Cody Bollinger’s TUF 18 Fighter Blog Week 9: TUF Dream Fizzles; On to WSOF

October 31, 2013
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Cody BollingerIt is not every day that one finds himself living a dream that turns into a nightmare.  I knew heading into the show that this was going to be the hardest weight cut of my career.  As Miesha said it would have been pathetic to not try, and giving it my all is exactly what I did, I went for it, risked it all and that decision ended one dream.

First of all, I would like to publicly apologize to the fighters who dreamed of being in my spot and could have made weight. I realize I was standing in your shoes, occupying your dream and I apologize.  To the coaches, producers, Zuffa and everyone involved with TUF 18, I am sorry.  I realize you all have so much riding on this show and opportunity and I can’t apologize enough for my mistakes.

I missed weight and have zero excuses about it. I didn’t adjust well enough to the situation I was put in and paid for that tremendously.  A small piece of advice to those chasing your Ultimate Fighter dream, prepare your mind and body, the show is not a joke.  You have 8-9 weeks and you will have to make a lot of weight cuts.  If you are doing a show at 135, make sure you come in around 135.

I knew from the beginning it was going to be an extremely hard weight cut both mentally and physically and it would push me to my limits, but I would like everyone to put yourself in my shoes. If you had what was the chance of a lifetime in your MMA career and the opportunity to be a cast member on The Ultimate Fighter, wouldn’t you take a shot for your dream even if you knew there was a chance you’d have weight problems? I took a chance, paid for the mistake, and in the end I would do it over again, but with some major changes.

I have no hard feelings about the things said about me. I would have said stuff too had it not been my dream ending.  I understand where they were coming from.  All I can do is live and learn.  When Dana White told me to walk out those doors with the cameras rolling, that was as real as it gets. My run on The Ultimate Fighter 18 had come to an end and my MMA career seemed to have hit a speed bump.

It was not long before I realized that when one dream ends, you make the shift to chase a new one.  I just signed a multi-fight contract with World Series of Fighting.  I will be making my WSoF debut in January when the WSoF heads to Texas. I have a lot to learn and a lot to make up for, I am only 22, and I hope the WSoF gives my career the springboard it needs.

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  • drkdisciple

    Have a hard time feeling sorry for this guy. Anybody can have a bad day and lose a fight but there is no excuse to not make weight.

    • bajafox

      Same here, not too much sympathy but at least he admitted he would react the same way as we all do so I do respect him for that

  • Phips.deus

    In all honesty, I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often. If you notice, most TUF alums fight a weight class or two below the one on the show. If anything, I would have advised any against competing unless you are a natural 125er, like most of the fighters on the show

    • mdm24

      Didn’t all the guys who advanced to the semis cut from the 150’s and three of the girls who advanced cut weight.

      • Kris-tyahn

        Yup, I think some of the males may have weighed 160, the dude felt sorry for himself, he let his wife & daughter down & made himself look like a complete and utter loser! People don’t make weight, “stuff happens”, but to not try eveything you can & to just sit there feeling sorry for himself, I have ZERO respect for him. UFC shouldnt waste time on losers like this, he quit when he had plenty of time left & plenty of people to support him.
        Like I said, it’s not the fact he didn;t make weight, it’s the fact that he was the #1 pick & had 4+ weeks to make weight & when it came down to show what he was really made of, he failed miserably. Take a salt bath, run with garbage bags on in the sauna, do whatever’s available until wegh ins, if you don’t make weight, then at least you tried & proved it wasn’t b/c of lack of trying, but it was b/c of your body shutting down. I’ll never pay to watch this douche bag fight, in any organization!!! Way to show your wife & daughter how much of a man/failure you really are Cody!!!

        • El Gvapo

          A bit harsh. You never know how they chose to edit the footage.

          • Amanda De

            What do you think was edited? Read all of the fighters blogs, they talk about Cody eating ice cream and other junk food late at night, not using the nutritionist, etc. Cody got to know for two weeks when his fight would be, so he had extra time to make sure he got down to weight. He didn’t, and when it came down to it, he just quit trying. That’s why Dana kicked him out. TUF contestants have missed weight before and not been thrown out. Quitting and deciding you’re just not going to bother trying anymore is what got him removed, and what caused him to lose a lot of people’s respect.

  • El Gvapo

    I suppose this explains that odd review episode last week. Just a thought though, wouldn’t he have had to make weight for the fight to get in the house? Different environment yes, but same principal? It’s not like the first time he’s tried to get to 135. Can’t help but feel sorry for him a bit, he seemed like a good guy.

  • El Gvapo

    I also didn’t like Ronda’s massive exaggeration when telling her team how meisha was talking about Cody not making weight to Dana. This season has done way more bad than good for her I would have thought.

    • Kris-tyahn

      Yeah Rousey exagerated EVERYTHING when talking about Tate. This show has made Rousey look like an even bigger idiot/bitch, while Tate has looked impressive, she’s also looking sexier & sexier by the week. She’s got an incredible body, and I mean INCREDIBLE, she’s also very beautiful.
      As for Cody, I hope that loser never fights in the UFC, he definitely doesn’t deserve to, after being such a bitch/quitter. I’d be ashamed of him if I were related to this clown, especially if I were his wife. I have no issue with fighters who exhaust every possibility to try & lose weight, but don’t, b/c sometimes the body doesn’t cooperate, shit happens, but this loser just sat there feeling sorry for himself & didn’t try EVERYTHING he could, and for that reason alone he shoudn’t get to fight in the UFC EVER!

  • Yozigi

    It was a really undesirable situation for all parties involved I’m sure. Still, it’s refreshing to hear a professional athlete (let alone an MMA fighter) not make any excuses and take full responsibility for his own actions. Bollinger is still maturing as an athlete but he projects humility and open mindedness far superior to his peers in the TUF house. I hope those qualities take him far in the sport.

  • El Gvapo

    Can anyone tell me, are all the fights to get in the house at 135lbs? If he made the cut before then why was it so hard this time?

  • El Gvapo

    I think the UFC should really do a bit more to help these guys make weight on the show. Let’s face it, the show isn’t about trying to find the next UFC champ anymore. There haven’t been many fighters from the past ten seasons who have made it passed the prelim cards after all. It’s all about the money now and they should be more responsible in making sure the product is fit for purpose and not give us throwaway “review” episodes like we got last week. Now I realise making weight is part of the rites of passage of a fighter but I just think the producers of the show should take more of an interest in ensuring that happens. Plus I didn’t like the way the guy was humiliated at the end and made to leave, that was unnecessary in my opinion.

  • Amanda De

    Not to be a jerk, but Cody didn’t miss weight. He quit trying to make weight. There’s a difference, and it’s the reason Dana kicked him out of gym. Cody got a better deal than most of the other fighters in the house, because he got to know for two weeks who his fight would be with and when. This should have helped him make weight, yet even the other fighters have commented in their blogs about him eating ice cream and other junk food at night fairly regularly. For someone who knew he would have weight problems because he’s a bigger guy, all that shows is a lack of discipline and willpower to me. Some have even said they had a nutritionist on the show and Cody just didn’t bother to use their help, or stick to the advice they gave.

    If Cody really did think he was going to have a hard time making weight, why wasn’t that something he could talk to Team Tate about further ahead of time and get extra help with? From everything I’ve read from the fighter’s blogs, Team Tate didn’t seem to have the same kind of supportive relationship with the coaches that Team Rousey had. That’s too bad, because it’s obvious that Cody needed it. I mean, we obviously saw Tate and bf trying to help Cody that last day, but I don’t agree with her going on and on about how she tried so hard and did everything she could.

    Just my opinion though.