Conor McGregor Had Some Things to Say (Of Course) to Ricardo Lamas After UFC 180

November 16, 2014
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Of course Conor McGregor said some things after a UFC featherweight fight. And of course those things aren’t going to make him any friends in the company. We get the feeling, though, that Conor is less about making friends and more about making money.

McGregor on Saturday after UFC 180 claimed that he sponsored Dennis Bermudez under the company name “McGregor Inc.” The Irishman then followed that proclamation up with some fairly pointed comments about the man who beat Bermudez at UFC 180, Ricardo Lamas.

To the Twittah!

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 11.03.05 PM

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 11.06.45 PM

Damn, son. McGregor Inc.’s social media game trolls hard.

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  • Zartan The Destroyer

    Incorporated Conor otherwise funny.

  • johnnywrong

    Guy’s as thick as pigshit.

    • Tony

      He is the reason MMA will be bigger. Take it as tongue in cheek and the way he delivers it as his way to make money whilst the sun shines. Be on his side and see how hilarious it is.

    • United States Grammar Police

      Your statement has at least two spelling or grammatical errors. How can you be the judge on intellect? You’re wrong Johnny Wrong.

      • Jesus

        no one likes a grammar Nazi dude. seriously just stop we all understand him

      • shakejunt

        well you forgot a comma after “wrong” so…

    • aju

      only you would know

  • Tim

    The guy gets it – period. All these idiots in this division are as dumb as planks, except MC Gregor. He will make more money than anyone because he knows how to market himself.

    • shakejunt

      he’ll make more money because of blind nationalism. he could be jacob volkmann on the mic and anyone with an irish grandparent would still pump his stock.

  • Jesus

    uhhh no? your the pussy mccregor. taking a spoon fed fight with siver. you coward you wanna be the best but are not fighting the best? YOU SUCK!

  • Adiiii83

    Siver vs Swansson was fight of the night and that was only couple fights ago. If you think that McGregor will beat him easily, then you’re thinking what we all are, that McGregor is worthy of a title shot. Look in the last 4 years, Siver has only lost to Cerrone and Cub, don’t know how you can consider that a spoon fed fight, you’re clueless.

    • shakejunt

      so wait… who exactly did dennis siver beat that made him into the title gatekeeper?

      it’s ok to tell someone that they’re bashing conor based on personal dislike, but get real, he’s absolutely being spoon fed.

      • Adiiii83

        Donald Cerrone faced Siver before his number one contender fight against Nate Diaz, Cub Swannson fought him 2 fights ago and he’s considered number 1/2 contender. I think that suggests that Siver is a gatekeeper to elite contenders. Apart from a much bigger Cerrone, nobody has an easy fight against Siver. So if you think that is an easy fight for McGregor, then you, like myself believe that McGregor is an elite fighter. I personally believe this fight against Siver is pointless, not cos it’s spoon fed, but because I believe that every fighter in the featherweight division is an average fighter except for Aldo, and that’s who McGregor should be facing

        • shakejunt

          it’s spoon feeding because it favors him stylistically. same with poirier. same with brandao. same with holloway. same with brimage. all guys who go out there to swing and aren’t too focused on taking it to the ground. conor is absolutely one of the elites of the division, but it’s not crazy to think that he needs to be tested as a complete mixed martial artist before he gets that title shot.

          we’ll have a clearer picture after saturday because if cub loses then conor really does have a legitimate case, but if cub wins then he needs to man up and take a #1 contender fight against someone actually in the title picture.

  • hardy

    Bermudez is the one thats an idiot says during fight week he’d smash mcgregor clearly wasent 100% focused on his own fight . he then basically tried to act like mcgregor except cringey with the way he was talking saying hes a 1000 % the best fighter in the division can get dropped or tapped by lamas then that exact thing happens , id say mcgregors laughing at bermudez at the moment thinking he got subbed by brandao stole a decision from holloway and then got dropped by a jab.

  • hardy

    oh and then bermudez comes out wearing conors dethrone stay ready brand hat hahaha what a moron . not something you do if you thought you’d smash them ,

  • shakejunt

    telling fight for both guys, both looked hittable. still would like to see conor get an interesting match-up before leapfrogging.

  • taylor2008

    I cant wait to see someone put Conor to sleep.

  • Ray Ray

    it wasn’t even that good. STF CONOR