Chris Weidman Says Anderson Silva is Dodging Him; Does it Mean GSP Superfight is Coming?

October 20, 2012
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Anderson Silva, Chris Weidman and Georges St-PierreChris Weidman, widely regarded as the top contender in the UFC middleweight division, is fighting in December, but it won’t be against 185-pound champion Anderson Silva… and it doesn’t look like that fight is coming down the pike anytime soon.

Despite sporting a 9-0 record and defeating Demian Maia and Mark Munoz back-to-back, Weidman still finds himself on the outside looking in on a title shot. Instead of challenging the champ, he steps into the Octagon at UFC 155 in December to face rising contender Tim Boetsch.

Weidman is one of those guys that has stepped up whenever asked, fighting anyone the UFC throws in front of him, but the fact that Silva doesn’t currently want to fight him and the UFC isn’t making a push for the bout either has definitely elevated the New Yorker’s level of frustration.

“It sucks. I took a lot of risks in my career to get to the point where I’m the No. 1 contender,” Weidman said in a UFC Tonight interview recently. “Then for the champion – who is the man, I have nothing bad to say about him – kind of dodging me a little bit. It’s tough.”

Weidman isn’t a trash talker and won’t disrespect Silva as a fighter, but he’s been pushed to the point where he can hardly deny that it seems like the champ is avoiding him.

“It seems like that at this point,” Weidman replied when asked outright if he thought Silva was ducking him.

Silva is openly avoiding a fight with Weidman, but whether or not that constitutes “ducking” him is in the semantics of the situation.

Silva’s legend has grown to epic proportions over the past couple of years. He’s coming off of back-to-back dominating performances over Chael Sonnen and Stephan Bonnar, the latter a one-off 205-pound fight to help keep UFC 153 intact.

To hear Silva’s side of the story, at 37 years of age, he is merely looking for the biggest fights he can get as his career enters its twilight years.

“I don’t have any intention of fighting (Weidman),” Silva declared after decimating Bonnar. “I think he still has a lot to do in the UFC. I am 37 years old; he’s a kid that is starting.

“Obviously, this might happen, but I have two fights on my contract and I think one of them will be with St-Pierre and I don’t really have any intention of fighting with (Weidman) because I’m not a fool. I’m already an oldie, you know?”

Silva’s words echoed those of his manager, Ed Soares, who pointed to the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that exists for a superfight between Silva and UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, who are widely regarded as the No. 1 and No. 2 pound-for-pound top fighters in the world.

“A superfight like that I think is going to be the biggest fight,” Soares said on MMAWeekly Radio. “I think a lot of fans want to watch it and I think it will be a highlight for both of their careers. I think that the superfight is definitely a big challenge, fighting someone like Georges St-Pierre.”

UFC president Dana White says that Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre is still “just talk, it’s not reality.” And until bout agreements are signed, that is true, but the undertones are there for the fight to be just over the horizon.

The UFC has been itching to do an event at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, but it would take just the right fight to make it happen.

“We are definitely planning on doing a big fight there,” said White this week. “As soon as we can make that big fight where we feel like we could sell close to a 100,000 or 100,000 tickets.”

Realistically, the only fight that could draw a crowd of 100,000 is Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre.

St-Pierre first has to face Carlos Condit at UFC 154 on Nov. 17. He’s also indicated that there are still challenges for him at welterweight first, but a fight of the magnitude of Silva vs. GSP doesn’t come along but once in a lifetime. The opportunity that exists if St-Pierre defeats Condit could slip away in an instant if he doesn’t pounce on it.

How things play out hinges on St-Pierre vs. Condit… but no pressure Georges.

If Condit wins the fight, the perspective changes on several fronts. The superfight disappears and the prospect of Weidman finally getting his title shot resurfaces, as long as he gets past Boetsch. The UFC 154 No. 1 welterweight contender fight between Johny Hendricks and Martin Kampmann maintains its significance.

While everyone wants answers now, the next step towards clarity won’t come until Nov. 17 in Montreal.

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  • Corey

    All this talk of Weidman and His title shot is pathetic, he beat 2 name fighters. Doesn`t mean anything, now look at who he`s fighting, winning against Boetsch doesn`t mean title shot either.
    This little kid needs to learn that just because Sonnen talked his useless ass into a shot doesn`t mean he can, go beat a real contender and maybe.

