CM Punk Says Once He Has a UFC Fight Dialed In, ‘It’ll Be Easy at That Point’ (Video)

December 17, 2014
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(Video courtesy of ESPN | Video not available on all devices per ESPN restrictions)

Phil “CM Punk” Brooks is one of the most polarizing points of interest in 2015 as the UFC’s year comes to a close. Sure, there have been numerous great fights, a surprising class action lawsuit, and much more, but hardly anything around the Octagon has garnered the headlines that Punk has.

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Still making the media rounds, Punk appeared on ESPN on Wednesday, and said that he mostly made the decision to try his hand a real fighting because of the challenge. He knows that there is a mountain of expectations to manage, both positive and negative, but he’s ready to do just that, and told ESPN that once he finally gets a fight scheduled later this year, “It’ll be easy at that point.”

Check out what Phil “CM Punk” Brooks had to say during his stop with MMA Live Extra on ESPN.

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  • DamianCross

    Please bait the headlines some more. Put in something about how Ronda Rousey said she would take great pleasure in ‘murdering’ cyborg.

  • TheCerealKiller

    “Phil “CM Punk” Brooks is one of the most polarizing points of interest in 2015”

    He’s not even a point of conversation at this time. A lot can happen by fall next year. He might not even develop into something they would put in the cage.

  • Drock420

    Yeah all CM Punk needs to do is beat a guy like Heath Herring then he deserves the title shot.

  • taylor2008

    I heard Dana was going to sign Roddy Piper next.