Condit’s Manager: Rematch with Diaz Can Happen, but GSP is First

February 7, 2012
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It’s been three days since Carlos Condit defeated Nick Diaz to claim the UFC interim welterweight title, but the debate continues to rage on about how the fight was scored, and if the two fighters should square off in a rematch at some point later this year.

The judges scoring the fight saw it 49-46, 49-46 and 48-47 all in favor of Carlos Condit.

Condit’s manager, Malki Kawa of First Round Management, saw the fight much the same as the judges did. He’s not really sure where all the controversy is coming from.

“I saw the fight 4 rounds to 1. Realistically speaking, people talk about Octagon control and saying Carlos ran. I didn’t see Carlos run whatsoever. What I saw was Carlos stick and move and then he flurried. Whenever Carlos was up against the cage and what Nick wants to do is push his opponents up against the cage, and Carlos got out of there. He got back to the center of the Octagon, reset, and began striking again,” Kawa told on Tuesday.

“It was a perfect game plan by him and it was executed to the fullest. When I was watching the fight, I saw Carlos winning all of the rounds. When I went back and watched the fight again and re-looked at it, I thought maybe Diaz in round 2, but it’s one of those things where it’s a toss-up round.”

According to FightMetric, Condit outlanded Diaz 151 to 105 in significant strikes, and 159 to 117 in total strikes. The round by round breakdown supports the scoring as well, where Condit outlanded Diaz in every round, except the second, where Diaz outpaced him 32-29 in significant strikes.

The uproar from the Diaz camp is understandable according to Kawa, who would probably be just as upset if Condit had lost in such a pivotal and important fight for his career. The unfortunate side is that Condit’s moment in the sun has been tarnished by the debate about the decision, instead of celebrating what many have said was brilliant strategy to defeat Diaz at UFC 143.

“Listen, Nick Diaz is up in arms, Cesar Gracie is up in arms, and I understand that, you want to win, it’s a championship fight. That’s what you’re in this business for and I can appreciate all the passion and support for those guys. Believe it or not, I’m a fan of Nick Diaz. I like the Diaz brothers; I like the way they fight. I think they’re true fighters and good for the sport, but when you look at it, Carlos Condit won that fight. Two judges scored it 4 rounds to 1, one judge scored it 3 to 2, it wasn’t a split decision; it was a unanimous decision across the board,” said Kawa.

“If this was football we’d be calling Greg Jackson, Tom Coughlin and Carlos Condit, Eli Manning. The point of what I’m saying is every sport, every competition, every battle, in the art of war they don’t tell you to go send your stronger guys out and hopefully they’ll beat their stronger guys. There’s strategy to everything.”

Now that Condit has defeated Diaz to become the new interim UFC welterweight champion, there is a strategy involved in what’s next as well.

Kawa and his team know that the big fight on the horizon for Condit is a showdown with UFC champion Georges St-Pierre. He also knows that a rematch between Condit and Diaz can happen down the road, it’s just not the next fight on the docket.

“That rematch can happen later on in the future. No one’s afraid of Nick, but we have to do what’s best for his career and in my opinion and the people around me and the advice that we’ve been taking, the best fight and the only fight is Georges St-Pierre,” Kawa stated.

All the talk before the fights at UFC 143 took place was about St-Pierre’s extreme desire to face Diaz at some point later this year when he recovers from knee surgery. The attention was so deafening, Condit’s place in the fight almost became an afterthought.

Condit knew he had the opportunity of a lifetime, and like the New York Giants spoiling the New England Patriots’ perfect season in 2007, the “Natural Born Killer” was more than happy to foil GSP’s plans of facing Nick Diaz.

So now the question remains: will St-Pierre be as motivated to face Condit? Does he really even want to face Condit?

