Colorado Lifts WSOF Champ Justin Gaethje’s Indefinite Suspension

March 16, 2016
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Less than 24 hours after Justin Gaethje‘s indefinite suspension was revealed to the public, it has been lifted.

After Gaethje took out Brian Foster less than 2 minutes into their WSOF 29 headlining bout at Bank of Colorado Arena in Greeley, Colo., on Saturday, March 12, he did his usual post-fight celebration, which included a backflip off the top of the cage fencing. The problem with Gaethje’s celebration is that it went against Colorado’s rules and he was warned prior to the fight not to do it.

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Justin GaethjeWhen the Colorado Boxing Commission’s list of suspensions was released on Tuesday, it included Gaethje, who was suspended indefinitely for unsportsmanlike conduct for going ahead with his post-fight celebration.

Consider it “message sent.”

Josef Mason, director of the Colorado Boxing Commission, told Wednesday morning that he simply wanted to be sure that Gaethje understood the “concern by the commission for the safety of all around the cageside area.”

After having a conversation with Gaethje on Tuesday, he was taken off suspension as of Wednesday morning.

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  • shakejunt

    well that was quick. i can understand both sides of it, i’m sure wsof would prefer he didn’t do that either. of course it generates interest, but it endangers their posterboy.

    • Sir_Roy

      Agreed. But the crux of it is, he bit his thumb at the commission. They can’t let that stand as a precendence. If you’re a star employee, it’s one thing dissing your boss behind closed doors (in the name of profit and the company’s interest, a smart boss would let a few of those slide), but another thing entirely doing so publicly. A message would have to be sent.