Chris Weidman Reserves Judgment on Anderson Silva Media Misfire, but Says It’s Part of the Job

May 9, 2013
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Chris WeidmanChris Weidman may only have nine fights as a professional mixed martial artist, but he has quickly become accustomed to the whirlwind media responsibilities that a top-tier UFC fighter must endure during the lead-up to a fight.

In his next fight, Weidman will meet middleweight champion and widely regarded top pound-for-pound fighter Anderson Silva in what will easily be the biggest fight of his still blossoming career. They are slated to headline UFC 162 on July 6 in Las Vegas.

Undefeated in his professional career, Weidman has long been considered the top up-and-comer at 185 pounds to contend with “The Spider” in a division that Silva has ruled with an iron fist since his Octagon debut in 2006.

Over his illustrious and unblemished UFC career, Silva has been saddled with his fair share of press tours and media responsibilities. And by all accounts, even in a sport where “Brazilian Time” runs rampant, Silva is typically known for meeting his obligations.

Which made it that much more perplexing when, earlier this week, the usually punctual Brazilian was fined $50,000 for missing a set of media obligations in Los Angeles.

“We had a full media day set up for him in Los Angeles, and he just decided he didn’t want to do it,” UFC president Dana White told USA Today Sports. “So he’s being fined $50,000.”

Silva said that what happened was a miscommunication between him and the UFC, according to a report from content partner Yahoo! Sports. He said he was made aware of the appointment only Monday, when he was already going to Los Angeles International airport to catch a flight to Brazil.

Weidman, during a media tour in support of UFC 162, on Thursday told that despite Silva costing him precious time in training camp, and time with his family, he’s not taking it personally.

“I don’t really look into things crazy. That’s not really were my focus is,” Weidman responded when asked if he took the missed obligations as a sign of disrespect.

“But I did do a lot of travelling for this (media obligations).  I did go to L.A. for three days. I went to Toronto. I went to Montreal and did media for that.  I was at the Newark fights (UFC 159). I’m here in Vegas for a couple of days.

“I’m taking time out of my training and my family work to be here. But I’m not going to judge Anderson and compare him to me, but I’m doing it and he should too.”

The missed responsibilities and subsequent fine came as a surprise to many pundits and fans, alike.  Even for Weidman, who tends to limit his exposure to all the “he-said, she-said” talk that floats around, the news came as a surprise. He was in Southern California at the time, scheduled to shoot promos with Silva.

After hearing of Silva’s mistake, for a brief moment, the usually low-key 28-year-old thought about hitting social media and going “Sonnen” on Silva.

“(When I first heard) I thought, I wonder if I should go on Twitter and bust some balls and do something crazy or do I just kind of let this one slide or wait for people to come to me for interviews,” he said.

With the social media landscape safe from any Weidman tirades – for now – the Matt Serra-Ray Longo product reiterated that, although he may not sit atop the same pedestal as Silva, he’s still a professional.

“I’m not in Anderson Silva’s situation,” stated Weidman.

“I haven’t defended the belt 11 times in a row, and I haven’t dealt with as much media as he has; but it’s a part of your job no matter how big you become.”

Weidman was quick to use another famous face to make his point.

“Look at Lebron James,” he said in reference to James’ Miami Heat being upset by the Chicago Bulls in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals on Monday.

“The guy loses one game – what’s he lost two games out of 42 or 43 or something like that – he loses one game and he’s at his locker with cameras in his face, ‘Oh, tell me why this team is so good right now.’ He has to start talking good about a team he just lost to.

“No one wants to do that, but you still have to. He doesn’t want to, but he does it.”

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  • Jacque mark

    Looses… Twice… Either he is stupid or the writer is.

    • urdooomb

      No…Chris didn’t write that. It’s mmaweekly. I have a feeling some of the writers don’t even have a college degree.

      • MMAreality

        I didn’t know that college is the only time that writing is taught. For that matter, I remember learning to write in elementary. My question is do you have a college degree Mr. dooomb?