“Georges St-Pierre didn’t want that fight when it was first announced. He doesn’t want the fight now and that’s the biggest problem in this whole equation. Georges St-Pierre called Carlos Condit the tougher fight for him, but then turns around and says he only wants to fight Nick Diaz. So it’s like you’re insulting Nick by saying that. Nick’s a tough fighter, whereas I do agree that Carlos Condit would be the tougher fight for him. It seems like he’s avoiding fighting Carlos Condit someway, somehow,” Kawa said.

“I don’t think Georges St-Pierre fears anyone. I don’t think Georges St-Pierre worries about anyone, but is Carlos Condit a guy that brings a different set of skills? Yeah. Has he fought anyone that hits as hard as Carlos Condit? I don’t think so. We saw Georges take a hit on his jaw and we saw what happened. We know Carlos can throw flying knees and he can throw kicks, spinning elbows, and all this stuff. He can go to his back and not be threatened, and he can threaten from the bottom. I think he poses a lot of real threats to Georges.”

Knowing that there is such a monumental match-up waiting in the wings for Condit to face St-Pierre, Kawa believes that’s the only fight that makes sense right now. It unifies the welterweight title, and it gives Condit the shot to become the true No. 1 fighter in the world by beating the seemingly unbeatable Georges St-Pierre.

“The one fight that makes the most sense for Carlos Condit’s career is Georges St-Pierre. The money that he’s going to make in that fight, he’s not going to make in any other fight. As much as I personally would love for him to go out there and beat Nick Diaz a second time, I can’t see myself sitting here telling him it’s the best thing for him. I think he won the first fight, I think he’d win a second fight again,” said Kawa.

“Carlos Condit has been the No. 1 contender for some time now, and he needs to fight Georges St-Pierre to prove who is the real champion. The fact is if he beats Georges St-Pierre, then him and Nick can fight again. Eventually they’re all going to fight each other and right now we have to do what’s best for Carlos’ career.”

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  • TKD

    I wish everyone would put themselves in Condit’s place for an honest moment. A rematch with Diaz would be stupid. Condit won the fight. Diaz fans, Condit haters, and everyone else can bitch and moan all day. The fight is over, and the winner was Condit. Enough with the cry baby BS already. If Diaz wants to quit, let him quit. If Condit wants GSP, he should get that chance, because, whether we like it or not, he earned it.

    • bajafox

      The problem is most people were fans of both Condit and Diaz but only one person showed up to fight while the other one played the counter and run game. It was not what anyone expected or paid for

      • TKD

        Ok, fine. Not all fights are exciting. I think we all know that. That doesn’t mean Diaz should have the next opportunity to face off with GSP.

  • tomkevill

    If condit wont fight until Gsp is ready then i have 1 question. What was the point of an interim title? On top of that Gsp wont be ready till november and thats if everything goes according to schedule. So now we dont see a title fight for 10 months instead of 13. what a joke!!

    • You are right that the interim title was completely pointless.

  • bajafox

    Awesome, GSP (Yawn) v. The Natural Born Runner

    Thanks but I’ll pass, I’ll pay to see NBR v. Diaz again but not GSP

  • DrkDisciple

    In a way I dont blame Condit. He knows all good thinks come to an end. He fights Diaz again he will no longer be interim champ.

  • Bob

    Run Carlos run!

    Your only as good as your last fight.

    “Has he fought anyone that hits as hard as Carlos Condit?”

    That depends is Carlos going to be running backwards when he punches?

    • TKD

      Why don’t you and I fight, and you just stand there while I batter your face? He was constantly moving, which is what a fighter should do. Did you want him to speak with Diaz before the fight and ask him where Nick wanted him to stand while they fought??? You sound like an uneducated fool talking like that.

  • shaman

    It’s an illegitimate title, imo

    Condit pulled off a trick, a gimmick, not win a fight

    • TKD

      Nice to see you taking your lips off of Diaz’s nuts long enough to type this nonsense.

  • shaman

    He never really tried to win at any time, what is that?

  • They need to rematch before Georges comes back. The fight was too close and there’s too much controversy / buzz surrounding the decision.

    It’s gonna happen, wait and see.