    • Ace Cloud

      What really constitutes a real contender anymore? He beat Munoz, who was being considered for a title shot himself. Maia doesn’t say much right now, but their really isn’t that many fighters that are “at the top of the food chain”. The only people considered as a top contender is Bisping and Weidman. Vitor is still licking his wounds from being submitted by Jones, so he is out of the picture. Who else does the kid have to beat to deserve a title shot?

      • dogfart

        munoz came back from a long layoff and was over hyped before that. weidman has not faced anyone top yet imo

        • Anthony Lopez

          Totally agree. And he already had his chance to set up a fight with Vitor before he took the fight with Bones. That could have pushed him further toward a title shot, instead he turned it down and tried to talk his way into a title fight (which he still currently is). There are still plenty of guys for him to prove himself against (Boetsch, Bisping, Belcher). He just needs to shut up and fight

    • macgrubber

      “All this talk of Weidman and His title shot is pathetic, he beat 2 name fighters.”
      How many did anderson beat before his title? When did you start watching ufc a month ago? u dum bro.

      • shakejunt

        i like how you continue to express the same sentiment in every post, keep up the good work

        • macgrubber

          i like how you keep reading and reply to all my comments. get a life loser. tnx bro.

          • shakejunt


      • aw

        I pity you man, how about you go to school and learn, I think 5 year olds are more smarter than you. And to answer your question who Anderson beat before his title – Hayato Sakurai (top P4P fighter in his time and a legend of MMA), Carlos Newton (former UFC Welterweight Champ), Jeremy Horn (the only fighter to ever submit a young Prime Chuck Liddell) and 14 others. What a dumb guy!

  • If he doesn’t want to defend the title then why not vacate it and just do one off fights for the rest of his contract.

    • You beat me posting this idea. Doesn’t matter if a guy has been around or not, Silva wears the belt he needs to defend. Or vacate. I don’t care if he is the G.O.A.T. Defend the belt.

      • mmabri67

        A champ only is required to defend the belt at least once per year. Anderson just defended the belt back in July, and had another fight at lhw recently. So he’ll most likely fight again around March depending on the outcome of GSP’s fight. Whats bothers me mainly about Weidman is this very site did an interview with him, and he stated he wasn’t calling Silva out and was patient waiting his turn. Now he is whinning like a little school girl. Silva scared? come on he has fought everyone the UFC has put in front of him. This is the same crap we heard when he was rematching Sonnen, and we know what happened there.

  • Mario

    I don’t think we’ll be seeing Weidman fight for the title anytime soon. There’s just bigger fights to be made now with Anderson, and he ain’t one of them.

    Chris is just pissed at this point. He knows he’s being ignored. I don’t think even he believes Anderson is ducking him. It’s very silly to say that, dude.

    Just keep fighting good guys, you’ll get there eventually. If you’re mad, ask Bisping how he feels about not haven’t fought for a world title yet. Quit complaining. Nobody ever get’s exactly what they want in life.

    Unless you’re Chael Sonnen.

  • laleggenda27

    I’m fine with people who think that a title shot for Weidman would be “justified.” I’d have no problem with him getting a shot. But this idea that Weidman has earned “his” shot is ridiculous. Many people, the author of this article included, act as though Weidman has been toiling in the UFC for years, knocking off contenders left and right while the UFC denies him his rightful place in a title fight. That he’s the MW version of Fitch – disrespected and under-appreciated. The reality is that he only has 9 professional fights. To put that into context, Fitch had one 16 straight fights, 8 of them in the UFC, before he got a title shot.

    I’m not suggesting that Fitch’s scenario should be the litmus test of such things. Rather, I’m just pointing out that Weidman isn’t even close to the point where anyone should talk about him being “owed” a title shot, or that a legend like Anderson is ducking him. It’s absolutely silly. A lackluster win over a one-dimensional BJJ practitioner in Maia and beatdown of an out-of-shape and overrated Munoz don’t earn such status. Definitely solid wins, but not exactly earth-shattering.

