Ciara Irvine Starts New Conquest at SFL 40

April 25, 2015
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Over the past couple of years, female athletes have been able to make the successful transition to MMA from other sports. Looking to join them is Ciara Irvine, who will be making her debut at the upcoming Super Fight League 40 show on Saturday.

No stranger to combat sports, Irvine brings an extensive striking background with her into MMA.

“I’ve been training in Muay Thai for over eight years now and competed for over seven of those,” Irvine told “Just recently this year I started working on my grappling and wrestling so that I could make the transition into MMA.”

Irvine decided now was the time to make the transition because things were becoming more barren in her previous sport.

“Honestly, lack of fights in Thai boxing and not being able to fight as consistently as I would like to,” said Irvine. “I thought if I made the transition, I’d be able to fight more consistently and that’s been my goal.

“I’ve been enjoying myself learning something new and doing something new. I didn’t know that I was going to end up doing MMA, but I’m really glad I had the opportunity to make that transition and get fights scheduled.”

Irvine’s debut at SFL 40 this Saturday in Tacoma, Wash., comes against another fighter looking to pick up her first win in Susy Watson (0-2) in a 125-pound feature bout.

“I’ve been able to watch some video on Susy and I think she’s a tough girl,” said Irvine. “Obviously I’m going to want to keep it standing for as long as possible. If it does go to the ground, I’ve been working on my defense and will try to get it back on the feet as soon as possible.”

While her MMA debut is being closely watched by many in the Northwest, Irvine feels that it’s best to not get too far ahead of herself as she lays the foundation for her new career in 2015.

“At this point, I do want to go fight-by-fight,” said Irvine. “I’m still new to MMA, so it’s going to take me a while to catch up to the girls who have been training and fighting MMA for years.

“I am definitely working my butt off and plan to evolve in every fight. For now, I’m going to take my place in line and work my way up the ladder.”

(Photo courtesy of Grit Mouthguards)

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