Press Release
The Biggest and most prestigious MMA show in India : Clash of the Champions will hosted for the 3rd successful time in Nasik India by the Striking Grapplers Association of India on 28th Jan 2006.This years event will be held at the Tigers Gym , Balkawde Sports Complex which is Indias pioneer MMA training fascility.

For this years annual show the COTC promoters have aquired the services of fighters from Iran , Yemen , and Africa.Speaking with the Nasik Press this week chief Promoter Daniel Isaac said “The Primary objective of the COTC shows is to promote and highlight Asian talent for MMA , plus we always have the main card featuring semi grappling and kickboxing / muay thai bouts to support the MMA Main event , The Indian spectators are yet to understand and enjoy MMA fights as they should be enjoyed but we are getting there – now we have boxers , wrestlers and kickboxers cross training at branches of the Tigers Gym [R] all over the country.India is still in the UFC 1 – UFC 5 period and both spectators and fighters and just getting the feel of what real MMA is all about – But COTC has some real tough guys in the top 5 rankings – guys whom we believe can make a mark in Japan and put India on the World MMA Map – and when that happens we would begin our journey”.

At the top of the Main event show is the much awaited MMA superbout between the reigning COTC Asian Champion Shafiqur Rehman Shaikh and World COTC Champion Samson Joseph. Both Samson “The Cobra” and Shafique “Superkick” we supposed to meet at the 2004 show but due to some unforeseen reasons the bout didn’t happen.Superkick has watched The Cobra rise from being a 3 time National Amateur Champion till COTC World Champion in 2005.Superkick was there at ringside watching the Cobra dispose off Lee butler of Great Britain at the 2005 show and he believes that he should have faced The Cobra at that event rather than Lee Butler.”I have great respect for the Cobra being the COTC World Champion but I believe that I have the tools to take him out if im given the opportunity for a title bout” said Superkick at the same press conference.

The Cobra was scheduled to face Caol Uno at The K1 Heros july 2005 show in Tokyo japan but Uno pulled out of the fight in the last week and The Cobra was very disappointed not to face such a big name as Uno at that event.The Cobra said “I want a shot at any of the Japanese big names as soon as possible : Sudo , Kid , Gomi … no problem for me – I might not win for sure but I would give them one hell of a fight , they need to see what Indians are made of and Im an Indian who could give them a taste of some sweet desi music [if you know what I mean] – Facing Superkick will be just a warm up match for me – I would do my usual thing play with him for maybe round 1 and Knock him out when im getting bored.His kicks don’t bother me”.

COTC III will definitely begin a new interest in MMA for India.The show begins at 5pm on Saturday the 28th of Jan – for official news and updates visit www.wklasia.tk

By Daniel Isaac – COTC Chief Promoter