    Again, I think that Weidman is perfectly deserving of a title shot. And he’s probably Anderson’s toughest test at 185. And I’d like to see the fight. But settle down with this idea that he’s being denied what’s rightfully his.

    • J Lee

      I agree with you… Just because he is undefeated and has had a couple of good fights in the UFC doesn’t mean that he should get a title shot… Another example is Junior Dos Santos who had 7 wins in the UFC before he got his title shot against Cain…

      • macgrubber

        Ya another good example is Matt hughes who loses to GSP…..comes back and beats Lytle….. and then gets a another title shot. Hey bro ur a moron.

        • shakejunt

          … you’re really gonna compare weidman’s situation to matt hughes?

          • macgrubber

            weidman beat 2 half decent guys. Hughes beat lytle who is a complete joke. Ur a moron bro.

          • 8boll

            Lets go down the name calling path then shall we? hahaha ok mate Whine-man is the greatest thing to ever grace the MMA world. My bad, I dont know much about MMA “obviously” since I’m not on the “Whine-man oh Silva’s ducking me since 4eva please cry for me” bandwagon.

          • macgrubber

            hey bro i couldnt care less about weidman or if he ever fights again. just saying you anderson silva fans are dum with ur “he beat 2 guys why should he get a shot” when the UFC let AS get a shot way before he should have.

          • 8boll

            Grubber u got a point there somewhat, but so do I, Silva came to the UFC having already competed in Pride as well several other top organisations and came to the UFC as a champ at a time when MMA wasnt that popular and didnt generate much money so it made no difference to Rich who he fought for his title, his payday would be the same, nowadays the UFC is on Fox and champs earn vast amounts of money compared to back in 2006 so no one can blame Silva who is 37 btw to choose a £5mil payday over a 700k payday he would get with Weidman.

          • Sam

            If either of you douches say bro again, I’m kidding the both of yas.

          • Sam

            killing* Fack… Epic fail…

          • Triggerman99

            If you couldn’t care less about about Weidman, why the fu*k are you posting a million times on an article about him? Just to be a pain in the a$$?

        • 8boll

          Matt Hughes was champ b4 he lost and one of the all time greats of the organisation at the time! Dafuq you on about macgrubber? Dont compare Whine-man with Hughes, seriously!

          • macgrubber

            so because he was a champ he gets to fight a no1 and gets an auto rematch? He also lost for a reason…. cuz he sucks. I dont see how beating chris lytle puts you in title contention. Read a book bro your a moron.

          • Sam Eames

            Hughes sucks? I think you might be the moron. Also, you meant “you’re” a moron. Maybe YOU should read a book.

    • justin_e

      He has done enough to earn the shot. More than anyone else available at least and more that some previous challengers. The fact is that 185 is a weak division while most of it’s best fighters choose to fight at 205 instead. Hendo, Rashad, Shogun, and Machida are all guys who are about the same size as an average MW. If they were at 185, it would be much tougher to earn a shot, but they aren’t. So you get less accomplished #1 contenders.

      • Jonas

        Those guys you mentioned are in the LHW just because they are avoiding Silva. Machida will never fight Silva as they are training partner, Hendo has been beaten down by Silva. Rashad and Shogun??? Are you serious? They would have no chance against Silva. The only guy who may have a chance against Silva is Jon Jones, although Silva would have, by far, more chance of winning that fight. Enough said!!!!

    • macgrubber

      “A lackluster win over a one-dimensional BJJ practitioner in Maia and beatdown of an out-of-shape and overrated Munoz don’t earn such status.”
      YA why should weidman get a title shot with only 2 wins. I mean look at what anderson silva had to do to get a title shot…….. 1 win over chris leben. LOL i had no idea chris leben puts you at that status. u bro are a moron.

      • shakejunt

        leben was on like a 5 fight ufc win streak, had never been ko’d prior, and anderson was already a high profile name before making his debut. you don’t think shogun would have gotten a title shot if he had beaten forrest in his debut?

        • macgrubber

          5 fight win streak against C level fighters makes leben an A level fighter? And never KO’d against C level fighters means you have an iron chin? please read a book or something everyone can tell you a moron. nuff saif bro.

