Chris Weidman Will Likely Fight Again Before Possibly Receiving Title Shot

September 4, 2012
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As close as it seemed Chris Weidman was to a title shot following his win over Mark Munoz back in July, he may have to fight at least one more time before getting a crack at UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

Weidman has been very vocal over the past weeks since his fight with Munoz on his goal of facing Silva for the middleweight title as soon as possible.

Unfortunately for Weidman, he got very luke warm responses from Anderson Silva and his camp in regards to their interest in that potential fight happening.

While Anderson Silva’s camp doesn’t make matches for the UFC, President Dana White does and he’s pretty sure Weidman will have to fight again before getting a shot at the belt.

“He’s going to fight,” White said when speaking to UFC Tonight on Tuesday.

White said they do have an idea for who Weidman would face next, but didn’t shut down the possibility of him getting a title shot if things fall into place.

Right now, the UFC appears in a holding pattern waiting for the possible super fight between Anderson Silva and UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre. If St-Pierre wins at UFC 154 in Montreal on Nov 17, then all roads will likely lead to a showdown with Anderson Silva in 2013.

“No (he’s not getting a title shot),” White answered. “I mean it could happen, who knows, we’ll see what happens.”

White admitted that he didn’t want to jump ahead too fast and shut down the possibility of Weidman getting the next title shot, but with everything else that’s been said recently it’s almost a lock that Silva’s next fight is riding on what happens with St-Pierre in November.

Chris Weidman now becomes the odd-man out awaiting word on another fight or if he wants to gamble on Carlos Condit winning at UFC 154, and then throwing his name back into the hat to face Anderson Silva if that scenario plays out.

The ball appears in Chris Weidman’s court for now, but the waiting game is never a fun one for any fighter to play.

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  • troop

    Might as well fight him vs Boetsch since they are both sitting around looking for a fight. The winner of Bisping/Stann would be ready for a late Dec/early Jan fight against Belcher when Belcher is heeled up and trained.

  • bradwesley

    Weidman would murder good ole Timmy. Not sure if we are watching the same fighter but Timmy is way over rated.

    • triangle choke

      I agree with you 100%, although I hate to use the word overated with Boetch because he is such a class act. A “blue collar” type fighter. He always keeps his mouth shut and fights whoever the UFC puts in front of him. Any hype behind him was certainly from the media and not from him. Right now the only guy that is going to beat Weidman is ‘”himself” or Anderson Silva.

    • gnodeb

      I’m not sure Tim is overrated because he wasn’t obvious favorite in any of his fights. People like to watch his fights because he is The Barberian.

    • MrAdidas

      I completely agree, Tim is overrated, he has a good record, but he hasn’t really beaten any top competition. I thought & still think Lombart was OVERRATED b/c he fought in the “minors” & looked like **** vs. Boetsch.

      I also think Okami is a little overrated as well, good fighter but doesn’t seem like he can beat the top 5 guys in the division. Okami lost to Jake Shields, Franklin, Sonnen, Anderson & Boetsch (Boetsch is NOT a top 5 guy, yet Okami blew it and lost ) … after he owned him the first two rounds.

      I think if Silva gets his fight vs. GSP, he will retire, win or lose BUT especially if he wins. I am a HUGE GSP fan, but I think he loses at any weight except 170lbs, at least then Silva will been drained form cutting all that weight. Other than that, thier skill pretty much cancels each other out, so then you have to look at size & strength, which is all on Silva’s side.

      Why do you think Silva wants nothign to do with LHW? B/C he doesn;t want to fight people his own size, nor does Silva want to lose the size, strength & ESPECIALLY the reach advantage he has in EVERY MW fight, but wouldn’t necessarily have if he fought @ LHW. Another reason Silva would fight Diaz & GSP, which happen to be two WW’s, but doesnt think Weidman “deserves” a title fight … bahahaha okay, but Cote, Maia & Leites did right?!? Keep shoveling Silva, your fans are the ONLY people who believe you arent scared to fight Weidman, who on paper is a bigger, stronger Sonnen, but has KO power in his hands as well.

      I don’t think Silva’s “scared” of Weidman as in shaking in his socks to fight the guy b/c he’s a better fighter, but I think he’s aware that Weidman has the right tools to beat him & Silva doesnt want to risk losing to a “noob.” Silva had no problem fighting Cote b/c he was 1 dimensional (striker), same goes for Leites & Maia … 1 dimensional (BJJ), so Silva didn’t care b/c they weren’t 1 dimensional in wrestling, the discipline that Silva is weakest at, something Weidman is very good at, along with KO power/strikes.

      I’d rather see Silva vs. Jon Jones, a fight where it is much more even, but Silva will never sack up & fight a guy his own size or a little bigger, which is why he’s calling out WW’s. Pathetic if you ask me, which is why I wouldn’t consider him #1 P4P, the guy fights in the WORST division EVER (him not wanting to fight Weidman the #1 contender, proves it that much more), and Silva only likes to fight smaller & less skilled oponents. Yeah, true qualities of the G.O.A.T!!! Wink wink

  • How is Tim B overrated? The guy is 16-4 and a beast. He’s not a day in the park for anyone. You want to talk overrated, Weidman has only 9 fights. He’s been in the UFC since 2011. I like the guy and think he has potential but he barely beat Maia who went down to WW. And yes destroyed Munoz but he most certainly shouldn’t be calling out Silva with 9 fights. There are plenty of other guys to fight still to get a title shot and shut people up. If he wins at least one more if not two more fights then yea he should get a shot.