Chuck Liddell Says Huge Odds in Jon Jones’ Favor Are ‘Ridiculous’

April 17, 2012

Chuck Liddell at UFC 57Former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell has been a part of some of the biggest fights in the promotion’s history.

He also knows what it’s like to come into a fight as a huge favorite and also as a huge underdog.

The oddsmakers that set the lines usually have a pretty good sense of how things will turn out when releasing odds, and then it’s up to the betting public to drive the numbers either further apart or closer together.

In the case of the UFC 145 main event between Jon Jones and Rashad Evans, the current odds have the incumbent champion as a decided favorte. currently has Jones listed as a whopping -505 favorite while Evans comes back at an underdog rate of +405.

Listening to those odds, Chuck Liddell can’t believe what he’s hearing.

UFC 145 poster“I think that’s ridiculous. 5 to 1, and 6 to 1, I mean, Jon’s been great, he’s doing great, and he’s going to keep getting better, but this is a fight styles wise that’s a tougher fight for him than the ones he’s had,” Liddell said on MMAWeekly Radio.

“He likes to control the distance, control where the fight was, whether it was standing or on the ground, and I think he’ll have a harder time doing that with Rashad.”

Liddell knows Evans very well from their fight back in 2008. With Liddell just coming off an epic win over Wanderlei Silva, he was looking to get back into the title hunt as he faced a hungry Rashad Evans at UFC 88. What resulted was one of the most famous knockouts in UFC history as Evans floored Liddell with a monstrous right hand, ending his night with a resounding thud.

Having studied Evans’ game for some time now, Liddell knows he’s got a few tools tucked away in his back pocket that could give Jones some serious problems if he’s not ready for them.

“When you can shoot in and take a guy down, you can change the distance whenever you want, you can be pressed to do something else, and it’s a lot easier to follow your game plan,” Liddell said about Evans.

“I think Rashad plans on pressing him. He’s got speed and power and he’s a good wrestler, so he’s able to mix it up, and mix it together.”

So with the odds so overwhelmingly in Jones’ favor, if Liddell was a betting man, is he putting his money down on Evans?

You bet he is.

“If I was a betting man, with the odds, absolutely no question you have to go with Rashad,” said Liddell. “That’s for sure. It should be a pick em’ but I want to see if Rashad can do it. I really want to see how Jon reacts, I want to see him get pushed and see how he reacts.”

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  1. Agreed. Odds should be in Jones’s favor certainly but not by alot

    • agreed.

    • Concur!

  2. I would bet on Jones if it was 10-1. Rashad is going to get demolished and that is a fact! His chances are realistically 100-1! End of story.

    • you’re and idiot…

      • somehow i think your comment has lost any and all validity

    • I’m with you matty. Jones will wipe his a$$ on the mat. Jones is ready for the heavyweights.

  3. I don’t know about 10:1. I’m assuming you’re kidding. Hell, GSP is 2 weight classes under jones and even he can probably get an 8:1 odds. 5:1 odds is about right for this fight, considering everything. However, my personal opinion is that it’s more like 2:1 or 3:1. Uncanny is right. I can’t wait for this fight!!

  4. This is the same Chuck Liddell that got his clock cleaned about a hundred times at the end of his career, right? Yeah, he’s clearly taken one too many shots to the head! Let me guess…He wants to challenge the winner to a title fight…

    • Yeah, its the same Chuck Liddell that helped define the sport, too. Show some respect, newbie.

      • No newbie here, douchebag. In fact, I have been a Chuck Liddell fan for years. But, in case you’ve forgotten, Chuck is the same guy that thought he could still make a run at the title even after his last ass beating. Maybe his perception is a bit skewed.

        • Dude, EVERY fighter (especially one as talented as Liddell) will ALWAYS think they can make a run (while actively fighthing), hell he was “unbeatable” for yrs!!! Regardless of your last fight, regardless how mnay you lost in a row, fighters will ALWAYS assume they can be champ again. BUT, when you start questioning whether or not you could ever be champ again, it’s time to call it a career.

          Not sure why you commenting about Liddells last few fights, has anything to do with the statment(s) he made about the odds between Jones & Evans. He is right, to say Evans is a 6-1 underdog is an insult, both fighters have the same amount of losses (one each), but Evans has many more wins. I think Jones should be a 3-1 favorite, at most.

  5. The thing that’ll beat Jon Jones is Jon Jones.

    If Evans takes him out of his comfort zone where Jones becomes tentative and is no longer able to execute his unorthodox fighting style, that’s when we’re in for a fight. Otherwise, Evans will be in big trouble.

    This is a mental fight more than anything.

