Chris Weidman Will Fight at UFC 155, but Against Tim Boetsch, Not Anderson Silva

September 7, 2012
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Anderson Silva, Chris Weidman and Georges St-PierreChris Weidman has been begging, pleading, prodding and poking, trying to get the shot at UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva that most people believe he deserves. He’ll have to wait just a little bit longer as Silva and UFC officials appear to be holding out hope for an Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre superfight.

In the meantime, the UFC on Friday announced that Weidman and Tim Boetsch have verbally agreed to fight at UFC 155 on Dec. 29 in Las Vegas.

“I think I’m the number-one contender in the division, but with Anderson not fighting for the rest of 2012, I want to stay busy and keep getting better,” said Weidman. “I think I’m the best middleweight in the world and I’m going to prove it against another top contender.”

Weidman, who is 9-0 in his professional career, has already rolled through the likes of Demian Maia and Mark Munoz, two of the top fighters in the division at the time, but he’ll now try to make his case one without reasonable refute by fighting Boetsch.

After mixed results at light heavyweight in the Octagon, Boetsch (16-4) has been utterly impressive at middleweight. He is 4-0 at 185 pounds fighting for the UFC. Boetsch’s hit list includes top fighters like Yushin Okami and former Bellator champion Hector Lombard, so he’ll be no easy task for Weidman, who has been dominant during his UFC tenure.

The two will be part of the supporting cast for UFC 155, which features UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos putting his title on the line against Cain Velasquez, the man he took the belt from.

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  • gogogadgetplata

    Chris is an awesome prospect but he needs to stop mentioning Anderson. Munoz is a great win but who has Mark beat that makes a win over him make you number one. And the funny thing is that Anderson got the shot after beating Leben just like Munoz’s hype came after he stopped the crippler. I want to see Weidman vs the winner of Stann vs Bisping after this. If he beats Boetsch.

    • MrAdidas

      Ughhh Anderson Silva beat Chris LEben to get his title fight, so Weidman beat 2 top 10 guys, Leben was NEVER a top 10, especially when Silva beat him. Not sure why people are “worried” about Weidman wanting to fight Silva, is Silva’s that good, then beat him in the 1st Round & ask who’s next! Though I think Weidman is a bigger, stronger & smarter Sonnen with KO power.

      FYI GOGO: So your saying Weidman doesn’t deserve a title shot vs. Silva, but Cote, Maia & Leites all did after they beat who exactly? Considering Munozwas “guaranteed” the #1 contender & a title fight if he beat Weidman, why wouldnt Weidman get his shot, especially after Munoz got KTFO?

      • GoGo, Mr You both make valid points.

        Weidman has beaten Munoz, thats it really, I think he needs to fight winner of Bisping/Stann for the #1 spot too. So you beat Munoz & Boestch, 2 guys who are barely top 10, not a strong case for #1 spot.

        And yes Silva did only fight Lebman to get a title shot. But it was a different division then, Franklin was beating everyone they put in front of him. And there really was no one else for him to fight at the time. And yes Munoz was guaranteed a shot, and at first Shogun was guaranteed a title shot if he beat Vera, what if Vera had won, he wouldn’t have gotten a shot. Same situation.

      • JAVbal1633

        Maia just dropped down to 170 cause he couldnt compete anymore at 185. Is he the 2nd of the “Top 10 guys” your referring to. And your comparing something that happened 6 years ago or whatever with the whole Lebe thing. I aggree though all those retards like Cote and Leties shouldnt have gotten shots but at that time he just beat up on Hendo, Franklyn and Marquhardt. Nobody else was even lose to being worthy. Right now you can make an arguement for Boetsch, Bisping or Belcher. I like the fact that since there is no clear cut winner this fight will happen.

    • Silva getting the title shot had nothing to do with Leben. Everyone knew Silva was one of the best in the world before he even came to the UFC

  • MrAdidas

    Weidman by … OWNING Boetsch. Boetsch is a good fighter, but I think Weidman is the real deal & Silva knows it. If Weidman humiliates Boetsch like I think he will, forget GSP vs. Silva, let Weidman have a crack at the MW belt. If Silva wants to fight smaller guys like he has his entire career, then move down to WW, since the only 2 fights he seemed to be interested in lately were vs. 2 WW’s … Nick Diaz & GSP!!!

