Chris Weidman Out to Prove Win Over Anderson Silva Wasn’t a Fluke (video)

September 29, 2013
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Chris Weidman UFC ChampionUFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman is preparing to face Anderson Silva at UFC 168 in a rematch of their first meeting from July. The knockout win was one that shocked the world, and Weidman is out to prove that it wasn’t just luck that got him that finish.

Watch’s footage of Weidman in Los Angeles, where he opened up about the rematch, rankings and other issues surrounding this upcoming title fight.

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  • tyrone

    I predicted first fight correctly and second fight weidman will win as well

    • silvas daddy

      So true. Silva ducked weidman over a year and even tried to duck rematch if not for the pressure of dana and psychiatrists there wouldn’t be a rematch

      • Dragon Kid

        A year ago, Weidman wasn’t even a top contender. He was just at the right place and the right time when he finally did get a title shot.

        • Wrong. A year ago he knocked out Mark Munoz who was 8-1 at mw at the time and was generally ranked #3. Hell UFC had Weidman ranked #1 going into the Silva fight. Its not like Weidman took a fight in between to get ranked that high. The Munoz win got him there.

          • Dragon Kid

            Weidman was scheduled to fight Tim Boetsch at the end of last year before pulling out. He only got a title shot due to all the other top contenders dropping out or losing their fights. 2012 wasn’t exactly a good year for ufc

          • Jay Mcgarrity

            “He only got a title shot due to all the other top contenders dropping out or losing their fights.” It’s crazy how that works, when you lose fights you move down in the ranks and the opposite happens when you win. Even putting injured guys in the mix, who else would’ve gotten the shot? Anderson already cleaned out most of the division and was fighting Stephen Bonnar for some reason. Bisping had 2 losses in his last 3 fights and both were to guys that were already beaten by Anderson. Munoz probably would’ve been next if he didn’t get decimated by Weidman.

            Weidman did not have an easy road and it’s still funny to me that people are acting like he got a lucky and undeserved title shot with a lucky win. I also like how so many were talking about Uriah Hall being the next prodigy and entertaining the idea of him fighting Anderson. When Uriah Hall and Weidman were both coming up they met at a smaller stage show and Weidman put him to sleep. Listen to Anderson and show Weidman some respect, the guy is a beast and has earned it.

          • Dragon Kid

            silva fought bonnar because the ufc 153 card lacked big names for the main event due to the number of fighters pulling out to due to injuries. chris Weidman was just at the right place at the right time. fighting guys like munoz and maia doesn’t really prove you can be the champion, more or less get a title shot which was why he was offered tim boetsch next as boetsch was a top contender at the time.

            until Weidman starts fighting top calibre fighters and finishes them impressively and convincingly then i’ll acknowledge that respect. for now, he’s just the champ who got the lucky punch.

          • Jay Mcgarrity

            Wow just wow. Just when I thought Kenji Kent couldn’t be more retarded, I find myself contemplating the conviction of his words and wondering if I’m just on the other end of a bad troll. Clearly you have no idea of what the middleweight landscape looked like and that is why you did not answer my one and only simple question of, if not Weidman then who? Why does beating Munoz, a person who many believed would get the next title shot if he won against Weidman mean nothing. Why does beating Maia, a guy who earned a title shot mean nothing? All I can really say is that you have no idea what you’re talking about and it’s a good thing your opinion and your acknowledgement of respect means d*ck because if it did you would find yourself with some serious problems in life. I would tell you that if you continue to make idiotic posts that I will continue to let you know why they are idiotic but you do a good enough job of making yourself look like a fool on your own. P.S. stop bringing up Boetsch who only has a single impressive win against a notable fighter in the UFC, no offense to Boetsch as I will always love that rag doll throw against David Heath was it?

          • Dragon Kid

            because munoz is a gatekeeper. only retards like yourself fail to see the big picture and is riding the Weidman hype train, the same guy who took the belt by hitting a punching bag. if you’re gonna speak, then be prepared to accept logic in return.

          • Jay Mcgarrity

            you aren’t even worth a reply better than this one anymore. you are an idiot and you continue to perpetuate idiocy.

          • Dragon Kid

            I bet retards like you jumped on the matt serra train when he won the title right? you’re a complete f*ckstick with your internet threats. you just cant accept logic.

          • Dragon Kid

            just one, his name is Jay McGarrity and he acts like a know it all sissy who like to make threats across the net but is actually a piece of s**t in reality.

          • Jay Mcgarrity

            Almost everything you say is wrong and this will be the last time I reply to you to in this chain of posts. I will end it by pointing out multiple fails on your end.