  • Conner

    Silva, with no trackrecord of this seems like the UFC makes big deals out of what ever they want now to get people wrapped up in a scandal to sell a fight. I wonder if GSP would get the same treatment for this; even if he did, it’s still way too overboard.

  • dan

    STFU already Weidman! Just enjoy the biggest paycheck you’ll make in your entire career because you’re not gonna see anything close to after this fight. I’m gonna enjoy every minute of Silva sending you back down to the prelims. Anyone who thinks there’s gonna be an upset is nothing more than a Silva hater. Cant wait to see the look on Weidman’s stupid looking face when Silva connects.

    • Darin

      Why all the hostility toward Weidman? He’s always behaved professionally.

      • MuayThaiFood

        Yeah, no s***. He’s at least got some self control to not run his mouth in disrespect which is more than we can say for Dan.

    • Adam Vogt, North Yarmouth

      Seriously…what has Weidman done to piss you off so much? What did he say in this article that offends you to the point of taking personal shots at him? Kinda need to calm down a little…

    • michaelchimique

      I’m a silva fan but I know there’s a chance that Weidman has the upset of the century. Unlike you I realize that any fighter can lose on a given night including the all time great. Remember, NOTHING LASTS FOREVER

      • Lucas Freire

        Ditto. Nothing is for sure when you put 2 guys in a cage with 4oz gloves.

    • tyrone

      I dont hate silva and i want weidman to win. I am a weidman fan and thats the motive of why i want weidman to win, not hatred.if anything, you are the one filled with hate. Look at your first sentence. A man is supposed to believe in his abilities and weidman does.dont worry though, after weidman destroys silva, im sure silva can fight in bellator

  • dan

    Weidman looks like that chubby kid who smelled like pee and boloney in HS but thinks he’s cool now because he learned to fight

    • Darin

      Dan sounds like that chubby kid who smelled like pee and boloney in HS but thinks he’s cool now because he learned to insult far more accomplished people on the internet.

    • tyrone

      Dan sounds like hes jealous of weidmans achievements. I bet dan eats baloney cause he certainty spews it.dont worry dan, silva will be able to fight in bellator after weidmans grounds and pounds him OUT!

  • Robbert

    Weidman is a duesch bag !!!!! Who the hell does this guy think he is…. I can’t wait till anderson destroys this guy and sends him back to no mans land wher he belongs… Go ahead keep hyping urself up to get pumped for the fight.. You sound like more of a duesch with every word that comes out of your mouth!!

  • Triggerman99

    Yep, that’s good old Weidman for ya. Being the nice young man that he is, he always reserves judgement and doesn’t get personal and is always respectful.

    Oh, by the way, here’s the rest of his quote:
    “I hope he’s staying grounded,” he said. “I hope his head isn’t getting so big that he thinks he doesn’t have to do things for the UFC.

    …….If his head is really getting too big, I’m definitely going to bring him down to earth on July 6.”

    Oh, of course! That nice young fella…..he never passes judgement! No sir-ee Bob!

    Seriously, the media has got to stop trying to paint this kid out to be some kind of supremely innocent saint or something. It’s getting ridiculous.

    • dgs

      “…….If his head is really getting too big, I’m definitely going to bring him down to earth on July 6.”

      Wow, this dude never misses the opportunity to tell the MMA world what he’s going to do to Silva. Just like I could not believe Sonnen was able to talk his way into a fight with Jones (or if you believe Dana’s BS, that he earned it by being the only fighter willing to fight him on short notice), I can’t believe some kid with 9 pro fights against mostly nobody’s has talked his way into a fight with a legend like Silva. I guess that’s what happens when you clear out your weight class, you get to fight nobody’s like Weidman.

      This kid is going to learn on July 6th, what the saying means, “be careful what you wish for.” Weidman brings nothing to the game Silva hasn’t already seen and defended against, and from much better fighters to boot. I believe Silva will KO this big mouthed, self-hyped, delusional fool in the first round.