    • JAVbal1633

      Weidmen = 6’2″ 185 (Can easily make 205 since he offered to make a fight with JJ. Also dropped 30 POUNDS to fight Maia)

      Munoz = 6’0″ 185
      Maia = 6’0 NOW @ 170
      Tom Lawlor= 6’0 185
      Alessio Sakara = 6’0 185 (Knocked out 4 times in the UFC with an impressive 6-7.)
      Jessie Bon…whatever! = 6’0 185

      I suppose you think Weidman has fught absolute monsters????

      • How dare you use factual information in an argument with MMA fans!!

        You cant argue with the facts. He has beat a bunch of mid card fighters, and one upper mid card fighter in Munoz. 1 impressive win does not make you a contender. And I think with Silva’s record he should be able to cherry pick his opponents.

        I think Weidman needs an impressive win over Boetsch and then fights the winner of Bisping/Stann.

    • triangle choke

      Mr. Adidas, I agree with you 100%. Weidman is a bad ass fighter and he truly is the future of the middleweight division. Some of these people need to stop drinking all the “HATER-aid” and recognize that Weidman is hands-down the best contender the middleweight division. If anyone “other than age” is going to beat Siva, it’s going to be him

  • dathump

    Depends, if the Boetsch that faced Lombard shows up, ya, he won’t fair so well, however Boetsch isn’t that easy to dominate, he can take as much punishment as anyone in the division and has a nack for making other fighters look and will be a good stepping stone for Weidman, however is it a #1 contender fight, still don’t think so. I agree that the winner gets either stann or bisbing for the #1 contender spot

  • stak

    meh, I’m not very interested in this fight.

    what’s interesting, and really sad, is that Silva is SUPPOSEDLY willing to step up on short notice to face a light-heavyweight but he won’t face the #1 middleweight contender with a proper training camp? silva is running scared but he can only duck and dodge for so long. I wouldn’t be surprised if Silva retired after the rumored fight with GSP.

  • Silva also had way more than 9 fights at the time he beat Leben and was fighting top guys in Pride. GSP deserves crack at Anderson. Weidman never steam rolled Maia. Congrats on the Munoz win though. But there are guys like Alves and Jon Fitch who went on 6-7 fight win streaks against top guys before getting title shots. C’mon seriously, 9 fights in and being in the UFC for not even 2 years and promoting a fight against Anderson Silva? I like Weidman, I do; but he def. needs a fight like Tim Boetch if not one more before getting that title shot. Tim B. barely beat Lombard, if anything Lombard won that with takedowns, take down defense stuffing Tim and the body shot but that’s whatever. Tim is a great fighter though and a good fight to keep Weidman busy and deserving.

  • DrkDisciple

    A fight against Beltcher would prove a whole lot more then an easy win against Boetsch!

  • soboc1

    I think you are Weidman, if not….. You are the biggest nut hugger ever over a dude who has done nothing to earn a title shot. You people that day AS is scared are dilusional and borderline psychotic. Why would he want to fight a nobody towards the end of his career? Belcher would murder Weidman fyi.

  • lol … this is the fight game but it’s also a business. Silva is getting old (not that he looks it) and has dedicated his life to martial arts. He’s went up in weight against tough guys, do you really think he’s scared of a kid who’s 9-0? Are you serious? Why would he take that fight when he can go out with GSP on his resume; a fight that a lot more people want to see. Weidman’s so young in his UFC career and has so many more guys to beat in his division. I mean that would really suck by fighters chance if Weidman beat Silva and then lost his title on the first or second defense. Then Silva goes out losing to someone who was 9-0 and didn’t dominate the division as long as him. Business wise as well it doesn’t make sense. What’s everybody’s problem with Silva anyway? Seems like every fight he has people want him beat already? This guy has a chance to go out literally the best ever, why do people want that taken from him so bad? I’m just saying..

