Chuck Liddell Still Has the Itch, Especially with the UFC Moving to Fox Sports

September 27, 2011
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Chuck Liddell hasn’t set foot in the Octagon, at least as a fighter, in more than a year.

Like most fighters, he still has that itch to compete, but he’s also realistic about where he’s at in his career.

“I still wanna fight. I still like fighting, but my reasons for retiring stay the same,” Liddell said over the weekend. “There’s nothing I can do about that.”

Liddell’s life now revolves around growing the sport. Yeah, he’d much rather be in the Octagon, but his work outside of it keeps him on a busy schedule. Instead of hours on end in the gym, Liddell spends much of his week traveling to different locations where he promotes the sport he loves with personal appearances and helping people understand that mixed martial arts is a sport.

One of the most significant recent developments is the UFC’s new television deal with the Fox family of networks. Liddell would love to be a different part of that deal, stepping into the spotlight when the UFC puts fights on a major mainstream television network, but he seems content with where he’s at, and happy for the fighters that are granted that opportunity.

“The Fox deal is great… of course, I wish I was still in my prime and fighting, but I still love the sport and I love seeing it grow to this point.”

  • Poor chuck…maybe he can do some stem cell treatment on his jaw/brain that will eventually allow him to return.

  • BigGuy

    Everyone takes jabs and talks shit about Chuck, but it is the Chuck Liddell’s of MMA that made this sport what it is today. Everyone gets old and falls from the peak of their abilities.

    Like him or not, he deserves better than that!

    • Cptmats

      Bah, Chuck was always overrated ! Even in his prime when he was at his best there were still at least half a dozen guys in Pride that would destroy him !

      • kylesmith

        Chuck was the man. Show some respect.

        • Cptmats

          LMAO, Chuck was never the man !

          • Shows how much you know which lhws’ from pride are still relevant besides hendo jackson and shogun i betchu liddel in his prime oulda beat most of those guys besides rua and jackson

          • BigGuy

            @ Cptmats: Let me guess…You thought Kimbo was the greatest, right???

    • RaoulDuke1998

      Agreed!!!! To all of you “TOOLS” talking crap about one of the greatest fighters to ever step foot in the cage, “SUCK ON A BLOOD SOAKED FROZEN TAMPON POPSICLE, MID WAY THROUGH YOUR MOMS MUTATED MENSTRUAL CYCLE”!!

      FRONT RUNNERS!!!!! Let me guess, you morons only like who is the Champ at the given time…

      The funniest thing is all of you weak pathic dip shts on your best day would get the dog sht kicked out of you by Chuck on his worst day, hungover, (no pun intended) blind folded with two broken legs.

      • BigGuy

        @ Raoul: Thanks for seeing my point!

  • PappaK

    UFC on Fox 2 *Unfinished Business*: Liddell v. Ortiz

    • Michaelchimique

      lol bro unfished business? Chuck FINISHED that Business TWICE!!!!

      • PappaK

        LOL… agreed… I meant for Chuck. He REALLY wanted Ortiz and, IMO, deserved the chance. I’m willing to bet it eats him up every day that he couldn’t shut up Ortiz once and for all after the TUF series.

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  • Cptmats

    Chucks a joke, should’a retired twenty years ago !

  • bajafox

    I don’t like Chuck, if he wants to go in there and get KTFO again I’ll save up money to watch it.

    But I do think he was a great champion and his punch packed some power back in the day, too bad his chin let him down, he might still be a force in the LHW division