  6. Evans a champion in his own right???? Lets looks at the facts – 1) Evans won the title from Forest Griffin (enough said). 2) The very nexy fight Evans gets dominated & KO’d by Machida. Last I checked you are not a true champ until you succesfully defend your title. 3) Evans has only lost 1 fight but who has he really fought worth mentioning?? A past-prime Chuck Liddell & Tito (2x). Rampage when he was coming off a + year layoff & way out of shape cutting from 250 lb. The rest of his past opponents are too young to mention with the premium level LHW’s or just second level talent all-together. This will be the 2nd time he fights a top-level LHW in his prime. If you need a reminder what happened the 1st time he faced one, see above {Machida}…

    • Thanks for validating every opinion I have about Retard Evans. He is over hyped, and hasn’t done enough in his career to warrant all of this attention. He will never survive against Jones. If he does I will be the first on here to eat crow. I guess I won’t be back on here any time soon…

      • Evans couldn’t even put phil davis to sleep. I bet jones could.

      • I think allot of people on this website let their hatred for “Retard” Evans cloud their judgement on how good of a fighter he really is. The guy outclassed Phil Davis and pretty much put on an MMA clinic. That in itself says allot. Do I think he has the tools to win this fight? YES…………. I dont think he will though. As it was said before by mmachoman, the only one whose gonna beat Bones is Bones .He wants this fight too badley to underestimate Rashad–id make Bones the 2-1 odds on favorite –Id say Jones by 3 rd tko.

        • “The guy outclassed Phil Davis and pretty much put on an MMA clinic.” What fight were you watching????

          • Your on crack bro–Did you think Davis had a strong showing? lol…….Who agrees with this retarded joke who can type??–Mike Mc where are you? Can you please run this idiot off the site like you did Wong fan?(yes I remember) Ill pay you, and while your at it get rid of Lesnardo too— these boys are most likley 14 yr old kids who think they know everything thanks to high pubecent testosterone levels. Dont worry boys the acne disperces with age:)

    • UGHH didnt Evans beat an undeafeated Phil Davis? UGHH I guess Thiago Silva is a joke too right? Michael Bisping whos only lost 4 fights, all of which were former Champs (besides Sonnen, but gave Sonnen a real run for his money), I suppose bisping is overrated as well?!?. BTW a win over Liddell is HUGE regardless of when it occured, sure it means more when he was champ, but still a win is a win & to say that Evans win over Liddell is somehow not as impressive is idiotic & so UNEDUCATED. Stick to checkers, b/c you clearly have NO clue what your talking about.

      I dont like or dislike Evans, but to say hes overrated, proves how stupid you really are & not to mention that you are such a NOOB!

      The same can be said for Bisping, dislike that ignorant jello cock, but the guy has skill. I’m not a moron like you, b/c unlike you, the opinion I have in regards to a fighters skill set is NOT based upon my personal preference/feelings towards that fighter, it’s more or less based on FACTS!! The numbers never lie … DORK!

      • So, beating a guy that is washed up is equally as impressive and meaningful as beating the same guy at the top of his game? Who is the idiot? Who is the idiotic & so UNEDUCATED one? Let us know how checkers works out for YOU.

      • Anthony, learn how to spell if you want to be taken seriously. You might be impressing mommy, but that is about it, loser!

  7. im puttin my money on evans cuz of the bettin line i got jones in the fight, but dont forget evans has fought some dudes bigger then jones and taller so i figure he gonna be able to handle the length a little better then anybody else has yet.i woouldnt be surprised if evans pulled it off and yea a win over chuck at any point still big it wasnt like his skill went away, just his chin but you still have to hit em before he hits you.but bisping earned my respect to a degree i guess in that sonnen fight but i still say f em.either way though jones evans should be a sick fight.

  8. I think betting on MMA fights is pretty silly as it is. When I hear people say “fighter A will demolish fighter B” I think to myself how ridiculous that sounds. This is MMA, and after 19 years (more if you consider events outside of the US, but I started watching UFC in 1993) you would think people would have learned by now that in an MMA fight, ANYTHING can happen.

    I just sit back and watch the fights now, because after betting on the “sure thing” years ago, and losing lots of money on the fighter who was “definitely” going to win, I’ve learned there is no such thing in this sport as a definite winner.

    And yes, the odds for this fight are way out of whack with reality, because what they are basically saying is, Rashad has no chance in hell of winning. Only a fool would believe that’s true.

  9. Jon Jones nut-huggers keep coming out of the woodwork…

    • Let us know how things work out with Rashad’s balls in your throat after his loss…

      • Just so you know, I’m not that big of a Rashad fan. He is a decisionator in my opinion.

        Anyways, you do a pretty good job of being a jerk on here. I think you like the sound of your own voice, a LOT. My guess is you’re a nerdy & husky, 25-year-old living in mum’s basement for free. Get out much, or just a 24/7 MMAWeekly troll?

        • +1 frumps —this guys such an a$$(yes you TKD)–all he does is insult everyone–he doesnt even make valid points–just childish banter”have fun with Rashads nuts in your mouth” WTF–is this an MMA website or am I back in 7th grade?????????????? –Lesnardos another one–big bad a$$ typin on your key board…what a joke!!!!

