Close to Pulling the Fight, Dana White Says Nick Diaz Fulfilled His Latest UFC 158 Obligation (video)

February 24, 2013
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Nick Diaz UFC 129UFC president Dana White recently stated that Nick Diaz no-showed a taping of Countdown to UFC 158. After some stops and starts, it appears that – while White says he’s gotten close to pulling Diaz from his shot at welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre – Nick seems to be fulfilling his obligations, but now there may be issues with his brother, Nate.

  • Oswald Cobblepott

    Diaz = high school dropout retard, cut these fools they will never win a title in the UFC

    • Ian Price

      Not a huge fan, but Nick does have a decent shot at winning. He is not an 6:1 underdog, that’s for sure.

      • He has no shot, your funny.

        • baws


        • uncle

          Of course He has a shot we all know GSP just want to take him down therefore the ground is Nick’s 2nd home he has sick
          Jiu Jitsu Gsp is fighting a Jake Shields that can actually throw punches in volume

          • Matt

            Are Jake Shields and Diaz as sick as BJ Penn on the ground because GSP wasn’t afraid of taking BJ down?

          • uncle

            And Nick wasn’t Afraid to strike with BJ
            he made him retire whats your point
            Jake Shields has a beautiful ground
            game he has more submission wins then

          • RonnieV

            GSP was scared to get Shields on teh ground, because when he took Shields down he jumped right back up. Penn, may have sick BJJ, but he doesn’t use it in his fights nearly as mich as Diaz.

          • uncle

            I agree with you thats what I was trying to
            tell Mr Hutton Nick has a shot

          • uncle

            Yes BJ is sick also GSP took him down
            because he was greased up

        • Grandy

          $50,000 my ass! what a joke!lol Diaz’s comment “thats bulls***” said it all. Diaz wins this fight!

    • bajafox

      What does him being a drop out have to do with him as a fighter? That is just plain stupid to even consider firing him because of his lack of an education. Both of those guys always show up to fight, that’s what I pay to watch them do, not win some academic award.

      • Monster

        They are not required to act. They are however required to finish something that they are being paid to do. That requires them to act professional and show up for press conferences to promote their jobs. I think that their lack of education shows in their actions. I also think that them dropping out from school shows that they can’t finish simple task that require more than their fist and trash talk.

  • Duh

    Dana is just waiting for George to beat him so he can cut him.

    • I’ve been having that same feeling, I just don’t see Nick sticking around much longer, maybe WSOF will pick him up or KOTC or some smaller promotion trying to create a cash cow.

      • He could always go back to strikeforce? lol just kidding. Monopolies are great.

    • Reed

      Ya, and too bad Diaz is going to spoil his plan!

      • JuanBlaze

        Man I sure hope so.

  • David

    They are both (Nick and Nate) unquestionably talented and excellent fighters, but they are both showing they are not worth the trouble. Many would kill for the life of being a fighter (it is a hard life) but still a dream compared to most jobs. They both need to stop being jackasses and do their f@#*^%g jobs and obligations.

    • Huckie

      Thank you!!! I hate the Diaz brothers for this reason alone. I think that the UFC would be better off without these two clowns

    • Stockton represent mothafuka

      mmm how about respect for a guy who brings it inside of the octogon and not outside? He doesn’t want fame, nor some lame documentary pitying him for growing in up in Stockton or some other tearjercker bullsh*t. How can you not respect him for having pride and not selling out his personal life for promotion? I think Diaz will surprise a lot of people in this fight. Shields hurt Gsp left eye? Diaz will shut both before pullin the gogoplata (or not 😉 ) but it will be a good fight, nothing like nate bendo

      • RonnieV

        Completely off topic, but IMO the Diaz-Gomi fight in 2007 is still the best MMA fight ever. When was the last time anyone saw a better gogoplata?

      • Lucas Freire

        I dare to disagree. Just as the Condit vs Diaz fight showed,Diaz may have the heart of a lion,and may love to fight inside the octagon…But he has no strategy.
        But that against the biggest strategist of the UFC and you’ll se what you’ll get.

      • Sir_Roy

        Doubt GSP will strike with Diaz as he did Shields. Jake’s weakness was striking. Nick’s is most definitely not. It’s his wrestling. Nick’s going to get out wrestled. He has a punchers chance, but I don’t see GSP standing around while Diaz peppers him with endless feather shots.