          • 8boll

            Whineman is on a 5 win streak of C level dudes too! Moron, I mean d@ck, I mean troll, I mean douche oops sorry it’s inspector turd!

          • Aw

            Lol, Chris Leben has been dubbed by most MMA critics, pundits and fellow fighters as having an iron chin. LMAO!

          • Sam Eames

            Please go away. Your stupidity is painful.

      • 8boll

        You again, trolling as usual lol. Listen up, Silva had 20 fights in his record with like 17 wins over decent opposition and was champ of King of the Cage b4 he walked thru Leben! So tell us genius, exactly what has Whine-all day-man done?

        • 8boll

          Bisping has much more of a case than Whine=man. Been in the UFC for how long and never got a shot?! F@ck a Whine-man… Honestly, Silva would walk right thru him without breaking a sweat! The great white hype/hope got u going again, he’ll only let u down like ur last guy Chael. Bet u was saying Silva’s ducking him too and how Chael will crush him and so on… Give it up already, Silva’s got bigger fish to fry, I heard he’s considering fight Jones so there!

          • Jesse Malloy

            Bisping should get the shot before Weidman, for sure.

        • macgrubber

          king of the cage…are you serious. your a moron bro.

          • 8boll

            So answer me then moron, what has Whine-man done?

    • thank you I agree with your 100% Chris Weidman is nowhere near being owed a shot. He beat Mark Munoz and Barely beat Damien Maia. So I don’t think that’s calling for a title shot take out VitorBelfort Wanderlei, Brian Stann, Alan Belcher, Cung Le, michael Bisping, Hector Lombard, maybe even Chris Leben but to say after those 2 wins he deserves a shot and is being injustly denied is ridiculous and laughable. I think he’s good and am a fan but come on real fight fans quit diluting yourself with this garbage.

  • stevemcz11

    Chris who???

  • Triggerman99

    I agree with just about everything everybody has said on here so far. This idea that Weidman is some kind of targeted victim here is spiraling out of control. He’s a guy with 1-and-a-half big wins in the UFC, not a longtime contender who is years overdue for a title shot.

    • macgrubber

      ya well thats half a win more than AS had in the UFC before he got his title shot and thats IF you count leben as a full win. hey bro ur a moron. watch a ufc then post plz.

      • shakejunt

        you sound really smart when calling everyone a moron

        • macgrubber

          hey bro what you so jelly for?

          • shakejunt

            bro bro
            forgot to add bro

      • Triggerman99

        And if you remember when Silva got his shot, nobody was screaming for him to get it like everybody is for Weidman. He really only got the shot because there wasn’t anybody else to put in there against Franklin. it wasn’t until after he throttled Franklin that people started to take notice of him.
        And sorry, I know you want to play this fun game where we call each other morons and fags, but that stopped being cool around 3rd grade. I’m good on that.

  • Robert Miller

    Silva said “I think he still has a lot to do in the UFC. I am 37 years old; he’s a kid that is starting. If i remember correctly Siva got a title shot after 1 fight (chris leben).Chris weidman has 5 fights in the ufc with wins over munoz and Maia in his last 2 fights., he doesnt want to fight jones and now he doesnt want to fight Chris, apparently he wants to end his career fighting nobodies and poeple who are smaller then him(Goerge St Pierre)

    • You’re forgetting Anderson was a top ranked fighter in other organizations including Pride before entering the UFC … Kind of like Overeem situation… But I do think Weidman is the future of the division…

    • Anthony Lopez

      Very uneducated response. Silva had already done a lot in MMA, and came in and destroyed one of UFC’s top ranked middleweights. Weidman has two known names under his belt. And one of those wins wasn’t exactly impressive

      • macgrubber

        there are a lot of people who have done a lot in MMA and get destroyed in the UFC so who cares what they have done outside the UFC? and second chris leben was a top ranked middleweight? you have got to be joking you start watching the UFC a month ago or something bro

        • shakejunt


          • macgrubber

            listen bro just cuz you watched 1 season of the ultimate fighter and where some tapout shirts doesnt make you a fan. Makes you a homo and a moron. k bro.

  • el tunchi

    cory ur gay

  • If Rashad went down to challenge Silva at 185 for the title, would anybody have complaints?

