Conor McGregor: “I’m Coming to Take Over the Division. It’s My Division.”

May 1, 2014
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(Courtesy of FOX Sports)

UFC featherweight Conor McGregor was medically cleared this week to return to training without limitations.  The brash Irishman has been recovering from surgery to repair a torn ACL.  He’ll return to the Octagon on July 19 in his hometown of Dublin to face rival Cole Miller in the UFC Fight Night: McGregor vs. Miller main event.  The 25-year-old says he’ll break Miller in the first exchange.

He doesn’t have his sights set on just defeating Miller, McGregor plans to take over the division.

“It’s my division,” he said on UFC Tonight.  “I’m going to stop Cole.  Whoever is next.  I’ll break Cub (Swanson).  I’ll embarrass Chad (Mendes).  I’ll annihilate Jose (Aldo). I’m coming to takeover the division,” he proclaimed.

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  • brad king

    lets hope for the best

  • Flexdon

    If McGregor fights like he used to
    Outside of UFC it’s early days but
    When Aldo moves up to lightweight
    We could see potential Superfight
    Barao vs McGregor if only if

  • shakejunt

    someone please sub this guy. preferably triangle out cold.

  • put me in the sauna coach

    i have no problem with the trash talk..if he backs it up. He’s set himself up big time ..either for glory or embarrassment. When you talk like that there’s no middle ground. You live up to your own hype or you turn out to be the next Ryan Leaf.

  • ” I’ll annihilate Jose (Aldo) ”

    This guy must be a comedian.

  • Mark McDowall

    For someone with a rather unspectacular list of opponents…he really is talking alot.

    • fsunoles10

      everybody goes thru a stretch in their career when their resume isnt filled with name fighters. perfect example is glover, he didnt have any name fighters on his resume other than sokoudjou for the longest time and even now doesnt have the greatest resume but everybody still looks at him like a bad ass and rightly so.

  • Joffrey Marco

    Some one slap some sense into this can already.

  • nope

    this kid talks so much. do something before you talk.

  • BobGyro


  • BobGyro


  • Mark Fuhrman

    Someday he will make a great gate keeper.

  • Heimdall

    Yeah right. How about a reality check. The fall will be hard for this one…


    Bispings long lost cousin -_-

  • mmalive

    This CLOWN McGregor is a MINI ME Bisping/ Sonnen.

    The difference is that both the latter have big name fights on their resume’s.

    Any of the top featherweights will SMASH McGregor

    I sincerely want to see Miller DESTROY this guy. Whether KO, Sub.

  • dandogood

    McGregor couldn’t take out a burger from McDonaldsdrive thru. The Irish are all a weak lot of drunks.

  • The Prognosticator

    McGregor is an overhyped manufactured UFC product. He simply does not deserve to headline a UFC event after beating Max Holloway and Marcus Brimage. McGregor will be a bottom level gatekeeper in the future.

    • Bugster

      Max Holloway isn’t a bad fighter, I actually do think he can beat Miller. Miller just doesnt have enough power.

      • The Prognosticator

        I never even addressed how the fight with Miller would play out. Both of them are far below the elite at FW. For instance, Chad Mendes would beat them both via TKO in R1 let alone Jose Aldo.

        • Bugster

          I agree, both of these aren’t contenders. The UFC has lots of these guys that they called Main Event material.

  • Ieaun mcGeedy

    I beat mcgregor up in a street fight in Belfast on 2 occasions the guy is a quitter with a weak jaw #paddypussy

    • deepgrim

      i smell bulls–t

  • dandogood

    Conor Irish drunk Mcgregor is not very talented even for an Irish nothing. Brian Caroway(Mr. Meisha Tate) beats this bum Conor.

  • james j

    Uncle Dana is praying Conor can keep winning. Major money to be made on this one.