Clay Guida Moving Down to Featherweight

September 28, 2012

Clay GuidaFormer UFC lightweight contender Clay Guida will now try his hand at featherweight starting with his next fight inside the Octagon. Guida has long commented about being one of the smallest fighters competing at 155 pounds, but now he’s made the decision to move down a weight class.

Guida’s management team at VFD Sports Marketing made the announcement on Friday.

“The Carpenter is going to explore a new job site at the 145-pound division in the new year. I plan on making a run at the foreman or superintendent position right out of the gates. I hope you guys packed a lunch,” said Guida.

“It will be nice to finally be one of the bigger guys in the cage. I don’t cut weight at 155, and making 145 will be no problem for me. My fans will get to see The Dude put some royal beatings on everyone in the division. I will not be satisfied until the featherweight belt is mine.”

Guida has faced the stiffest competition the lightweight division has thrown at him over the years, and he’s always been a top ten contender despite giving up size to the majority of his opponents.

Now Guida will enter the fray at 145 pounds and looks to make an immediate impact with his first fight kicking off in 2013.

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  1. After his last fight- I don’t think anyone wants to see him fight.

    Hope he is only ever on the undercard so I don’t have to pay to see that crap again!

  2. i’d like to know what the fighters weigh on their way into the octagon, it seems bigger fighters are cutting weight into the smaller classes, as everyone’s fighting skills are getting more even, maybe size does matter.

  3. He will seethe same results at 145 lbs…gatekeeper and just out of contender status. He might just get a shot at Aldo though since Aldo just runs right over anyone they put in front of him so the list of contenders has really narrowed in the Featherweight division. I can’t stand hearing how Guida’s a “cardio machine” and has a wild style of fighting…blah, blah, blah…he is not an exciting fighter! He basically takes people down and ground and pounds with these ridiculous little multiple punches that probably hurt his fist more than his opponent. He holds opponents down for 3 rounds and just transitions positions. His striking is horrendous.

    • Agreed. I couldn’t disagree more when I hear that “wild-style” bullsh*t. Tank Abbot, that was a wild style, not bobbing and weaving with a few rabbit punches. Anyone who claims to have a wild style, the fight should never last more than a round, win or lose.

  4. Good Luck from Chicago Clay!

  5. The guy trains hard to condition and always brings the fight give him a break. The fight with Maynard was 100% game plan and he stuck with it. He didn’t get the win so nobody should really complain, it’s not like he beat Maynard. You learn from every fight. I don’t know if ten pounds is going to make a big difference for him but he does have a better chance at featherweight. That division isn’t stacked. I wouldn’t mind him and Edgar going at it. As long as the come forward Guida comes to fight.

  6. He might train hard but you apparently havent watched his recent fights because he sure hasnt brought the fight. Not saying a fighter has to be a finisher every time but sure in the hell not run. Clay’s definitely a runner. A fight with Edgar would be even more boring. Running isnt fighting.