    • Not one complaint from me.

    • shakejunt

      i think we’d hope he was coming off a win at least, but no i don’t think anyone would see an issue with that fight happening.

  • bajafox

    If this fight doesn’t happen soon it has the potential of being a Tito/Shamrock, GSP/Hughes, Hughes/Gracie, you get the picture…type of fight. The fact is Anderson is 37 and GSP is 31, it needs to happen sooner, rather than later.

  • Dick Niaz

    Dude needs to shut the **** up and fight, get a highlight win or two, get his name out there (besides for crying about a title shot)

    Anderson Silva is a superstar, why would he fight for less money when he can fight for more money? Would you rather work for the next 5-6 months and get paid a lot of money or work just as hard and make way less…..

  • Adambianski

    what would have been great would have been to put weidman against Franklin. If chris could have fought and beat Rich then it would be time. Instead Rich is fighting a get you no where fast fight against Cung Lee. The bad thing for this young man is that Tim may beat him then he is a long way away.
    Truth is if he beats Tim the winner will probably be number one contender, sad thing is neither stand a chance. I think to make it fair Anderson should have to run 15k then fight Boetsch, after he makes him look like he should be walking dogs for a living, climb a mountain where Weidaman stands at the top, then blindfold Silva and spin him around in circles a whole bunch of times. After all of that then maybe Weidman would stand a chance.
    Be honest with yourself, at this point if you believe this kid stands a chance then you are either very, very confused or you are just a hater.

  • He’s living in a fantasy world if he thinks Anderson Silva’s avoiding him. In my opinion, not even Jon Jones, who’s considered one of the best present day, could beat Anderson Silva at this point. Or maybe I was just blown away with the way Silva played around Bonnar.

  • dathump

    I hardly think a fighter like Anderson is ducking anyone. Here is a fighter that trains with JDS and the Nog Bros. to name a few, he more then likely takes more punishment doring training then he would in a fight with Weidmen, or anyone for that fact. If he wants to be a little selective on the rest of his fights, so be it. Weidman should step it up and make a name for himself, stop campaining for a title fight and campain for more fights, run through all challengers and make it impossable for them to overlook him.

  • justin_e

    He IS basically ducking him. Not that I think Silva would lose, but he can’t say that he is simply looking for huge fights (which would exclude weedman) when he openly states that he want’s no part of the biggest fight in the world. Jon Jones. So yeah. I’d accept that excuse if he actually was seeking out the biggest fights but he isn’t.

  • I hope Condit wins..Just to thwart the rediculous plans. Yeah lets Put GSP, A way smaller guy that stated at one point not that long ago that he lost the love for the sport, up against Anderson,Best fighter in the world and drops LH’s like nothing. Makes sense! I would of course watch it if it happened.. but honestly, how exciting would it be? And who does A.S think he is? He gets to decide who he fights? If Dana told him you’re fighting Wiedman and that all there is to it, would he decline? I say after Weidman takes Boetsch out.. (I am a fan of Boetsch though) Weidman should fight Bisping.. Then A.S and thats the end of it!

  • Z-man

    Sorry Weidman, It’s a little too late to try and talk yourself into a title shot, like Chael did, stop fucking complaining and fight who they tell you to!

  • I agree with alot of what was said in the comments but I think we are starting to forget that this whole# 1 contender doesnt meant much anymore….Point Chael is going to fight for the title without beating any other LHW contenders….Dana and them are changing the way they make fights for certain stars in the sport its about what will draw the biggest crowds and I think we all know Anderson vs GSP is a huge draw…Andeson vs Weidman wouldnt even be close….I think Bisping who I dont really like would be a bigger draw then Wiedman……Last thing as I ramble on what makes Weidman a better option the Alan Belcher who asked to fight Weidman and he turned it down……..

    • MuayThaiFood

      I think it’s great that Chael is fighting Jones. It’s great for the fans and makes the PPV event a bargain.They should be able to squeeze in all of the prelim fights after Jones takes out Chael in the first round.