            1. I have not threatened you a single time but with your weak grasp of actual logic (not the logic you claim to have) and reasoning, I would not be surprised if you misinterpreted a statement about your character as a threat.

            2. A gatekeeper is usually a fighter who has already peaked out in their career yet still possesses enough skill to test and threaten other fighters. Munoz is not a gatekeeper and still has a lot of potential.

            3. If anyone is on a hype train of any kind, it is you. I have said several times before in many Anderson/Weidman posts that the rematch fight can go either way. Both guys are dangerous and have the ability to end the fight at anytime. People like yourself who talk in a definitive sense about your opinion and call it fact are usually the ones riding hype trains.

            4. Nobody who was being considered for a title bout against Anderson over Weidman was injured like you claimed. Weidman was the clear cut #1 contender at the time and a fight that the hardcore fans were asking for due to the fact that they believed he had the perfect style to beat Anderson. Weidman was never very outspoken or heavily promoted before the title shot so the casual and trendy fans like yourself came to the conclusion that he was undeserved.

            I’m not really sure what you have against Weidman but I guess I can be the one to break it to you. It doesn’t matter if Anderson wins in the rematch nor does it matter if he wins again against Weidman in a rubbermatch. It does not take away from the fact that Weidman is a top fighter and will be around for a long time to come. Apparently Weidman doesn’t deserve your respect until he starts fighting top calibre fighters and finishes them impressively and convincingly which is just laughable. I guess you only respect fighters like GSP, Jones, and Anderson. Kenji Kent’s respect isn’t earned by being a great guy and awesome fighter, you have to be the champion and tie together huge win streaks with impressive wins. Weidman can go on just fine without your respect and it is my strong impression that everyone involved in your life can get along with doing the same.

            Can’t wait to see your next idiotic post on another thread. G’night moron.

    • Kenny Powers

      What did u predict exactly? That Chris would take him down, dominate & submit him, which he couldn’t do at all? Or Anderson w/ his hands by his waist letting Chris punch him in the face?
      Chris is all class but Anderson’s gonna Rich Franklin him. Silva by KO 1st round.

      • Jay Mcgarrity

        The real Kenny Powers would be rooting for Weidman in this fight, you must be an imposter.

        • Kenny Powers

          Hahaha nah I hate everyone.

      • tyrone

        Evidently you didnt watch fight. In first round, weidman put silva on mat and was gnp ‘ing him pretty viciously. Actually weidman won every second of the whole fight. Anderson even said, i couldn’t hit the guy .chris new champion, i no more fight for title, i no more fight chris, chris is champion now, chris is the greatest

        • Kenny Powers

          I’m not denying that Chris won the first round, but Anderson stuffed his TD’s easily in the 2nd, and I wouldn’t call that gnp vicious, a few landed but did no damage. Anderson was toying with him like an idiot and got caught, it happens. The next fight will showcase both guys true skills cuz they’ll both be ready for one another. We’ll just have to wait and see.

          • Those shots did do damage Anderson is just a vet and did his best to play it off.

  • lowlb

    I like what Freddie Roach said about the first figth. He said ASilva was screwing around and showboating. If AS does this again he has a good chance at losing. If AS can avoid the take-downs and fight Weidman standing and not screw around, Weidman will get destroyed. Weidman won because AS was fighting stupid/bored and not because Weidman is a better fighter.

  • Pat Garret

    Keep in mind, Silva is turning 39 and getting older, and weaker by the day. Also the spider hasn’t face anybody as strong and can wrestle like Chris. I just think CW also has a mental edge going into this fight, knowing he already beaten the spider once already.

  • Stephen Quadros

    Anderson is almost 40,in this sport the wrestler has more longevity.I don’t think Weidman holds on to the belt very long,imo it was just perfect place perfect time for him.

  • WeidmanWon’tWin

    Well nobody is saying it was a fluke, but the fact remains that it was a matter of Silva getting careless and didn’t really want to fight. Look at all the pre-fight interviews, it’s like Silva almost openly told people he wasn’t going to do anything to win the fight and come fight night, what happened? Well, Silva didn’t want to fight and he pretty much gave Weidman the win. So no Weidman it was not a fluke, it was more like Silva giving you the win!

    Now all the Weidman nuthuggers start your replies, I’ll enjoy laughing at them…LOL

    • tyrone

      The fact of the matter is cw was putting pressure on silva, slipping everything silva threw, hitting silva at will, gnp ‘ing silva twice, and ko ‘ing silva.i do believe cw had a hand in his great victory