Chris Weidman vs. Vitor Belfort Rescheduled for UFC 187 in Las Vegas

February 18, 2015
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The UFC middleweight title fight between champion Chris Weidman and challenger Vitor Belfort has been moved to UFC 187, according to various reports on Wednesday.

The 185-pound championship bout will serve as the co-main event for the Memorial Day Weekend card in Las Vegas. News of the fight was reported by Globo and other outlets.

Chris-Weidman-Vitor-Belfort-UFC-The-Time-Is-Now-Face-Off-5804Weidman and Belfort were scheduled to face each other in Los Angeles at the upcoming pay-per-view at UFC 184, but an injury to the title holder forced officials to postpone the booking.

Weidman last fought in July 2014 when he successfully defended his middleweight title in a five-round affair with Lyoto Machida. The win extended his perfect record to 12-0 and came on the heels of his second consecutive victory against Anderson Silva.

Belfort has been far less active in the last two years, having last fought in November of 2013. He was supposed to face Weidman at UFC 173, but the bout was scrapped following the Nevada Athletic Commission’s ban on therapeutic-use exemptions for testosterone-replacement therapy, which Belfort used at the time. After being rescheduled for UFC 181, and then again for UFC 184, the latest booking will be the fifth time the bout has been penned for a card.

UFC 187 is expected to be headlined by a light heavyweight title fight between Jon Jones and Anthony Johnson, according to UFC Tonight.

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  • Guest

    Belfort is gonna KO Weakman.

    • dgs

      I think we all said the same thing about Silva, twice, and not only was Weidman not KO’d, but the reverse in the first fight. Second fight would have ended the same way most likely if not for the leg break.

      This is going to be a fairly easy fight for Weidman. No way in hell Belfort wins this fight. Weidman is the real deal, having proven that by decisively beating Anderson Silva twice in a row, something NO other fighter has ever done (not only did he win twice, but he made it look easy!).

      I’m real excited about the Jones vs Johnson fight, as that one is much harder to predict.

      • Groinstrike

        Go back and watch the fights. In both the fights Anderson had clearly taken over with Weidman attempting, and failing for takedowns. He won fair, and square but lighting def struck twice

        • deepgrim

          failing in a takedown attempt does not mean anderson was doing well in the fight, anderson got caught in the first fight yes but weidman dominated the striking in the second. even for the machida fight i remember machida team saying that they want to feel like weidman is in deep waters when he cant get the takedown, but he beat machida in the stand up too, he is not flashy on the feet but he reads the distance the opponents strikes very well.

      • cheflacsto

        You are nuts, Silva got caught in the first fight and after being rocked in the second did a lot of damage while under Weidman. I am not saying Silva would of won but easy and decisive. Not really. Doesn’t matter now anyway, Silva will probably never fight again.

  • Wolf Ticket

    I wouldn’t mind if you wrote the date, as a European I have no clue what Memorial Day Weekend is, let alone when it is.

    • shakejunt

      memorial day is a federal holiday that has no real substance. it’s the last monday in may each year (thus making an extended weekend). it falls on may 25 this year, so the event should take place on saturday may 23.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Shake is a little off. Memorial Day is the day that we remember all the great hotdogs and beer we have eaten drank over the years. It’s about Pool openings and patio parties, lawn darts, more beer, hamburgers and ribs. Then as the night goes on, we wash down home made desserts, or store bought because we are lazy, and then more beer. And something else about remembering some troops that have fallen in battle or something.

      • Austin, TX

        Memorial Day is a federal holiday that has origins in the Revolutionary and Civil wars that recognizes the fact that people have given their lives to preserve the ability and complete freedom of people like you to be a hypocritical, clueless, sheep grazing douche mouth for their entire lives. Not that people like you are worth it. . .

        • Austin, TX

          but you’re point is understood. 😉

          (Sorry…have family in the military bro . . .)

        • TheCerealKiller

          You obviously missed my sarcasm then. That was mean. My feelings are hurt now.

          • Austin, TX

            Ah, sorry man. You were too swift for me….

            It was the beer….


  • Qikdra

    What are the vegas odds on Vitor failing his hundredth blood test before the fight even goes forward? …. maybe 2:1 odds?

    The first fighter that should feel the full brunt of the new long term suspensions in my opinion…..

    • MaritalArtist

      I don’t like these cheaters, but I also don’t think there should be a lifetime ban for a first offense. 2nd offense, sure, but for a first offense, maybe forfeit half the purse and 1 year suspension ?

      • TheCerealKiller

        Why? Give everyone a buffer for cheating? I really want you to respond and defend your comment.

        • MaritalArtist

          The last time I made a post, it was about Lombard using steroids. I said “Why does hector need muscle mass?” because he was using , which I thought was silly because if I were hector and cheating, I would pick a PED that was more for endurance than for muscle mass.

          You replied “Just ignored you from now on.”

          So for that, screw you. You used to be a lot nicer last year, and we had some great discussions on these boards, and I don’t know what happened to you.

          But to answer your question, I think if a fighter accidentally takes something, he shouldn’t be banned for life, in case he didn’t know what he was taking. Mma fighters aren’t exactly rocket scientists or molecular biologists. Also, these tests aren’t 100% accurate and are vulnerable to false positives, foul play, etc.

          • TheCerealKiller

            “Why does hector need muscle mass?” He has the mass because of roids, was my point. I apologize for my snappy response.

            These guys need to know and be responsible for what they ingest. Trainers should also be in this conversation because they feed these guys stuff all day. Just like a truck driver has to log his driving, fighters should have to log what they take. The road to cleaning this sport up is going to be ugly, but I’m fine with making an example out of a lot of the current roster.

          • MaritalArtist

            No problem. Yeah I see your point. Maybe it should be a lifetime ban, but the guy should be able to appeal and have the 2nd backup sample retested at a different lab or something. And definitely for a serious PED, like any testosterone-like product (e.g., not marijuana).