla. So what? I wanna see him fight Aldo and the way he is fighting he earned a shot. Maybe not as much as Edgar but it is a spectator sport as well, personally I want to see Conor – Aldo waaaaaaaaay more the Edgar – Aldo. So why not? Quit hating.

    • Fullmetal Zo

      You mean the Jon Jones who tested positive for cocaine???