Chuck Liddell: “I thought I was the best in the world” (Revisiting UFC 52 Randy Couture Fight)

July 19, 2013
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Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture at UFC 52Heading into his UFC 52 rematch with Randy Couture in 2005, Chuck Liddell truly believe he was the “best in the world.” The only problem was that he had yet to prove it.

That fight at UFC 52 was a milestone in the Iceman’s career.

Check out Chuck Liddell taking a look back at his UFC 52 rematch with Randy Couture and the first time he became a UFC champion.

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  • Dovakhin4

    Not at all, that time Wanderlei and Shogun were better

    • Chase Brian Beebe

      I would add Rampage to that list too

      • Cptmats

        Prob little Nog as well.

    • The Best Eva

      I think Chuck would have finished Wanderlei at the time his record was inflated.

      • Chase Brian Beebe

        No way they fought in the same grand prix chuck lost to Rampage and Wanderlei goes on to KO Rampage afterwards to win the tournament

        • The Best Eva

          Ya like I said Pride records are inflated by thrown fights.

          • Chase Brian Beebe

            doubt it

          • The Best Eva

            Well you are very ignorant of the truth then, do some reading it helps.

            The short form is that Pride in the end was run by criminals and it led to It’s demise. How you don’t know that is bad considering you think you are smart.

          • ChetRTI34

            Okay Dana White. Those are his words and everyone knows how much of a liar he is. You are ignorant of the truth. What “reading” did you do to say Pride fixes fights? They don’t. What you are saying can’t be backed up with any proof or facts. You’re simply a UFC fan, not an MMA fan.

          • James3434

            There is zero proof for that, moron. Just rumors. I hear rumors that the UFC fixes fights too. There is no truth to that either.

  • Mel Hall

    only in your weight class as fedor was the man the pride fighters were better than ufc one back then shogun silva big nog all come to ufc and rampage and won the belts

    • BloodDjimon2ndDan

      Fedor blows dogs for quarters. You could probably beat Fedor yourself when he was in his prime. Paper champion he was.

      • Cptmats

        And a Complete Idiot you are !

        • Mel Hall

          how can you say am an idiot for giving a opinion that speaks for its self chuck was good but so were a lot of other its endless who was the best at that time even tim sylvia was good then

          • Cptmats

            I was talking to the dumbass bashing Fedor, The best p4p fighter in history !

          • James Lee

            Not better than Jon Jones –sorry.

      • Mel Hall

        well ask kevin randlman big nog crocop mark coleman they were bigger than me iwould never be able to say I could beat fedor he would of crushed me like an egg am not a fighter but if I was I would never beat him

    • The Best Eva

      Fedor is very good but also highly overrated, look at his record in pride and you will see many opponents who had no business at all being there.

    • Mel Hall

      another guy was sakuraba he would of given chuck a good fight but fedor beat big nogg mirko cro cop his fight games is so relaxed he only got expossed years later but rampage had chuck in bits when chuck was at is best in this game there is always someone who will beat the unbeatable like anderson silva found out gsp is so over looked but maybe is next fight may not go is way but now he is the best out ther or jon jones

  • jeremy

    He was the best in his weight class. Pride guys were no match as proven when they came too the ufc. U guys are dumb.

    • Cptmats

      We are dumb ? Chuck fought in the 2005 Pride MW grand prix. He was beaten half to death by Rampage long before Pride fighters came over, then when they did come over Rampage beat Chick again knocking him the F@#k out ! He was knocked out again by Shogun and took all he could handle from an over the hill Silva.

      Chuck was never that good, he was just the best guy in a dying organisation !

      In 2005 UFC Champion = Pride FC gatekeeper !

      • The Best Eva

        Don’t get me wrong I love Pride, but you are wrong here.

        Pride fighters were allowed to use any banned substance they wanted and a lot of fights were rigged.

        It’s not fair to compare the 2.

        • HiTimoa4r4

          Fights were NOT rigged in Pride, moron. Do not spew ignorance and lies just because you heard something. Your claims are unfounded. You have no proof. All we know is that ONE guy said he lost on purpose after Cro Cop knocked him out with a head kick. ONE GUY. He’s simply a sore loser. The Japanese are a very respectable people. They did not rig fights. I could say the UFC rigs all its fights and have the same degree of validity.

          • The Best Eva

            Do research you dumb loser stop getting butt hurt and using multiple accounts.

    • The Best Eva

      Rampage did absolutely demolish Chuck twice get your facts straight.

      • Mel Hall

        he beat chuck twice with ease and he was not training so hard in them days while chuck was using these best in sports sicence and traing with the best trainers

  • james j

    In 2005, the pride fighters were all using steroids. Heck, it was encouraged to use steroids in Japan. In 2005, the UFC fighters were heavily tested for steroid use. Hence, when the pride fighters came to the United States and faught under the UFC, no more steroids, and their weaknesses were exposed making them average fighters.

    • JimHUTT

      You have no idea what you’re talking about. To say that “all” Pride fighters were on steroids is incredibly ignorant and judgmental. Fedor was never on steroids. Sakuraba didn’t do steroids. Many Pride fighters didn’t do steroids. Many UFC fighters have done steroids. Steroids and performance enhancing supplements are simply a part of professional sports. Steroids help you heal quicker, lose fat and gain muscle. Those are good things. Everything in moderation. These fighters are grown men and THEY decide what they put in their body…..not a government or an athletic commission and certainly not you.

  • james j

    The fighters laugh about the roids in Pride.

  • HpPavilion22

    BoB SApp proved to the world that steroids do not make a good fighter.. Huge hearts and passion make the greatest fighters.