  • steve

    this is ridiculous, anderson wants the biggest fights but he still wastes our time fighting stephan bonnar, wasn t there anybody else that they could have put on the card to save it? It’s funny I remember when anderson wasn’t interested in fightling GSP because he said people in lower weight clases are not a challenge or a very small threat, now all of a sudden anderson gained some confidence beating a wrester with good takedowns like Chael Sonnen so he gained the confidence he needed to finally fight GSP. Also he wants the biggest fights but he doesn’t wan
    na fight jon jones ? Come on now anderson your logic is not sound.

  • steve

    I guess in brazil the logic adds up

  • Theo

    AS got 2 more fights in his comtract, andhe wants to fight gsp and Someone else, who might be weidmann should he prove himself a bitmore. Also, it looks like hes gonna fight jones, so yeah he fights jones and dodges weidmann …. Hmmm yea ok rofl

  • sadowolf

    I like Chris. and I think he’s definitely done enough to earn a title shot. If he beats Boestch there’s no justifiable reason for him not getting a title shot.

    But please just shut up before I change my mind. I was fine when he was just campaigning for a title shot and kind of hinting that Silva didn’t want the fight, but now that it seems I’m seeing him talking about Silva ducking him every few days, it’s wearing on my patience. It’s time for him to just say he thinks he deserves a title shot and will see what happens. He seems to be forgetting he has a fight lined up.

  • Lrnsum$hit

    F**k you and f**k the five people that think and look like you if you think Anderson f**king Silva is scared to fight “Whine”man!

    • mmabri67

      Weidman is the one thats really scared. He is scared of losing to another contender, and keeps crying to fight AS because he sees this as his only shot.

  • weidman needs to shut his mouth and prepare for boetsch cuz that could be his ticket to fight silva or fight bisping to fight anderson

  • yokdog

    bisping gets shot b4 weidman. end of story. or they have those two fight to have a clear cut number one contender

  • Tidod

    Bonnar vs Silva was not what the fans wanted , patrick cote was not a fight …tales leites wasnt one either…Demian maya ..was not one …I would have rathered see Chris weidman than stephan bonnar …right now I would rather see Jones Vs Silva than St-pierre !!

  • Mma-logic

    Yeah “big” fights.
    Big fights like Stephan Bonnar?
    A.Silva is a coward.
    He talks the talk but doesnt walk the walk.
    If you are so great, fight a big challenge. Not a retired journeyman.

  • Toughy.

    Its all about names, no one knows who the hell Weidman is (general public) it wouldn’t sell at all. The guy has a few good wins, by a few i mean two, and people think hes the best thing since sliced bread. The winner of Weidman/Boetsch should fight bisping, the winner of that Andy….if he is still around.

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Fitch doesn’t finish fights, Weidman does. Jones got a crack faster than Weidman is getting his. Why? Because Rua never dodged a fight. Silva is blatantly dodging Weidman. Why was Bonnar a more deserving fighter? 27th ranked 205, what a joke. Silva will have no legacy if he keeps up his dodging. Slap an asterisk next to his name. I’d rather see GSP fight Diaz or Kampmann than Silva. UFC is going to flame out if merit-based fights, and I mean fights based on current rank, don’t begin to consistently take place, i.e. more cards like UFC 154.

  • Twerps

    Nobody cares about AS vs GSP anymore. It’s all about AS vs JBJ now. Ed Soares can try sell it as much as he likes, but we’ve all moved on from the Silva/ GSP fight. Unfortunately for GSP the result is pretty much a given IMO.

  • dan

    Bisbing should get a shot before wiedman the guy has been around a while and fought everyone they put infront of him and really only lost to henderson. he deserves the shot long before anyone else….pp.s I hate bisbing but the truth is the truth.

  • DynoSauR

    After he beats Boetsch he needs to plead his case to the fans and call out Anderson for dodging him. I just read a story today that said that Anderson is not going to fight again until the end of 2013. Weidman needs to spank Boetsch easily and let that state the case that he is the #1 contender that Silva is ducking. Even Chael said that Weidman is the #1 contender. All Hail Chael !!!

  • Andersons “Just for fun” fights against Forrest and Bonnar make me so sick. The real threat Anderson is dodging is Jon Jones. If Anderson actually will support a fight against GSP, i ve lost all hope in his human dignity.