      • tyrone

        This kid weidman, is gonna win and hes so nice that he will probably help silva pack up his belongings and move to bellator

  • mma

    Anyone notice how this dork has been over analyzing this whole situation and trying to convince himself he can beat Anderson. He thinks that by repeating to himself and us that he will beat Anderson it will happen. Psychological tactics and methods won’t help him bridge the gap in greatness.

    • MMAreality


    • John Bunch

      Well, it did work for Ali against Foreman…not that I’m comparing the two.

      • mma

        I’m no fan of Ali. I believe his gift of gab built his empire of legendary status in current america. Ali spoke as good as his skill set. A language can’t be constructed to further exemplify Anderson’s greatness. Also, Ali was an established heavyweight coming for his crown in the foreman match. Weidman is neither established or ever held a crown.

        • tyrone

          He certainly is established as number one contender, by destroying munoz whom trained with silva. Munoz also usually dominated silva in sparring so much so that munoz called out silva, and silva was saying that he and munoz were friends and he couldn’t believe munoz would call him out.silva looked as if he was gonna duck munoz til weidman destroyed munoz easily.this is reason why silva already ducked weidman as long as possible and now cant even go to events to support upcoming fight. Weidman gonna send silva to bellator

        • John Bunch

          Cannot argue with that line of reasoning. But he did talk himself into the Sonny Liston fight…well…not into it, but once he was signed for it. But I get your point. I just think this age of 24/7 media puts guys with a habit of speaking their mind in a tough spot here and there. He should have avoided the judgement talk (imo) and even the anologies about other athletes. But I am excited about this fight finally happening. We all know who the better fighter is, hands down. But I do think Weidman has an interesting set of tools that could theoretically give Silva some problems. Just like Hendo did, and well…okay, maybe a better example was in order. 🙂

  • ned sto

    You can’t blame Weidman for only having 9 fights. You certainly can’t blame him for winning them all. He is the #1 contender, and Silva is the Champ. Regardless of the talent pool below Silva, it is his duty to continue to defend the belt against all challengers ( approved by the UFC ). Even in the face of popular opinion that none of the prospects ‘seem’ to have what it takes to beat Anderson, it is still Anderson’s duty to accept the challenge and win.
    It is after all the fight business. Anything can happen once the gloves are on. Look what Chael did to Silva in their first meeting, and look what Silva did to Chael in their second.
    Under no circumstances ever is Silva entitled to big name money fights only. Especially fights that are out of his weight class that interfere with scheduling title defenses.
    If you want to blame someone. Blame the UFC for failing to find (in your opinion) adequate fighting talent to face Silva. Silva cleaned out all the guys with established records and self made names. What’s left but to find some no name kid from no where that might have what it takes to surprise us all?
    The only logical thing to do then would be to disband the 185 division and force Silva to fight at 205 until the UFC found a suitable fighter at 185 that the public approves ‘might’ be able to beat Silva. Or until Silva retires.
    If Silva is truly the best, then he should be fighting 3 times a year, against anyone, and beating everyone. Because that’s what the best do. They don’t whine about popularity.

  • mma

    Is it me or is Weidman feuding with himself lol Anderson does not care to sell this fight. This is his way of telling ufc “I want big names”. Do people understand this is about legacy for Anderson. He wants to set the bar soo high no one can touch it. Him beating Weidman does nothing. PLEASE everyone appreciate Anderson. He is our modern day Neo. I’m glad to be alive in this time and see him. I’ve been saying this since 2007. In 2006 he was a top 5 striker. For the past 6 years he has been the P4P King

  • pappy

    I think anderson knows weidman gonna pop his cherry. Anderson tried his absolute best to avoid weidman even though weidman was mandatory number one that fight has been established in future event, silva is not showing up,something silva has never must assume, that silva is still trying to get out of this fight due to fear. I wouldn’t be surprised if silva comes up with an injury

    • tyrone

      So true so true

  • Jockx Hahm

    Look how quickly and quietly the article was edited to change loose to lose. So what you are saying is the writer “Ryan McKinnell” is a total moron