Condit Ready for Hendricks: “He’s Called Me Out in the Past, This is His Chance to Try to Back That Up”

February 19, 2013
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Johny Hendricks vs Carlos ConditCarlos Condit was slated to square off with Rory MacDonald in the UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz co-main event on March 16 in Montreal. Plans shift quickly sometimes, however, and that happened on Tuesday when MacDonald had to drop out of the fight due to injury.

MacDonald’s misfortune could turn out to be Condit’s gain.

Condit vs. MacDonald was a high profile fight between two of the UFC’s best welterweights, but Condit’s new opponent may actually give him the better opportunity for a speedy return shot for the UFC welterweight championship.

Condit is just one fight removed from coming up on the short end of a five-round decision, failing to wrest the UFC welterweight strap from Georges St-Pierre.

Despite MacDonald’s withdrawal, Condit remains in the co-main event, but will instead face Johny Hendricks, who is widely considered the UFC’s top 170-pound contender.

St-Pierre will put his belt on the line in the UFC 158 main event against Nick Diaz, an opponent he asked for, leaving Hendricks shell shocked at being passed over.

“Hendricks is definitely a contender right now,” said UFC president Dana White when making the St-Pierre vs. Diaz match-up, “and yes, he’d be next in line.”

That is, as long as he beats Condit. If Hendricks loses, all bets are off, and perhaps Condit leapfrogs him in the race to the belt. And that’s where MacDonald’s misfortune could be a boon for him.

“Fighting Johny Hendricks is the perfect opportunity for Carlos to earn another shot at the UFC welterweight title,” Condit’s manager, Malki Kawa, said in a statement to on Tuesday night.

Now, it’s no given that Condit takes the fight from Hendricks either, and he’s under no misconceptions that stepping into a fight that could launch him back into the title picture rather quickly is going to be an easy task.

Condit is excited for the fight, knowing that Hendricks brings the same aggressive style to a fight that he does.

“While I was disappointed to hear that Rory MacDonald is injured, I am glad that the UFC was able to find a strong replacement for the fight in Johny Hendricks,” said Condit. “He is one of the toughest welterweights in the world, and has quickly risen up the ladder in our division.

“We are similar in that we like to stay active and aggressive in our fights, so this should be a great fight for the fans to watch.”

Condit is never one to back down from a difficult challenge, however, and Hendricks promises to be just that.

“He’s called me out in the past, and now is his chance to try to back that talk up. I’ll be ready for him.”

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  • Oscar Sanchez

    condit bro really? your as aggressive as hendricks no disrespect but i have never seen him run away and i don’t mean footwork move back wards i mean full out track suit and run away you ruined one of the most anticipated fights for me when he scarped with diaz i mean raced lol

    • Oswald Cobblepott

      Diaz got schooled, get over it already! Hendricks vs. Condit will be good one, be nice to see a little pressure on Hendricks

      • diaz is a better striker than condit in the pocket, condit just used a good strategy of not staying in front of him everytime he hits him

      • Scotty_O

        Diaz lost a decision to Condit, how you say he got “schooled” is ridiculous. I think he won the fight but it was super close so I’m not calling foul or anything.

        But if you want to see what Diaz getting schooled looks like, wait until the GSP fight.

        • Mack

          Know the meaning of the word schooled before you start typing. Will we see your post fight comment after Diaz punches out safe pierre!?lol

          • Scotty_O

            lol it’s going to be a bad night to be Nick Diaz. It’s to bad too, cause I like the guy. GSP is going to fck him up. Nothing me and you say to each other is going to change that either.

            Hate GSP all you want, no one can beat him. Diaz will be no different. What will be different though is “Safe Pierres” dislike for him. He wants to hurt him, and he will.

          • jeff

            I’m curious as to how he’s gonna hurt him? That’s comical. Unless taking him down and humping him causes severe pain.

          • Lucas Freire

            oh jeff jeffy, You talk like GSP GnP is like Guida’s dry humping. GSP is a champion because he doesn’t only throw people on the mat,but because he destroys them down there. Just look at Thiago Alves,Koscheck,Fitch,BJ penn faces at the end of their fights. He may not knock people out of their minds,but he sure hurts them

          • Scotty_O

            He can hurt him anyway he’d like. He has the tools to take it anywhere he wants. It’ll probably be a ground and pound domination but who knows. Watch the fight for yourself, you’ll see what the outcome is.

      • Reed

        Running again would probably be a better option for Carlos!

    • hamm

      Wanted nick to win that fight bad but no condit didn’t run from him he picked him apart stick n move in impeccable fashion. Brock ran from Cain. Tori surely ran from wanderlei back in the days but condit did NOT run and he definitely won that fight

      • hamm

        Wow phone wrote tori I meant TITO ran from wanderlei when wandy cracked fire out of him

      • Guest

        Watch the fight again and count how many times Condit literally turned his BACK to Diaz. If he did it more than once, it’s called running away.

      • bajafox

        Watch the fight again and count how many times Condit literally turned his BACK to Diaz. If he did it more than once, it’s called running away.

