Close Up: Rashad Evans

November 2, 2011
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The rivalry between former teammates Rashad Evans and UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is one of the most heated in mixed martial arts. But Evans seems to fave mellowed on the rivalry just a bit.

“Jon Jones can’t help but jack my swagger. At first I was kind of bothered by it, but now I’m kind of flattered. He’s the champion; he’s copying me. He’s jacking my swagger and he doesn’t even know he’s jacking my swagger. He looks up to me that much,” Evans said in a recent interview with content partners Whoa! TV and Bleacher Report.

Check out the full length sit-down interview with former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans…

  • BigGuy

    “He’s jacking my swagger and he doesn’t even know he’s jacking my swagger.” What a ghetto bum.

    Retard Evans is going to get killed when they lock that cage with Jones in it. I can’t wait. I wish I could order that fight right now!

  • ThaGreenBandit

    Ghetto? Bum? How is Rashad Ghetto? Because he uses slang? Or is it because he’s black, and uses slang, because I doubt you would be calling him ghetto if he was white, because he doesn’t represent himself in a “ghetto” way. As far as being a bum, how so? How does Rashad earn this “bum” status? By defeating Rampage, Liddell, Bisping, and Griffin to name a few?

    • BigGuy

      Take it easy, Bandit. Let’s see how effective Retard Evans is when these two meet. He doesn’t stand a chance against Jones, and even you know that. We’ll see…

  • Santz

    Ok, nowhere in his original comment does BigGuy mention race in any way…his insults are general terms and don’t narrow down to him being racist whatsoever. MMA fans just can’t stand Rashad in general…plain and simple! You must be one of those who draws the race card often and inappropriately.

    • Black Belt

      Well said Santz! Hey, Bandit, where does Big Guy say ANYTHING about him being black??? I think we all know who the bigot is here, GreenBandit. A large majority of fans hate Evans, and not because he is black.

      What an ignorant comment to make, idiot!