    • Well that didn’t take long. LOL

  • octawhat

    I would really like to see the title defended again (maybe in summer,) and not have to wait for a GSP’s knee to heal. Otherwise, I agree with Tomkevill, why did they make an interim title fight?!

    There are some great fights for Condit, Ellenberger would be an interesting fight. If Condit would prefer a tune up fight, have him battle Kampmann and bill it as a revenge fight. The fans would be into it, as Kampmann was the last one to defeat Condit.

    I would be surprised if the UFC instantly make Diaz vs Condit II, just because now they have two fights for GSP (vs Condit & vs Diaz) that will generate good PPV buyrates. Then they could have the grudge match between Diaz and Condit which would generate even more cash afterwards.

  • Towers66

    Condit should rematch Nick because it would sell like crazy. It could go down so big if they rematched. It would probably make for some serious tension between the fighters. Plus Condit might actially fight next time because he had to know he fought like a little girl. So, I vote yes to a rematch. I don’t care who Nick fights, everyone will pay to see that FIGHT. Can’t say too many people are going to want to pay or even watch Prefontain. ( not sure if I spelled that right).

  • KBEsq

    There’s no controversy. Look, I am the first to admit that I was not satisfied with that fight, and the Condit who won was not the Condit that made me a fan of him. However, the only call for a rematch is just Diaz fans and their sour grapes.

    It really is amazing how people actually are basically upset with Condit for not fighting the way they wanted him to. It’s almost like Diaz fans say, “yes, you’re allowed to win against Nick Diaz, but you have to do it in manner we approve. You must enter a rock-’em-sock-’em robot match with Diaz and win in that way. You are not allowed to play against Diaz strengths and you must play directly into them.

    There is no controversy in that decision. Condit landed multiple kicks and punches that were significant (who cares what Diaz himself says about the strikes), and Diaz literally did almost nothing to Condit.

    Again, I am not fully supportive of the way Condit fought the fight, and fans don’t pay to see strategic “game plan” decisions, but let’s not pretend Diaz won that fight.

    • TKD

      Anyone with a brain would agree with this post! Well said, KBEsq!

  • marcusgermaine

    I can’t believe all of these moaners about the Diaz loss. Anyone who has followed any striking martial art, including boxing knows that for the most part, the idea is to avoid getting punched and to use your brain to win. Ali, Mayweather, Leonard, are all lauded for their ability to stick and move. Grappling is all about using skill rather than just matching strength, be it judo, ju-jitsu, wrestling, sambo, whatever. If you want to simply see savagery go to an illegal dog or cock fight.

    • TKD

      Understand one thing…Diaz fans are apparently about as smart as Diaz himself. No need to explain anything to them. They want the decision overturned or they will CRY (literally) foul forever!

  • Jmoney

    I hope condit waits for gsp.. One of them get injured… And the fight never takes place… true champions take on all comers… If he believes he’s the best then why not keep fighting and defending his interim title

  • kjs84

    I wish everyone would stop crying already… Condit won it’s over… He dominated the center of octagon, out struck and out landed Diaz… Running my arsssss….

    And if he defends he should defend against the next who deserves a shot not someone he clearly beat already… If he doesnt than oh well… It’s his choice. Because he trained… Planned… Fought… And won… Stop crying about it…

  • Not sure if there’s any truth to this, but the following was posted on the UG by “Underground News”: Condit accepts rematch with Diaz

  • tomfinan

    Diaz fans sound exactly like the Brit fans used to when all their fighters were just boxers and their opponents would use MMA to beat them. “He wouldn’t fight” they would holler.
    MMA means mixed and anyone that runs into his opponents best or only skill deserves to lose.

  • RubeKegal

    Where’s that p*ssy Ronnie at? Where’s your “breakdown” of how Diaz outlanded Condit in every round. FightMetric proved you wrong bitch!!

    • TKD

      I like Ronnie, but you are right. Not only did FightMetric prove him wrong, every legit site had Condit as the winner too.

      Enough already with the crying!