Conor McGregor: It’s All Fun and Games at the End of the Day (UFC 178 Scrum)

September 30, 2014
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UFC president Dana White commonly holds court with members of the media following events, but at UFC 178, he wasn’t up for the task. Never one to shy away from a camera, however, Conor McGregor once again jumped in to save the day.

Check out Conor McGregor, uncut and unscripted, as he takes his place in front of the cameras.

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  • dandogood

    Conor could be a UFC superstar if Conor proves to be legitimate. Most Irish are flops and proven losers.

    • andy

      like who?

    • bogman

      Wot the f–ck does that mean?????

    • Caminelli

      JFK. Micky ward. Whitey Bulger. Need I say more?

      • dandogood

        JFK head blown off, Mickey Ward very average fighter with drug problems, Whiter Bulger murdering rat who snitched to the FBI on his own men. Like I stated the Irish are losers.

        • Sir_Roy

          Being an ambassador for world change, economic growth and political evolution, and getting assassinated for upholding your values, makes one a loser?

          Unlike JFK, pretty sure you’ll be remembered for a whole lot of nothing. You telling us you’re Irish as well?

    • dandogood

      But I’m stupid so…

  • DamianCross

    Can anyone actually hear wtf he’s saying

  • dandogood

    Conor is great for the UFC

  • dandogood

    I’m a moron!