        Diaz admittedly has great BJJ and will be dangerous off his back, but GSP’s submission defense is extremely solid.

        I agree that this fight is still dangerous for GSP though. Be silly to think otherwise. Diaz is no easy pushover.

  • Darin

    Dana looks exhausted. This guy is going to work himself to death if he doesn’t learn to delegate and trust other people to handle some of the load.

  • Aanaya

    Huge Diaz guy, but yeah they need to pull it together and fulfill their obligations! Shits kinda getting old…

    WAR NICK DIAZ!!!!!!!!

  • BIG ERN849

    I agree that it seems easy to say just do the press to normal person . But anyone who has sat down and watched Nick Diaz for more than five minutes knows he’s not normal. He has some serious social anxiety issues. So I kind of understand where he’s coming from also.
    I don’t think any of us can really fathom how much press these guys do. And for a guy like Diaz it’s difficult to almost impossible.

    • DiazHater

      Ya and I can’t fathom getting paid what they do to promote their jobs!! Go cry in a corner.

      • BIG ERN849

        Yeah you can’t fathom it because its not your life or hell even your realm. Your just some guy/girl that tunes in to watch him fight. It would be the equivalent to him mocking a fascist of your job that you hate. All I was saying is that clearly he has an issue with dealing with people and its pretty apparent.

        • RonnieV

          Not people, he has a problem talking in front of a camera.

      • Freddy

        Waaaaaa! Dana’s greased up french barbie doll will not have an answer for Nick Diaz’s pressure packed assault!

    • RonnieV

      For the few of us fight fans that have met Nick, know that he is a cool dude. He does struggle in front of a camera, but he’s perfectly fine having a regular conversation. Watch some of his training videos, when he’s talking to people not the camera. The best part about Nick, is he is a real person, and he doesn’t put on an act for anybody. People like to say he talks trash, yet he doesn’t talk to the media. So the only place he talks trash is in the ring, and he backs it up. As fight fans, do you really have a problem with him talking trash in the ring? Think about it!

  • Trevor

    They will be gone soon and both will have a long life of stupidity. Neither Nick nor Nate will end up anywhere in life other than living in trailer parks regretting the fact that they had a chance to make some money based on the talent the were lucky to have. MMA is in it’s heyday right now but it will pass and the smart business fighters will be laughing at these losers. GSP is going to murder this punk.

    • Buck

      gsp cant finish anybody! and now you say he’s going to murder Nick Diaz. Now thats funny!lol

      • Trevor

        Watch the fight! Diaz will be lost and outclassed and beat up good! Now that’s funny!lol

        • RonnieV

          But you said he was going to murder Nick? When was the last time Nick was knocked out….. 2002! If GSP wins it will be by takedowns and leg kicks… thats it. If Nick wins, it will be by TKO or Submission.

        • Jimmy

          If you actually think gsp can hurt Diaz you are delusional!

  • Lawdog1521

    So… Nick starts a fight at a hospital with Joe Riggs, test positive for weed after the biggest fight of his career,storms the ring on K.J Noons, curb stomps someone on national TV, fails to show up for several promos before his last title fight, test positive for weed again… and we’re supposed to be surprised this **** happens? If he hasn’t grown up in the last 7 years, it ain’t going to happen, Dana. You hired him, you’re the dumb one.

    • John Bunch

      lol…when laid out like that…

  • Mark McDowall

    The most important part of that interview was when Dana said “try going in to your job and tell your boss your not doing something”. I think these upcoming cuts are going to be more based around what goes on behind the scenes rather than people performance in the cage. Look at the fight last night, Grice lost but showed tremendous heart, Dan Hardy lost 4 fights in a row but put on a hell of a show each time. These are the guys the UFC wants to see.

    Now look at the Diaz brothers, Nick pulled from a main event, Nate getting in trouble for flipping off the cameras on a live FOX broadcast, missing filming dates etc a manager that is one of the biggest morons in the history of MMA. How many times did Dana say it cost them over $50k during that 5 minute clip. You don’t think that is going to be stuck in his head when cut time comes?

    I think alot of these cuts will surprise people…but if you look at the whole picture rather than just win loss records they wont be very surprising.

