Cody Gibson’s TMZ Bar-Fight Moment: ‘You Know Who I Am? Google Me!”

October 6, 2014
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Although he later told Sherdog Radio that he didn’t want to be “that guy” that got fired for something stupid, UFC fighter Cody Gibson recently had his TMZ moment, getting caught on camera in a bar tussle, saying, “Do you know who I am? Google me, bitch!”

(Video courtesy of TMZ Sports)

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  • TheCerealKiller

    I had to Google him. Never heard of him. 1-2 in the UFC, big deal.

    • dgs

      While that may be, the average pro fighter would seriously hurt the typical drunk, moron, liquid courage bar fighter. So in his own “interesting” way, it seems as though he (Cody) was trying to spare the guy embarrassment and hospital bills.

      • dgs

        Although watching that video (after I posted), it appears he (Cody) got his butt beat, so I guess being a pro fighter didn’t work out well for him in this case. The dude he fought looked a good bit bigger as well.

        Actually, being a pro fighter can be a real hindrance in a street fight, because we all known, you fight how you train, but take downs in a street fight are really stupid. The one thing you don’t want to do, is go to the ground in the street. But I have seen time and again these pro fighters getting in street fights immediately going for the take down, because it’s so ingrained in their training. Which is why, I give a really good street fighter big odds against a pro fighter in the street, where anything goes, and where the mentality is totally different than a sanctioned MMA fight.

        • Lucas Freire

          Why is that so? On the streets no one sprawls. lol
          And I can assure you a big slam on the concrete is harder than a drunk punch.

          • earlsimmons

            “Anyone can throw punches” LUL have you ever even put on a pair of boxing gloves and sparred?!?! I feel 100% more comf standing on my feet against some1 who has never learned to throw a punch. See them things coming from a mile away. Your a joke please dont comment on stuff you dont know.

          • Lucas Freire

            Yes I already did, and not not only I sparred. I fought.
            Stop talking like you’re the rule to be followed. You feel this way? Great. But it doesn’t take anything from my statement. ANYONE CAN THROW PUNCHES. I’m not talking about technical punches, I’m talking about closing your fist and throwing it on someone else’s face, just like the guy on the video did.

            If you ever fought you’d know that anyone can get caught. Also, there’s a huge difference between sparring and brawling. On a spar there’s respect, rules, and camaraderie. On a brawl there’s a guy who can do anything, or use anything to hurt or kill you.
            Even if you’re a better striker than I am, it doesn’t make my chances of hitting you a 0%.
            The same can’t be said about a guy with no ground knowledge mounted by a blue belt.

          • MuayThaiFood

            My money is on the guy’s buddy who soccer kicks your head from your blind side while you are executing some expert ground moves.

          • Ling

            True true, the ground is no place to be on the streets

          • Lucas Freire

            Well…if we’re assuming this isn’t a one versus one, why can’t we also assume that he was having a night out with his UFC buddies? lol
            I’m not talking about throwing a mounted gogoplata on some random dude. I’m talking about putting the other guy on a position where he’s completely defenseless.

          • MuayThaiFood

            The problem is that you already assumed it was one on one. Where were the guy’s buddies when they were both standing? It wasn’t until it hit the ground that they intervened and luckily for Cody they weren’t the boot stomping kind because it takes no skill to punt someone’s head when they are at ground level and occupied with another assailant. I don’t care what color belts you have or how many, you are probably going to get jacked up.

          • earlsimmons

            “On a spar there’s respect, rules, and camaraderie.”… HA where did you box at?!? Did you guys sit down and talk about feelings afterwards too? Where I sparred we had no camaraderie. We barely even knew each others name. We werent there to make friends, we were there to box bro, we followed rules but we tried to take each others heads off. You fight how you train. And this is just dumb-
            “Even if you’re a better striker than I am, it doesn’t make my chances of hitting you a 0%.”
            I never said 0 but you take someone who knows how to slip, time punches, and has his hands up in the right spots and it is damn hard to hit him.You have a better chance of knocking yourself out or hurting yourself taking some1 to the ground on pavement than you do being KO by someone who doesnt know how to throw a punch. Honestly most people either throw haymakers which if you cant move away from then you deserve to be KOed or they throw love taps because they have no turn or drive behind it. ill take my chances standing where I can move if someone else decides to jump in also.

          • Lucas Freire

            Of course there’s camaraderie, if you TKO a guy, you’ll keep on hitting him or you’ll retreat and call it a bout? I aknowledge everything you said makes sense, but I keep my point that in the streets you can’t give any space for the other guy to do anything.
            You guys were there to box, on the street the guy will not be there to box, he’ll be there to hurt you. It doesn’t matter if he has to grab something to strike you with, if he’ll try to tackle you or if he’ll throw haymakers.

            My point is that you can’t just give the other guy any chance to hit you.
            This Cody fella is a UFC fighter, but still got sucker punched. You wouldn’t let it happen? It’d never happen to you?
            I’m not some grappling fanatic trying to prove a point, it just seems to me that on the ground if you know your shit and the other guy doesn’t, he’ll not be able to do anything.

            How many wrestlers have KOed condecorated strikers? It happens.
            But you’ll never see, or at least I can’t remember any situation, a one dimensional striker submitting or controlling a grappler on the ground.

