Company Man Rich Franklin Wants One Last Shot at the UFC Middleweight Belt

June 24, 2012
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Rich Franklin at UFC 53Since losing to middleweight kingpin Anderson Silva in 2007, Rich Franklin has stepped up to the plate for the UFC time and time again.

The former math teacher has repeatedly done favors for the UFC, like stepping into last-minute main event spots, such as he did at Saturday’s UFC 147 against Wanderlei Silva.  With Vitor Belfort out due to a hand injury, the UFC needed a main event and Franklin took the fight on two weeks notice.

Knowing how big UFC 147 was, and what it means to the UFC and Brazil, Franklin couldn’t pass up the opportunity to fight Silva one more time. He wound up taking a unanimous decision over Silva after their five-round showdown.

“To be here in Brazil and fight Wanderlei pretty much in his home town, I’ve been in this position before,” Franklin said at the UFC 147 post-fight press conference.

“For the second time when Anderson came in my hometown and defeated me, so I know what that feels like.  I know that this is a big fight not only for just, but for the country, for the UFC and all that kind of stuff.

“Although I didn’t get cheered for, I didn’t get booed too bad either.  This was a really good experience, more than any other, and I’ve fought for many other countries in the UFC now and spread the market.   I think that more than any other country I’ve been in that this is one of the most gratifying.”

Moving forward, Franklin hopes that after all the favors he’s done over the last few years, he will be repaid with a future title shot at 185 pounds.  The 37-year-old knows that he doesn’t have much time left, but he wants to try to leave the sport on top.

“Well moving back down again to 185, the idea was that enough time had passed since my title fight, perhaps if I could put a couple of wins together that I could make another run at the title before I retired.  That’ll be a discussion that I talk to Dana about and the UFC in general to see what would be next for me.

“That was my intention for moving down to 185 and I’m glad that you and everyone else notices that I bailed the UFC out a lot because I’m hoping that’s going to pay off in the future at some point in time.”

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  • …and suddenly, gray rumbling clouds began to form high above the picnic table…

  • Rich Franklin could be the Middleweight Champion again…if Anderson Silva retires after the Chael fight.

    • DrkDisciple

      And when he would defend that belt against Vitor Belfort he would get destroyed a 2nd time and move up tp 205 again 🙂

      • RubeKegal

        True, Belfort is the master of punching guys in the back of the head after dropping them. He could have easily gotten DQ’ed vs Franklin and Akiyama.

      • smill0313

        He would prob retire at that point. Ace is prob the 2nd best middleweight of all time with pat militich taking 3rd.

        • Mike_Oxafloppin

          Pat Miletich was a Welterweight

          • smill0313

            Ah yes. Don’t know who would be #3 middleweight then. Maybe evan tanner?


    Why does the UFC not play the National Anthem before their events ? Does anyone else notice that? Is it not a sport??? Is it not trying to be like every other sport??????? I think it would be good for the SPORT ! is it because DANA is a self proclaimed atheist ???? Wana see somedan funny look at what dana looked like on season1 of ultimate fighter and now!

    • um because it’s not a strictly american league. Not to mean ufc 147 was in brazil. why would they play the american national anthem in a different country? 4 of ufc’s 7 champions arn’t american.

      • Lesnardo

        Was OMAHA talking about US National Anthem or a national anthem of the country of fighters?

        PRIDE used to play the anthems during championship bouts.

        If you want an example, go youtube Fedor vs Schilts intro. Russian Anthem is played before Fedor’s classic entrance music is played, marking the beginning of the 10 year dominance.

    • sc_9ac3054c156495bb79ec3238d705f7de

      What Bill said, but what does not having a religion have to do with nationalism???? The anthem sang at games has no mention of god anymore

  • MikeMc1983

    Rich had to leave middleweight. He was quite obviously the best 185er not named Anderson silva. I haven’t seen anything to change that. Could Vitor beat him. Yeah, but it’s not crazy to think rich could come out ahead. Chael might be a bad matchup, but you’d have to see it to know.
    Had silva retired right after he beat Franklin , rich could possiably still be the champion.
    It would be funny to see rich and Chael matched up, if for nothing else than all the smack Chael has said about him while going after silva.

    • bradwesley

      You do realize Belfort has already knocked out Franklin right?


    are u guys idiots?????EVERY american sport plays the anthem MORANS !!!!!!! except X GAMES .the UFC is american right ?????the first UFC was in america RIGHT??????(Denver) Im asking WHY??????is it not trying to be a sport . iIts on espn.they try competing with boxing wich does the anthem right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its about respect not religion DANA pull your head outof your ass ya roided out ******* !

    • Narcissy

      I can’t believe I’m about to explain this to some idiot who can’t use proper punctuation or spell the work moron. Yes the UFC is an American company and an American brand but not a strictly American league as tried to explain to you. Leagues like the NBA, MLB, and NFL only play their games in America. I have never heard of the New York Yankees or LA Lakers going to another country to play a game under the MLB or NBA name. The UFC often travels to other countries for their events and a decent number of their fighters aren’t American. Why would the UFC play the American National Anthem in Brazil, England, or Germany? Though I am American and live in America, if I were English and the UFC came to London and played the American National Anthem I’d be pretty confused.

      • A-Bomb

        The NYY Play the Toronto Blue Jay’s all the time – in fact they are both in the Eastern division. The Lakers also play the Toronto Raptors… both teams located in the 3,854,085 sq mile “Country” located just north of the USA. They play “Both” countries anthems prior to the start of the games. In fact even the Buffalo Bills have played a few regular season games in Toronto. Pretty sure they would have played both anthems then too!

      • zacharydetal

        Toronto Raptors, Toronto Blue Jays and the old Montreal Expos. those are canadian teams?


    war BELCHER