    • MikeMc1983

      I think they’re old fedor fans who don’t want silva having the title of “Best Ever.”
      On a serious note, your right. I’m not a Gsp fan, and because of that I love how people are calling silva “scared” because he’s calling Gsp out. You get that right? Silvas scared of a new kid, and to avoid that fight, he’s calling out the guy many consider the best fighter in the world. It’s like saying Frazier would call out Ali, because he is scared to fight some unproven new kid.
      Silva could call jones out and people would say he’s scared to fight Gsp, so he’s picking on the young kid with a drinking problem.
      It never stops. The guy supposedly has been cherry picking his fights, but somehow has beat every legitimate threat in the division. After Weidmen there will be a new guy.
      Silva should call out JDS so everyone can say he’s scared to fight a good heavyweight wrestler, do he’s picking on a guy who can only box.

      Side note. Okami and Franklin are bigger than Anderson.

      • I agree, but I don’t think Silva is scared of anyone. After what he’s accomplished, he has no reason to be scared of anyone. Does he take every challenge serious? Yes of course he does, but he’s certainly not scared. Am I mistaken or have we spoken before MikeMC1983?

    • acspida#244

      Combatsciencemma….i agree with you once again. I see no reason for Anderson to take a fight with Weidman at this point. For one the the division is clogged with 4-5 fighters that are awesome but yet not a clear contender. Let them fight it out and see who emerges. Also, you have Anderson who is hands down the P4P fighter in MMA. No one can debate that. He took out everyone in his division 2 fold, moved up for 2 fights etc….The fight with GSP is not only the big money (Astronomical) fight, it is the biggest challenge for AS as well. Sure GSP is a weight class below him, but he is also one of the most gifted fighters on the planet. GSP’s dominance derives from controlling the trasitions and more specifically a hybrid MMA wrestling + striking that no one (as of late) has been able to solve. Anderson Silva most certainly knows this and respects this. He wants to challenge himself against someone who could very well exploit one his “perceived” weaknessess. Anderson Sivla knows this is a dangerious, challenging fight that will not only bring him BIG $ but also push him to limit both athletically and technically. Same goes or GSP as well. As a professional sports fan and MMA fan (old and new), this fight will difine both fithers…win or lose both from an income stand point and athletic competion.

  • “… so he’ll be no easy task for Weidmen…”

    That’s what they said about Mark Munoz

  • What do you want Weidman to say? “I think I should fight some other guys, then maybe if Dana wants he’ll give me a title shot”

    I think u can discuss whether or not he deserves the shot, but I think it’s kinda whacked to criticize him for asking for it and trying to get it. Cause if it paid off and he wins, none of that matters anymore.

  • omcclave

    Why does everyone say that Chris leben was not a top ten middle weight back when he fought Anderson? How new to MMA are you guys? Leben was 15-1 before he fought Anderson, was on a six fight win streak, and 5-0 inside the ufc. He was a huge star from the reality show and had a chin of iron. Also back then the middle weight division was super weak. LEBEN was the number one contender at the time. Why do people post stuff for arguememt when they know nothing about mma?

    • saywhat

      Wow !! Duuude, Leben might have been 15-1 and all that, but he was not a top 10 middleweight in the world (UFC+Pride, etc, etc). He was not top 10 at that time by Sherdog or MMAWeekly.

  • I did’nt know he beat maia o.O

  • MaritalArtist

    Silva can’t duck these guys forever. Weidman should fight Boetsch indeed. And if he beats Boetsch, which isn’t a gimme, then call out Anderson again. Still no? Fight the bisping-stann winner. How can silva deny him after beating everybody and anybody. Still no? Then declare yourself the MW champ. Who else can you fight, maybe Belcher for fun, or Franklin. Weidman would be running out of guys by that point. I don’t think Dana will let the charade go on for that long though. Once he beats Boetsch and Bisping/Stann, he’s gonna get the shot.

  • KBEsq

    Name a time Silva has turned down a fight and the fans didnt get to see a fight they wanted to see. It is amazing to me to see how much Silva can dominate for so long and still see idiots criticize him and call him a coward. Ultimately, Silva has never dodged a fight and he’s always ended up fighting (and beating) every opponent the fans have wanted to see him face.