            “You have a better chance of knocking yourself out or hurting yourself taking some1 to the ground on pavement than you do being KO by someone who doesnt know how to throw a punch.”
            I deeply disagree. Any white belt or high school wrestler knows how to take someone down without hurting yourself.

            tldr; SHIT HAPPENS.

        • You give a really good street fighter big odds against a pro fighter in the street where anything goes?? Do you even train? Are you one of those guys who watches because he likes the violent (Not competitive aspect) of the sport? I’m pretty sure the high level of training Amy’s and Pro’s endure are on a whole other level of mentality then some guy who may fight on the street against other guys on the street. I hope Dana White reads your comment so he can rip your head off. I never tell anyone off 99% of the time, but you are just an idiot.

          • dgs

            I’ve trained in multiple arts for over 20 years, and I have been training MMA for about eight years at the Guy Mezger academy in Dallas. It is apparent to me you have never been in a street fight with someone who fights all the time, with no rules at all, meaning bottles, sticks, concrete, biting, eye gouging, and a host of other “techniques” a ruthless street fighter won’t hesitate to use.

            Just because one fights MMA as a pro, does not automatically make them a god of all things combat, and does not mean they can’t lose a fight against someone who is not a pro fighter. The fact you believe otherwise shows your ignorance.

            I could care less about Dana White or what he thinks of me, and that includes you as well.

          • TrentSki

            Agreed, CombatScienceMMA has no idea

  • Tim Seymour

    Looked like he lost to me. One good punch to nothing.

  • Austin, TX

    3 things I noticed. 1. that guy was much larger than him. 2. he took that punch very well and then taunted him. 3 after he took him down some douche pulled his legs off him and f*cked up his takedown and what he was doing on the ground. If that douche hadn’t stepped in and everybody that was pulling them apart would have just stepped back and let ’em fight I have a feeling it would have ended up a lot different.

  • Oktay Akgül

    I hope he’ll be put up against Renan Barao (no offence to the champ TJ. D.) or any heavy hitter in his own division. Sucker punching a guy with his UFC tags and even getting grounded and most important his friend needed to help him so he wouldn’t get beat up, a guy bragging and sucker punching and even losing. People who sucker punch needs to be punished. This guy is a joke…What a sucker, it’s a disgrace for the UFC. Bringing this much shame towards the organisation and his own worthless name.

    • Brandon

      The guy who got sucker punched is Cody Gibson…

    • TheCerealKiller

      LOL! You’re a true idiot.

  • danksy

    The worst part is the end…..”UFC fighter, my ass”

  • Guest

    This shows you what a joke MMA is. Very few fighters actually have a good standup/striking game. Just a handful of these guys in the UFC really “know” muay thai while the rest just look sloppy. A double leg in a street fight…what a joke! Lol!

    • James Blacksmith

      I wouldn’t fight Cody and I’m heavier than him by 65 pounds.

      The other guy was going to get hurt, his sucker punch failed and he was taken to the ground twice, only to be saved by his friends. How incredibly lame to have a friend help you out against a guy 50 pounds smaller than you.

      I’d pay to see a rematch with just the two, but it wouldn’t last 30 seconds.

    • A double leg take-down in a street fight is a smart way to take a larger opponent to the ground. The larger instigator avoided getting his ass handed to him because he had friends to save him.

    • Joke?? he taked the other guy down like nothing!! One of the other guy´s friend moved him to lose the position. Street ground and pound is no joke man.

  • stonewall

    I am not trying to get into some stupid internet war of opinions, But a professional fighter shouldn’t even find himself in a street fight in the first place. He has way to much to loose and not shit to gain. That being said I would put my money on the pro any day. He puts himself through a torcherous grind day in and day out, gets punched, kicked, kneed, elbowed, slammed, arm barred, and choked on a regular basis. He does this against numerous training partners all shapes and sizes every single day. He trains with world class boxers, wrestlers, jui jitzu, sambo and judo black belts. At a professional level he should be very comfortable in any position an opponent should present him with minus weapons and cheap shit. Granit a fight is a fight and anyone can land a good game changing blow at any time. But a fighter knows that more then anything. In this situation the big guy who also has weight as a major advantage took a cheap shot which the pro took well I thought but since he was most likely a bit rocked from it, he did what a fighter is trained to do while rocked shoot on the dude and take him down to gain time to recover and make the weight and height advantage even on the ground. Everyone thinks that if one guy gets more punches in or is more aggressive off the bat and the fight gets stopped that guy wins? But a pro has tools for longevity and a high tolerance for pain intake. You let this fight go on without interruption I bet the big guy tires and gets slow and sloppy within the next couple minutes. His high percentage of short powerful rapid punches get weaker and weaker and the pro takes over. But we all know street fighting isn’t the same thing. Anything goes and you have to be mean and quick to hurt the guy. The ground isn’t a good place to be cause most people feel the need to jump in and kick you or hold you down. But in a one on one situation where everyone backed up and let it go. My money is on the pro…

  • Jon Jones

    dgs has a point…. no rules street fighting is a whole different world… there are some wicked people out there whose only interest in a fight is “hurting” or “beating” a person to near death not just merely “winning” the fight.