    • Orville

      Kinda hope the running condit doesn’t show up! If he does run again, so be it. lots of other great match ups on this card, and i think it was just announced that Marquart will fight ellenberger!

    • kbroesq

      Do you want to know why you don’t think Condit is aggressive? Because you’ve seen him fight probably 2-3 times. In fact, you probably only watched the Diaz fight because you’re probably a Diaz fan-boy. Anyone who has watched Condit in ALL his fights knows he’s WAY more aggressive than Hendrix. Hendrix only recently started knocking guys out. Before that, he was a lay-and-pray wrestler. I love people who think they know fighters and MMA because they watched one fight.

      • Rocco

        You said you love people who think they know fighters and mma because they watched one fight! Whats there to love about?. Unless of course you’re talking about yourself!lol

  • definitely didn’t run. People are still upset Diaz lost. Get over it.

  • Hendricks can either land that left cross from his southpaw stance and end the fight or Condit can end the fight with his flying knee from his orthodox stance on a southpaw similar to the Kim fight.

    • jeff

      That was a beautiful flying knee.

  • Daniel Winge Stride

    hope hendricks ko`s condit quick. just so he can say i did in 2min what gsp couldnt do in 25min;D and if he beats gps after this. then silva can fight weidman and if he beats him fight jon jones:D thats what i hope for:) no reason to have gsp vs silva if one of them is not champion:)

  • JimmyPettishardo

    This is such an interesting match. I don’t expect it to be a quick KO by Hendricks. In fact, I don’t even know who to pick. Both of them sort of look like mini Arlovski.

    • Daniel Winge Stride

      after what hendricks did to kampmann i think this fight is gonna be the same:/ condit thinks he can take the punch but down he goes:/ i can be wrong. is a fight not dancing:)

  • KyleZombie

    Put on your sneakers, Carlos. You’re going to be doing a lot of running away in this fight.

    • You mean a lot of footwork to avoid being hit by a guy with KO power? It was the smartest thing he did fighting Diaz that way. He won the fight didn’t he? This is a professional fighter not some guy fighting to entertain and please fans by standing in front of somebody taking shots.Look at Condits record the guy is a beast. He finishes fights and hasn’t been stopped.

      • Larry

        Ya he has been stopped including a couple 1st round tap outs, and as far as finishing fights, he certainly didn’t finish Diaz.

        • MMAFAN

          21 first round finishes out of his 28 wins. I’m going to repeat that:

          21 first round finishes out of his 28 wins.

          One more time:

          Carlos Condit finished 21 out of his 28 wins in the FIRST round.

          Did you get that Larry?

          • Mack

            Tell your stat story to Hendricks and maybe he’ll back out of the fight for you!

          • Guest

            Thank you. The guy is a skillful well rounded beast. Deserves so much more respect. Earned it with the GSP fight. That was a great fight. Please checkout my site I love fans like you who know what their talking about.

          • Thank you. I love fans like you who know what they are talking about and show respect to world class fighters. Please check out my site and follow me on twitter and fbook buddy.

        • True but that was 7 years ago lol. And I meant in the UFC/WEC era. And who has finished Diaz? (Besides Jermey Jackson) C’mon man give the guy a break. He’s tough, well rounded, and his footwork is NOT running away.

        • kbroesq

          Wow, you’re an idiot. Condit has an amazing record, and you’re talking about one fight. Show some respect, loser. Condit has only gone to decision a few times, and has an equal number of submissions and finishes. I think it was like 13 subs and 13 KOs out of about 30 fights. Seriously, I’m going to say it again because it bears repeating; you’re an idiot.

          Seriously, anyone who thinks Condit isn’t a legitimate and entertaining fighter is probably just a meat-head who watches MMA to see blood and violence.

  • diazfan209

    I’m more excited on this bout than would be Hendricks vs Ellenberger

  • uncle

    Hendricks is a monster so however Condit pulls out a
    win he has my respect and this is coming from a giant
    Diaz fan

  • Sir_Roy

    Fight fans can be frustrating.

    Carlos went to war with GSP in what I consider an exciting 5 round battle. One of the few who’s seen the champion on the ropes since the Serra mishap.

    Carlos has finished 21 out of his 28 wins in the very first round. Now, he has one lackluster showing against Diaz (which, incidentally, he still won), and everyone forgets all his accomplishments overnight.

    Fickle little minds I guess.

  • kbroesq

    It is seriously depressing to see the litany of comments about Condit running. The guy puts on amazing and entertaining fights for years, and people say he ‘run away’ because of one fight. Up to that point, the fight with Diaz was the most important fight of his career. Condit has a son and a wife. Why would he stand in front of Diaz? People who say Condit ran are just idiots who want to see Diaz win, and are upset that Condit didn’t play into Diaz’s hands.

    Why aren’t those same people upset with Diaz for not stopping Condit from moving? I mean, GSP did it, right? It’s not like their in an open field or something. They are in a very small cage. Diaz sauntered around like a zombie and got peppered from the outside.

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Big Rig enters deep waters.