          • I am sorry, Anthony. I meant to say, HAVE FUN WITH YOUR DADDY’S NUTS IN YOUR MOUTH. My bad…

  10. This is a good fight. I cant say who will win cuzz non of us really know, but i hope Rashad wins cuzz im already tired of Jon Jones. Everyone thinks he’s Jesus, going to save the 205 division and show everyone the light and the way. I want Rashad to win, he has fought tufter dudes and unlike Jon Jones he has fought at HW….. and won.

  11. The odds are based on the bookie trying to get 50% of the money on each fighter. If he does the losers pay the winners and the bookie get the vig.
    If everyone wants to put down coin on one guy the odds go way up as the bookie tries to even the money out on the fighters.
    It has nothing to do with who will win, it has everything to do with evening out the money.

    • Your almost absolutly right George .If one side of betting runs too high they need to lay off those bets and try to get an even amount of betters on both sides. they make their profits on the juice-(the money you pay the bookie when you win) Actually the “vig” stands for vigorous–thats the percentage you pay a bookie or anyone who loans street money every week in % points–if I borrow 2 thousand dollars at 2 point id have to pay $400/week plus eventually pay back the the $2000 principal –you get behind easily with such high Sharks”-its considered a preditory loan—in case your wondering im not a bookie nor do I ever bet. I just read allot.

  12. If Chuck thinks the odds are retarded, then he should bet all his savings on Rashad.

    But he won’t.

    Let’s look at Jones’ career so far:
    (1) Impressively defeating everyone of middle-of-the pack LHW dudes in the UFC and outside the UFC.
    (2) Putting a smack down on Shogun who at the time was the #1 LHW and considered by many to retain that status until retirement, i.e., Shogun era.
    (2) Putting a smack down on Rampage. A solid contender who has fought every top LHW in both PRIDE and UFC. A former UFC champ.
    (3) Putting a smack down on Lyoto. Remember the Machida era???

    Rashad’s career
    (1) TUF winner in the HW division. Ran off to LHW because he didn’t want to face real HWs in the UFC. TUF HWs suck.
    (2) Mediocre run until knocking out past-prime Chuck
    (3) Beating overhyped Forrest
    (4) Getting beat down by Lyoto
    (5) Fighting middle-of-the-pack dudes and beating them via UD. Almost got killed by Rampage in the 3rd round.
    (6) Beating Tito


    • you make a really good point w/ your comparison–no question Bones is a favorite here

    • Easy, Lesnardo…The Retard fans are out in full nut-hugging mode today.

      • f@k off taekwondo

      • sorry, I thought you were calling me a Retard fan.

        It happens all the time. Everytime Jones is fighting a big name guy, these nut-huggers cling on so badly.

        “But you can’t say Jones WILL FOR SURE WIN because everybody can be beaten.”

  13. And tiago silva almost KO him out in the 3rd of there fight too Evans just has a soft chin and jons won’t wait and let evans out point him it’s gonna end bye nasty KO in the 2nd round

  14. What? Jons has fought all the tough fights Evans has like rampage and machida the only other top fighter evans fought was chuck Liddell and his career was pretty much over when they fought plus jons beat shogun so if you believe jons has had it easy compared to Evans your crazy

    • Jones vs Rampage: Some people here said, “I think Rampage has what it takes to beat Jones. Jones has never faced a top fighter with good takedown defense. I am not saying that Rampage will win but I think Rampage has a chance.”

      Jones vs Machida: Some people here said, “Machida has all the tools to beat Jones. He is faster than Jones and stylically Jones is at a disavantage. I am not saying that Machida will will but I am saying that Machida has a legitimate chance of beating Jones.”

      JOnes vs Evas: The same morons are now saying, “Jones shouldn’t be a 6-1 favorite. He should be a 3 to 1 favorite. I am not saying that Evans will beat Jones but you are a F@king M@oron if you are counting him out.”

      So pretty much people on this board just wants to make the basic observation that everyone is beatable and therefore although Jones WILL MOST LIKELY BEAT THE CRAAP OUT OF RATARD,there is a chance that RATARD might win.

      Not really helpful. But posters on this site are kinda dumb.

  15. Lesnardo wrote: “So pretty much people on this board just wants to make the basic observation that everyone is beatable and therefore although Jones WILL MOST LIKELY BEAT THE CRAAP OUT OF RATARD,there is a chance that RATARD might win.
    Not really helpful. But posters on this site are kinda dumb.”

    Dude seriously?! Learn how to spell before you start calling people dumb.

    I don’t even like Evans but I got an Evan’s overhand right knocking out Jones in the first round. You heard it here first.

    • lol at “sb” the noob.

      I’ve never seen you post here. I predict that you are going to disappear immediately after the fight is over.

      You are going to run away from this site out of embarrassment.

      Of course, you will log back on with your other ID and talk about how you predicted Jones to win.

      • Lesnardo what exactly is a “ratard” ??????? I think its a small blue breasted bird—I thought this was an MMA site?–I know they have sites for bird watching–why dont you go over there leave the MMA posts to the big boys who know what the hell were talkin about .

        • Yeah, we need to leave Anthony to fingering his ass while watching old videos of Retard Evans fighting…