  • Matt

    I think the countdown shows are important, but who cares if Diaz doesn’t show to a press conference. The guy can’t answer questions coherently and more drama and press is created by him not showing. I’m not saying other fighters should do it, but if you sound as terrible in interviews as the Diaz boys do you are probably better not showing.

  • George Sperry

    I RARELY agree w/Dana but he is right on the money with this.
    Apparently mental illness is part of the Diaz DNA and I can see why Dana is sick to f’ing death of their BS.
    I was warming up to Nate but apparently he is as bad as Nick.
    You Diaz supporters need to get out of their jocks and into reality. These guys are nuts.

  • Lawdog1521

    Also, if you’re going to feel bad for someone, feel bad for the film crew that has to figure out how to edit their footage of Nick and Nate into something that’s not an incoherent mess.

    • Fuzzy

      But that’s the essence of the Diaz story. They are an incoherent mess of human beings, except when they fight. More often than not, it is a beautiful thing to watch them go to war in the ring. That’s all they have, and they make it work.

      Each of the brothers will always be himself, no matter what. So getting them to try and do things that are not natural for them (i.e. fight promotion) is going to be like non-medicated teeth-pulling.

      In a way I do feel a tiny bit bad for the film crew because they’re job isn’t going to be simple and straightforward. But if they use some creativity, I think they use the real Nick and Nate to still tell a captivating story and promote what should be an exciting fight.

  • fd

    Danas A goof hes got more money than god let the kid do what he wants as long as he shows for the bout thats good enough

  • fd

    stpierre wanted the fight not diaz

  • real mma fan1

    Straight the f*@k up all you guys are just p****s! Im here to watch a effin fight eff the bs promotions for the fight just show them fight that’s why I pay who cares about education who cares about trash talk and drama I just wanna watch some effing mma retards!

    • Dana W

      Well awesome, as long as you’re tuned in then no need to waste any more time and money to promote the fight. I’ll call Nick and tell him to smoke a bowl and chill out.

  • Orville

    $50,000 my ass!. Diaz’s comment “thats bulls***” said it all! Diaz wins this fight!

  • 0rville

    $50’000 my ass! Diaz’s comment “thats bulls***” said it all! Diaz wins this fight!

  • Eabbat

    I find it difficult to believe after cutting John Fitch and saying he has way too many on the roster now and some more need to go, why in the ____ would he keep Nate and Nick. They are not worth even watching.

  • Nutsinyourmomsmouthandbooty

    Wow! Look at all the Diaz haters. Those guys did more, and made more money last year than most of you will make in your entire life. Smh. Lol! They both have enough money where as to, they never HAVE to fight another fight. They do it because they love it. However… Nick has another job he does also. He is an active, professional triathlete. Those guys also make a TON of $$$, teaching at their academy. They do not need the UFC.

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Cut Diaz.
    GSP Hendricks
    Condit Ellenberger

  • RonnieV

    Isn’t this a non-story? If he is full-filling his obligations now, what’s the point of this story? Regardless, it will still generate more comments than any other fighter, because lets face it… Nick Diaz is the most intriguing fighter in MMA. Love him or Hate him, people love talking about him!

  • Heathcliff

    As soon as Georges sees his own blood, it’ll be time to retreat but it won’t matter, cause once Diaz sees blood he swarms. The end!

  • Alex Anderson

    Nick Diaz may have some mental issues that people should be a little more sensitive of. Perhaps the UFC could find a way of turning Diaz’s odd character into a marketing strategy?

    Obviously there are limits to what accomodations you can expect an employer to give to someone with a disability, and maybe Diaz is just irresponsible and needs to learn his lessons the hard way, I don’t know what the truth is, but these things are worth considering.

  • the truth IMO

    Nick Diaz is so over hyped. He hasn’t beat anyone with a name. He lost to Diego Sanchez and Carlos Condit. He will be destroyed by GSP. End of the Diaz story… He knows it too…. It wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t show up, That way he can go with Bellator and not have to face a real champ.

  • Woof

    Primadonna f****** B******……They don’t want to fight ‘the best’ because there not willing to do the work ‘outside’ of the gym.

  • Sam spade

    Diaz is such a loser. He should be cut after this. Gsp isn’t just a world class fighter, he’s a brand. Diaz is a drug addict.