    Weidman may be great, but he has one impressive victory over Munoz, and a snore fest (nearly loss) to Maia. It’s not at al ridiculous to feel Weidman needs more. If he keeps winning, he WILL fight Silva and Silva WILL NOT refuse it. He never has.

    Seriously, shut up.

  • JAVbal1633

    FOR THE LAST TIME SILVA HAS NEVER BEEN OFFERED A WEIDMAN FIGHT!!! HENCE HE HAS NEVER DENIED IT. Please get your facts right people!!!! Even Dana White has said hes never offered the fight. Silva has publicly stated if the UFC says thats who they want him to fight then he’ll fight. He may think that Weidman doesnt deserve it, but has never refused. Also what are you basing your argument that he cant beat Weidman? Whats has Weidman done?? And the comment that he “strugggled with Munoz in practice” makes me wonder why I even go on these pages cause there are very few fans with any common sense. (By the way Evans also claimed he got the better of JJ in practice…you saw the outcome of that fight)

  • JAVbal1633

    Yeah Silva cherry picked Hendo, Franklyn, Marqhardt, Sonnen (twice) Belfort, and Okami….your absolutely right. So please name me someone in his career that hes refused to fight??? And once again WEIDMAN BEAT 1 TOP 5 FIGHTER WHO IS PROBABLY OVERRATED ANYWAYS! Munoz best victory was against Leben.

    How in Gods name is Silva who has 30 victories to his name, 15 wins in a row in the UFC and 10 successful title defenses, has beaten 5 former title holders, finished 13 OF 15 FREAKING FIGHTS a coward???!! And still people hate on him?? Im completely baffled.

  • Maine2Alaska

    This could be a dangerous fight for Weidman, Im not saying he will lose. I actualy see great potential in this guy, and im confident he will come away with the W. Although I’ll be cheering for my man Tim Boetch, being from Maine and all. This guy isnt a p*ssy, he can take damage and still come back at you.. via Okami.
    Some things to watch out for if your Boetch..
    The take downs and submissions. Weidman is the better wrestler and trainging with Serra he has shown some good submission talent. Boetch has to sprawl better and faster than he has in any other fight prior to this.
    Some things Weidman has to consider.. Dont get caught up in Boetch’s dirty boxing with those sick upper cuts.

    • I think EVERYONE is under estimating Boetch. He has a good chance at this one. I would love to see all the morons the next day racing to jump off the Weidman train if Boetch derails it.

  • ragincajun_45

    The UFC just wants to make a ton of money from big names. They’re not concerned who deserves what in many cases. Offering Sonnen the Jones fight…giving Edgar the Aldo fight… Weidman is a great fighter and I believe he deserves the shot. Stann lost decisively to Sonnen, Bisbing is Bisbing. He is just not very marketable.

  • dathump

    There is alot more than just the fight record that makes someone deserving of a title show as well. You could be the greatest fighter in the world but if no one knows who you are, they wont pay to watch you fight. I think Weidman is taking the right steps to making himself more marketable, and more and more poeple know hs name daily. Did he really expect to get his shot just by asking? who knows. Did calling silva out get him one step closer? likely. The way to look at it is now, he is a Medium PPV draw, people will always pay to see Silva fight, however if Weidman has a couple more big wins, or a highlight reel KO over over Boetch or whoever he gets after,(a big if) now all of a sudden its a huge PPV, so why would the UFC rush in, its smarter for all to wait.

  • Triggerman99

    It’s about time they gave this kid a fight. Now hopefully we don’t have to listen to him constantly yap about fighting for the title.

    Go do what you justifiably should be doing and beat someone else before talking about a title shot.

  • Guy In The Know

    Who is Chris Weidman ????

  • Weideman precisa provar muito,grandes vitorias varios lutadores tiveram como Edson dos santos nos leves,Frank mir sobre minotauro,Roi Nelson com alguns localtes imperssionantes ele tem muito a provar ?