Conor McGregor: ‘I Hit You and the Skull Crushes’ (Video)

October 27, 2014
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UFC featherweight contender Conor McGregor had a lot to say this week about Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes, as did they have a lot to say about him. After Aldo successfully defended his belt against Mendes at UFC 179 on Saturday night, McGregor took some time to break down the fight and talk about why he feels he is destined to be the next UFC featherweight champion.

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  • Jason Priest

    Lolz at this guy.

    • sanju singh

      lol at u

      • There is truth and clarity to what he says. The downfall of his competition is they’re all caught up in this nonsense “he is all talk” “another Sonnen” ” he can’t wrestle” ” he’s a joker”
        Neither Mendes nor Aldo escape round 2 at the latest. They all think he’s easy to take down and underestimate the sledgehammer strikes that drop guys 170-185 easily

  • sanju singh

    he is indeed a very intelligent fighter….aldo is good but conor will definitely knock his ass out

  • My schlong is smaller than you

    I hope Conor takes the belt and whoops some ass for several years.

  • Don’t follow sheeps

    Conor Douchebag mcgregor – I beat up nobodies right now and i think i’m the best. I swear everyone are sheeps. Seriously who has this guy beaten that is good? Am i seeing something wrong here? Already hes fighting for the belt next if he beat dennis freaking siver. Come on! Its a joke. Ufc matchmaking are getting worst. We already know who makes the most money so they are favoring towards that and who get the easiest fights so more idiots can pay and watch him knock out nobodies. If the competition was different.. the true number 1 contender is cub swanson. He beat up better fighters and legit strikers.. If the ufc are ever going to come out of their asses. Let mcgregor fight jeremy stephans, or atleast cub swanson if hes fighting for the belt. That makes more sense.

  • dandogood

    Conor got a big fat irish mouth and is average. Conor is good for now and popular but with very average skills. The Irish never have ever won anything but drinking contests and potato eating. Heck british soldiers sired most of current Ireland.

    • bobilo

      What have you won in your life genius? You know what, we don’t care… Your comment is just stupid… Bash on McGregor if you want but what’s the point of bashing on every Irish?