CM Punk Joins the UFC: ‘They Will Respect Me’ (UFC 181 Video)

December 7, 2014
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Phil “CM Punk” Brooks and the UFC ended weeks of speculation on Saturday night at UFC 181 when the promotion officially announced that the former WWE champion had signed a fight contract.

SEE ALSO: Former WWE Champ CM Punk Follows Brock Lesnar’s Footsteps to the UFC was on the scene as CM Punk talked about signing with the UFC and what he expects in his new career venture.

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  • TheCerealKiller

    SMH, he said CM Punk. This isn’t fake wrestling, don’t use those fake names anymore.

    • Seth

      Maybe he will use it as him nickname? .-. People recognize him more as CM Punk, so expect UFC to use it a lot o: In case he would headline anything (just in theory, Im not saying he will), card would be called “XXX Vs Punk” probably o:

    • Trey

      “The Iceman” Chuck Liddel? “The Spider” Anderson Silva? Jon “Bones” Jones? “The Axe Murderer” Wanderlei Silva? “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey? “The Natural Born Killer” Carlos Condit? “The Korean Zombie” Chan-Sung Jung? etc.

      Yeah your right, fake names don’t belong in the UFC… -_-

      • TheCerealKiller

        CM Punk is a made up show name, not a nickname. Most nicknames are earned and given in the gym. I don’t want MMA to be related to WWE in any way.

        • MMA is related to Pro Wrestling, and if you don’t like it: don’t watch, moron.

          • Guest

            Mma is completely different to pro wrestling. CM punk will get a dose of reality when he gets destroyed in his fights.

        • shakejunt

          little late for that when your biggest draw ever was a pro wrestler and your biggest draws of the past few years are just re-hashing ric flair lines.

        • NS317453

          He used that name for YEARS prior to joining the WWE while on the independent circuit. He’s one of the only people to work for the WWE and keep their original name. Very few guys can do that, because the WWE wants to own the rights to the name for merchandise, games, etc…

          Brooks can do anything as “CM Punk” while other former WWE guys have new names or ones that are a spin-off of the one people actually know.

          When you’ve used a ‘show’ name or nickname for half of your life (nearly 20 years for Punk), it’s practically your real one.

    • shakejunt

      yeah no more cro cop or kongo or jacare, that’s all silly.

  • Derringer Duo

    I’ve said it elsewhere and I’ll say it here: The weakest opponent Dana White could give CM Punk right now, as far as one of those “0-0, 1-0, 2-1” guys he’s saying he’ll start Punk off against is 0-1 in the UFC. Vitor Miranda.

    In putting CM Punk up against Vitor Miranda, the weakest guy in the middle weight division, you’re putting a guy who is 0-0 without a single professional fight, ranked fight, tournament fight, or even a backyard fight up against a 6-time Kickboxing and Muay Thai World Champion with a global overall record of 32-12.

    It’s ridiculous that CM Punk is in the UFC. He doesn’t belong. And I liked CM Punk in the WWE. But NO man from any background, belongs in the UFC without a single fight under his belt. I don’t care if it was a trained Marine. You need to fight first.

    • Spike

      Meanwhile they wont sign Ben Askren. What a joke.

      • Who?

        • Spike

          Undefeated lightweight and gold medal champion

          • How many PPV buys will he be projected to bring in? This is a business, fanboy.

          • Spike

            You talk like he’s got a 0-0 record like a certain somebody. Askren has paid his dues but yet punk gets signed when he’s got no fight experience? Ha!

          • You talk like anyone cares one iota about some boring fool’s win-loss-draw record, or his trinkets from another sport, or how much you are in bro-love with him. The fact of the matter is that this is a business. Go run your own business and stop watching or following this one if it is that unamenable. Got it?

          • Spike

            Oh look, it’s a cm punk ass kisser. If you can’t see how ridiculous his signing is then you’re clearly delusional. Who has punk fought? At least Askren is an undefeated mma champion

          • No one cares. Shut up.

          • Spike

            Lots of people care if you don’t, douchebag!

  • Joe Dog

    Phil Bro

  • TheAdequateKhali

    This is exciting news, watching people from pro wrestling crossing over into MMA especially from the 2 big companies WWE to UFC. Why can’t people just enjoy this spectacle?

    • John Youwer

      Cause its a joke, just like what the UFC has become.

  • stfu


  • mmalive

    Mr. Phil Brooks,

    You are in for a HARD AWAKENING. The UFC is NOT FAKE WWE crap.

    All strikes, grappling, wrestling, etc… are ALL REAL.

    Any punch, kick, submission will be to KO, break bones, and make you go NIGHT NIGHT.

    The only reason Brock Lesner did well was due to his NCAA wrestling background and MASSIVE SIZE.

    CM Punk will have a RUDE introduction into UFC.

    • Neil

      Mr. Mmalive,

      You are in for a HARD AWAKENING if you think he’s not aware of what it takes to participate in mma. This isn’t the early 90’s, and he isn’t simply just some pro wrestler who thinks he can fight for real. As well as being a legit bjj practitioner, I can guarantee you pro-wrestling at the level he did is harder on your body then any mma fight could ever be.

      • mmalive

        Mr ” Wanna Be” WWE poster child,

        Go do your research before making yourself look STUPID in MMA world.

        All wrestling is ” STAGED “. All moves, action, and winners are previously determined by upper brass.

        MMA is a TOTALLY different game guy.

        All moves, ko, submissions are REAL.

        No “outside” interference once cage door closes. ALA WWE style.

        Neil, crawl back in your hole and learn real mma before making any FOOLISH comments you just made.

        • Neil

          haha, ok dude.

          I’ve been following and training MMA since 2003, so I know quite a bit. I also follow and know a fair bit about the physical aspect of pro-wrestling. An aspect that terms like ‘staged’ and ‘determined’ don’t really have a factor in. Please crawl back in your hole and learn more about the physical side of pro-wrestling, maybe even spend ten minutes in a ring, take a couple bumps, maybe a submission or two, hell, even a slap to the chest. Then please come back and tell me how your body feels.

          Of course there’s a difference in the two, but if you think that wrestling isn’t tough, and doesn’t require a high level of fitness and athletic ability, then it’s yourself looking foolish my man.

          • mmalive

            Neil, You are a JOKE and WASTED.

            Where did I state that It was not tough in wrestling DUMMY?

            I mentioned that NOTHING is “STAGED” in MMA and everything is real CLOWN.

            All actions whether submission, ko, stikes, kicks,punches are REAL with very serious results.

            Nothing is staged or any winner determined unlike “pro wrestling”

            Not the BS ” punching 10-20 in head with very little affect in wrestling” ALA WWE Syle.

            So keep with the “FAKE WWE” fights and keep it out of MMA discussion.

            BTW, I train MMA 3 days a week. BJJ, striking, wrestling, cardio, weights so I have keen knowledge of REAL CAGE FIGHTING. I did a few exhibition fight shows.

  • mike kozlowskyj


  • John Youwer

    This idiot is joining the UFC. Just another reason the UFC is slowing sinking. The ratings are down, Pay Per view buys are down. Nobody cared about the past TUF show. People are sick of loser Dana White and his attitude and how far his head is up Rhonda’s butt