Confident He’ll Win at Legacy FC 38, Evan Thompson Eager to Join His Brother in the UFC

February 13, 2015
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2014 was a big year for middleweight prospect Evan “The Titan” Thompson in both his MMA career and personal life.

Thompson not only had his busiest pro fighting year to date, he also saw his private life flourish.

“I had about three fights and won two of them and lost one of them, so I feel like last year was a good year of competition despite that one loss,” Thompson told “I got married last year, my academy is rocking, so I’d say it was a good year.”

Though he suffered his first pro loss to Victor Reyna in July at Legacy FC 33, Thompson feels it was more a flash loss than anything and did not require an overhaul to remedy.

“There was part of the match where I was kind of getting close to the cage and decided to blitz in on him, and (Reyna) threw a roundhouse kick and his knee caught me right in the center of my chest,” said Thompson. “I felt kind of like my ribs kind of popped out and I couldn’t breathe.

“It happens sometimes. You get caught. You just have to learn from it, get back in the gym, and get going again.”

Thompson (5-1) was able to rebound and win his next fight, and now looks to build a winning streak when he returns to Legacy FC on Friday in Allen, Texas, against Charles Byrd (5-3).

“Charles is a tough guy, but I’ve fought guys like him before and I’m confident in my own abilities that I could pretty much take this fight anywhere and be comfortable,” said Thompson.

“If the fight goes standing, it’s totally fine with me; if it goes to the ground, I’m 100-percent confident that I can beat him in that area as well. I’m confident I can adapt and do what I need to do.”

Should Thompson pick up a win on Feb. 13, he feels it will take him one step closer to reuniting him with his brother, Stephen, in the UFC.

“I plan on getting right back in the gym the week after my fights and just continuing to improve,” he said. “Hopefully I’ll get to fight the best guys and just move up the ladder and the UFC will give me a call and I’ll be up there fighting alongside my brother.”

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