Colleen Schneider Ready to Start a New Streak at Super Fight League’s U.S. Debut

October 1, 2014
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At the start of her pro career, women’s bantamweight veteran Colleen Schneider might have been in over her head, but as time wore on, she adapted well from her traditional martial arts background and became one of the sport’s more consistent fighters.

As Schneider told, her more recent history has been more productive than her start in 2010.

“I felt pressure to go pro – not from anybody else, but myself – because I felt like I needed to do it and jumped into it,” said Schneider. “I had done traditional martial arts for a long time but did not have much experience as an MMA fighter.

“I had a couple losses in the beginning, but then I had a good run of five wins in a row before losing my last fight in June.”

Schneider’s loss to DeAnna Bennett in June wasn’t so much a lapse in her physical skills but in her mental state.

“I decided to take myself mentally to a place I don’t normally go,” said Schneider. “I’m usually very calm and focused on my fight, but I decided to try to make myself angry before that fight.

“I am not an angry fighter and it’s not personal for me. I got away from the right place for me and didn’t do things I should have.”

Even with the loss, Schneider has come a long way in the past couple years, thanks in large part to her training at CSW with former UFC heavyweight champion Josh Barnett.

“We have a phenomenal group of people, and Josh takes a lot of time to work with us and help each of us with our game,” said Schneider. “He has such a great background and knows a ton, and I like his style, and he incorporates a lot of everything into the training we do.”

Schneider (5-5) will look to rebound off her loss to Bennett when she faces Brenda “Boom Boom” Gonzales (5-1) in the first ever SFLA women’s bantamweight championship bout in the India-based Super Fight League’s first North American show on Oct. 4 at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, Wash.

“The biggest thing for myself is that I want to feel like mentally I’m where I want to be and attack the fight the way I want to attack it and make it mine,” said Schneider of her fight strategy. “I really feel very competent everywhere, so it’s just about putting it all together seamlessly.”

While returning to the UFC after her stint on The Ultimate Fighter 18 would be something Schneider would enjoy, she’s more focused on making sure she’s the kind of complete fighter that she enjoys watching at shows.

“I think the best fights are to watch are the fights go everywhere and the fighters are good everywhere,” she said. “I want to see high-level skill and talent all over the cage, wherever the fight goes, so that’s what I’m looking to bring.

“I wouldn’t mind getting a couple more fights in before moving on to a bigger stage.”

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